Manan Love Story (Part: 111A First Day Of Shoot)


Next Day, Manan reached on the top of hills of Mussoorie where there was their first shoot. The view was so beautiful, and there was greenery all around them. Manik introduced her with the director and all the other staffs. They came to their vanity van to get ready. Nandini was nervous on the first day of her shoot and he could clearly see this.

When Makeup artist was doing her makeup and hairstylist was pressing her hair, she was playing with her fingers nervously. That time Manik had gone out to talk to someone outside. She was sitting, wearing the silk robe over her dress.

“Mam, you’re looking so pretty.” Makeup Artist, Sameera complimented her when she was done doing her makeup. She smiled at her slightly.

“Yes, Mam, really you’re looking gorgeous.” Hairstylist, Jiya also praised her.

“Thank you, Jiya.” She smiled, looking at her through the mirror.

“Mam, now you can remove the robe, we want to click your few photos to post it on our Instagram pages if you don’t mind,” Jiya asked politely.

“Yeh, sure.” She agreed and stood up.

She untied the knot of robe before pulling it out from her hands. She placed it on the table. She was looking stunning in the black strapless midi. Both the girls were gawking at her. Then one of them asked her to smile and look down for the photo. She smiled and they clicked her few photos.

She was twirling gracefully and they both were making her video. That movement only, Manik stepped into the vanity Van, talking over the phone, but he paused as his eyes fell over her wife who was looking heavenly beautiful. She aroused him with her sexy attire and look. He pulled the phone down from his ear and disconnected it, gazing at her without blinking his eyes.

She stopped twirling as her eyes fell over his husband who was gazing at her constantly, his eyes full of passion. She strolled towards him smilingly and he still couldn’t take off his eyes from her. He got utterly lost in her.

Jiya and Sameera left out of Vanity Van to give the couple some private time.

He grasped her waist and yanked her towards himself. “Can we cancel the shoot?” He asked and she blushed.

He moved closer to her ear and whispered. “because I’m aroused, Angel.” She blushed harder, looking more adorable.

“Please, cancel the shoot because I’m nervous.” As he looked at her, she told him cutely. He chuckled.

“My cutie pie, Angel.” He caressed his nose with her.

He clasped her hands. “I can understand your condition. Just be relax, everything will go smoothly, believe me. I’m with you.” He assured her, blinking his eyes. She smiled slightly as he placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles.

“And I just can’t wait to have you after the shoot. You don’t know how I’m controlling myself from freeing you from this dress and exploring your exquisite body.” She became red after listening to his words.

“Now you’re turning me on, Mr Perfect. Stop doing that.” She warned him strictly. As she noticed his mischievous smile, she narrowed her brows.

He took his hand into her dress, caressing up her thigh. She raised her brows in surprise as he suddenly pressed one of her twins with his other hand.

“Or else what you will do?” He asked, still stroking her thigh gently and smirking at her. She was lost in his touch, he was driving her crazy like always. She was becoming weak on her knees.

He moved close to her lips. “Tell me, I’m waiting?” He whispered against her soft lips.

Next moment, she grabbed the collars of his white shirt and yanked him closer to herself like a wild cat. “Now wait and watch, Mr Perfect.” She murmured before capturing his lips. She didn’t care about her lipstick. She was kissing him hungrily and passionately, driving her fingers in hair. He kissed her back, squeezing her waist and spoiled her lipstick.

After a moment, she shocked him by opening the button of his jeans. He widened his eyes in shock and stopped kissing her. She smirked, taking her hand into his boxer.

“You wanted to see what I can do, right?” She whispered against his lips, breathing heavily after their intense and wild kiss. He groaned as she squeezed his hardness. He again captured her lips and kissed her wildly while she was giving him extreme pleasure with her hand which was inside his boxer.

They instantly pulled away as they heard the knock on the door. He went to check who was on the door after closing the button of his jeans and she stood in front of the mirror to apply the lipstick.

“The setup is ready, Sir has asked me to call you both.” Spot boy informed as Manik opened the door.

“We both are coming in five minutes.” He answered him before closing the door.

He stood behind her when she was setting her hair, standing in front of the mirror. “You shocked me today with your wild act.” He said, gazing at her through the mirror.

“You were asking me what I can do, I just showed you.” She winked at him after turning towards him. She moved closer to his lips and whispered. “I can do more than this.”

“Do you want me to spoil your lipstick again?” He asked, raising his brows. She smiled broadly.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Aww poor nandu its her first time to shoot and she is damn nervous for it bcoz she doesnt want to spoil anything for manik…
    Hehe poor manik he got taste of his own medicine woh humesha nandu ko pareshan karta hai with his acts now nandu told him want she can do to punish him hehe…

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