Ahana (Part: 12 Healing Her)


Riyan’s P.O.V.

I’m stunned after listening to the story of Ahana. It is unbelievable, but this is the truth. I can see extreme pain in Sameer’s voice and in his eyes. He is shattered after losing his wife, Anaya. My soul is shivering, thinking about his condition. The truth has arisen the goosebumps all over my body. I wasn’t expecting something like this. I was cursing Sameer, thinking that he is torturing his wife, but I was so wrong. I didn’t know that the poor Sameer is going through a lot. I don’t know why, but I can feel his pain too. I have the power to feel people’s pain and it hurts badly because this power shatters me.

“Anaya hasn’t remained Anaya anymore, she has become Ahana. The doctor has asked me,” Sameer paused for a moment to gather the courage to speak further.

He continued after taking a deep breath. “he asked me to leave her because her condition is worsening by staying with me. But I wasn’t ready for this because I wanted to try, try to get her back. I don’t why, why she’s not seeing my love.” He cried in grief and we all looked at each other helplessly.

He wiped his tears and composed himself. He looked at me. “Riyan, I want you to take her with you, away from me because I’m giving her pain and I can’t see hatred in her eyes for me anymore. Tell her that Police has arrested me. Riyan, do whatever you want and try to make her fine. She trusts you, she’ll believe you. I’ll wait for her. I know, I’m asking so much to a stranger, but I’m completely helpless at this time. Riyan, could you do this? For Ahana? I know, you have feelings for her. Don’t you want to see her fine? Will you do this? Could you make her fine?” He requested me.

I love Ahana, I want to see her fine, but the problem is how will I control my feelings when she lives with me? How will I ask her to go to her husband when she gets fine? Can I do this? Oh God, I never thought that one day I would fall in love with the person who doesn’t exist in reality. I fall in love with the girl who is just an imagination. Ahana is not in real. She’s just an imagination of Anaya. My heart is aching badly after knowing this fact. Indirectly Sameer is asking me to kill Ahana, my love to bring Anaya, his love back in his life. Will I able to kill my love with my own hands?

I have to do this because I don’t have any other option. I’m the last hope to make her fine because she trusts me.

“I’ll do this,” I stated after putting the stone over my heart.

Sameer’s lips curved up into a slight smile. “Thank you so much, Riyan. You come into my life like a God.” He thanked me. I gave him a small smile.

“I hope, you get your wife back. We all will try our best to make her fine.” Siya assured him.

“I’m really so thankful to you people. After so many days, I saw a ray of hope.” A glint of happiness in his eyes is clearly visible.

“By the way, we all are strangers, how can you trust us?” Kabir asked suddenly and suspiciously.

“First thing is that I have no other choice rather than trusting you all, and also I can clearly see that you all care for her and that’s why today you came with the police to help her.” He told us.

“Sir, Mam has woken up and she’s asking about Riyan.” A Maid came up and informed.

“Riyan, go to her. For now, tell her that Police has arrested me.” Sameer instructed me. I gave him a slight nod before standing up from the Sofa. I strolled towards her room after last time glancing at them.

I stepped into the room and saw her wandering across the room restlessly. As her eyes fell over me, she rushed towards me and hugged me, burying her face in my chest. My heart skipped beating for a moment and electricity sprinted down my spine when our bodies came in contact.

“I became afraid because I thought, I thought you left me alone here.” She shuttered, clutching my shirt tightly. I slowly lifted up my arms and placed them around her.

“I’m not going anywhere, leaving you, Ahana. You’re safe now.” I assured, stroking her hair with one hand and gently caressing her back with my other hand to calm her down. She’s shivering in fear. I pulled her closer to myself and hugged her tightly. Within a second, she stopped shivering and calmed down.

I broke the hug after a moment and clasped her face. “You don’t have to worry anymore because the police have arrested your husband, he is in jail now. You’re free now.” As I told her this, her eyes shimmered with the happiness and her lips drew up into a bright smile. She looks more beautiful with the smile on her face. I was dying to see her smile, her smile is so precious.

“Really?” She asked and a few tears of happiness trickled down her cheeks.

“Yes, now he’s behind the bar. Now nobody will torture you, you’re safe.” I reassured her, wiping her tears with my thumbs.

“I just can’t believe this. Finally, I’m free from hell. Thank you so much, Riyan.” In her grey eyes, I can clearly see happiness of getting free from hell. I seriously still can’t believe that her pain is just her imagination. How could anybody get so lost in the book, forgetting everything? The truth has shaken me from inside completely.

“He will never come back now, right?” She asked, fear came back in her eyes again, and her lips drew down in distressed.

I cupped her face and gazed deeply into her bewitching eyes. “Trust me, he won’t,” I assured her.

“I trust you, Riyan, but what to do now, I can’t believe my luck anymore. I’m utterly broken from inside.” She uttered dejectedly, looking at me with her eyes full of sorrow. She is behaving like she’s suffering from the real pain. How do I explain to her that her pain is her just imagination? The pain is in her head only, and in reality, nothing is happening with her. She’s not suffering any pain. Everything is fine around her.

I can’t tell her the truth, but I’ll try my best to take out the pain from her head and fill love in her mind. I’ll mend up all the broken pieces of her heart. I will fill her life with the happiness of the whole world that she will forget about all the pain which she has stored in her mind. I’ll give all my love to her until she gets completely fine. I don’t care if she stays with me in future or not. The thing that matters to me, for now, is that she is with me and I’ve to make her fine at any cost. I’ll cherish her until she is with me. I’ll live all the moment to fullest with her until she leaves me.

“Ahana, I promise you, I’ll mend up your broken heart and take you out from the pain. You just have to trust me. One day, you’ll forget all your pain, believe me.” I ascertained her, caressing her soft cheeks with my thumbs, my fingers are in her silky hair, below her ears. I’m gazing in her eyes intensely.

Her eyes brimmed with the tears and her lips curved up into a slight smile. “Thank you so much, Riyan, thank you.” She whispered, crying in the happiness.

She hugged me, encircling her arms around me and resting her head against my chest. As our bodies came in contact, the electricity of love rushed through me which awoke my soul. I embraced her firmly into my arms, pulling her closer to myself. I want to mend up her broken soul with my hug.

“The peace that I found in your arms, I had looked for that peace a lot. But I couldn’t find it. Your arms are like medicine to me, they are healing me. I’m feeling safe and secured in your arms. I’m feeling like I finally found my home. The soothing beats of your heart are relaxing my soul.” She murmured softly, hugging me tighter and pulling me closer to herself.

Oh God, I have never felt so contented before. I’m feeling like I’m embracing the whole world in my arms. The feeling is incredible and beautiful. I want to store her in my arms forever. Her words gave me positive vibes, she said I’m healing her. I hope she gets fine soon, but deep inside I never want her to get fine because I don’t want to lose her. I want to take her out pain from pain, but never want her to become Anaya again and forget me. I don’t want my Ahana to leave me ever. I know, I’m becoming selfish in love, but I love her. I want her to stay with me till my last breath, I want to grow older with her, I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

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  1. Ohh god .. I still have doubt on sameer … May b vo khud anaya ko ahana bana Diya ho… I felt bad for riyan … Merko Rona b aaraha hai riyan ko aise dekke … Hope for the best …💓

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