(Part: 4B) Lost Love


Neyonika made her sit in the hall and asked a maid to bring coffee and snacks for her. She sat beside Shehnaaz. “Aunty your house is so beautiful,” she said with a smile.

“Ahaaa,” before Neyonika could speak something, they both heard the screams of someone from upstairs. Listening to the scream, Neyonika’s expression changed, and she instantly stood up and rushed upstairs while Shehnaaz was sitting there in confusion. The screams were coming constantly, she didn’t know why her heart was aching after hearing those screams. She wanted to go and check, but she was confused she should go or not. Then she couldn’t control herself more and went upstairs to check.

She was strolling in the direction from where the screams were coming, she reached in front of the room. Then she widened her eyes as she got the biggest shock of her life. She found Sidharth in his worst condition. He was screaming in pain, sitting in the corner of the room, holding his knees close to his heart. Neyonika and Ishita, they were trying to go close to him, but he was not letting them to touch him, he was shrinking himself more and more.

“It’s hurting a lot, please go, ” he cried looking at Neyonika and Ishita who were crying baldy seeing his condition. “Aahhaa,” he screamed after covering his ears with his hands because Nandita’s screams were echoing in his ear and he wanted those screams to stop.

Shehnaaz was standing in utter shock. His condition made her shocked because she never thought that his rockstar would be in so much pain. Automatically tears rolled down her cheek after seeing his condition and her heart ached badly. His condition was badly affecting her. She wanted to run to him and wanted to console him. At that moment, she just felt like to take away his all pain but she didn’t know how. His condition clearly showed her that he was in extreme pain which was breaking him a bit by bit.

“What is happening to me?” she wondered, touching her tears. Last time she glanced at him and rushed outside of the house, having tears in her eyes. She was feeling like her heart was crying seeing him in this condition. She could feel his pain because she knew the feeling of losing someone important, she had also lost someone who was close to her heart.

“What is happening to me? Why I am feeling like my heart is crying and why these tears?Why his pain is affecting me a lot that it brought tears in my eyes and made me so emotional? He was in so much pain. When he was crying, I felt like my heart was breaking into millions of pieces. I wanted to take away his all pain, I wanted to take him in my arms and I wanted to console him. But why his pain affected me so much?” She thought, still having tears in her eyes. She was confused about her feelings, she was confused that why his pain affected her a lot. She was not aware that she was falling in love with his Rockstar in real that’s why she was confused.

She closed her eyes to compose herself but as soon as she closed her eyes, Sidharth’s condition came in front of her, and then she couldn’t stop herself and dashed inside again to complete the work which she had left incomplete.

Sidharth was still crying and howling in pain, sitting in the corner of the room, Shocking everyone, Sana darted into the room and directly rushed to him. She knelt down in front of him and took him into her arms, burying his face in her chest without caring about anything and consequences, the love made her do this and she also had no clue about this. She felt a bit relief after hugging him, he tried to push her, but she pulled her closer to him and hugged him tighter.

“Let the pain go, Sidharth,” she whispered these words in his ear, her words soothed him. Eventually, he stopped pushing her away. Her lips curved into a faint smile as she felt his arms around her, but next thing made her cry because he started crying even more badly making sounds like a small baby, hugging her tighter. Listening to his painful screams, tears started rushing down her cheeks.

“Shh, everything will be fine.” She whispered in his ear and hugged him even more tighter, closer to her heart. She wanted to take away his all pain with the hug, his screams continued for few minutes. Then she felt his hands dropping down and his full body weight came over her because he fainted down in her arms and screen froze on Shehnaaz’s confused and sorrowful looks.

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