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It was raining heavily at night. A boy who got full drenched in rain, he was standing in front of someone house and continuously pressing the button of bell. Something was wrong with him, he couldn’t able to stand properly, his legs were shaking. Maybe, he was drunk. Five minutes passed away but still, nobody opened the door. “Damn it,” he frustratedly stamped his foot on the door.

He sighed with relief as the door was opened by a girl. She widened her eyes in an utter shock, staring at the person who was standing outside of her house. “You shouldn’t be here, Sidharth,” she said in a serious tone, her eyes were full of pain.

“Today I came here because I need something from you, Shehnaaz. Would you please give me?” He asked pleadingly, and she looked at him bemusedly.

“What do you want from me ?” She asked instantly.

“I want your one night, only one night,” he told her shamelessly, looking at her, having extreme pain in his eyes. His words were like a bomb fell over her. She took a few steps backwards in a shock, his words were unexpected for her.

“Sid, Sidharth, you are drunk, you should leave,” she shuttered without looking at him and moved forward to close the door.

“Please, I beg you, I am dying, Shehnaaz, I am in extreme pain. Please just one night, Please” he begged, holding her hand and tears trickled down his eyes mechanically. She moved her eyes towards him and her heart cried, seeing the pain in his eyes. She wanted to take away his all pain but couldn’t. She was helpless.

“Sidharth, please go, you are drunk. If I give you what you want, tomorrow you will regret it. Please go.” Now she pleaded, joining her both hands together in front of him, tears found their way and rushed down her cheeks.

“Shehnaaz, I know you have feelings for me, you love me, for the sake of your love, please give me your one night.” He implored, and she closed her eyes after listening to his words because he was saying right she loved him, a lot. She could do anything for him.

“Please, I can’t,” She denied after opening her eyes, she was in pain after seeing the love of her life in pain and she couldn’t do anything because she was helpless.

“Please, Sidharth, don’t do this, you will regret,” She cried as he held her face and started coming close to her face. It seemed like her words were not affecting him, he was just coming closer and closer to kiss her. She wanted to push him but couldn’t because she wanted him to kiss her badly. She knew what was happening, it was wrong but her love for him, it was making her weak and forcing her to do something wrong which would make her complicated life even more complicated.


Next morning, he woke up and opened his eyes wide in a shock finding himself naked with Shehnaaz on the bed. Holding his head, he tried to remember about last night but failed to remember. He wanted to kill himself for spending the night with her. “Shehnaaz,” he shrieked in anger, glaring at sleeping Shehnaaz.

She immediately sat up on the bed covering her body with the blanket and looked at angry Sidharth, having fear in her eyes.

“Why you didn’t stop me last night?” he stormed at her, grasping her arms tightly. Whatever she had expected last night, it was happening. That’s why she was not ready for all this last night.

“Because I love you, I couldn’t stop myself, you were begging in front of me. For the sake of my love, I can give my thousand nights to you” she told him the truth but her words didn’t affect him.

“If you love me then please give my love back, my life back,” he was sounding so helpless and she felt a sharp pain in her heart after listening to his words. “Can you give me my love back, would you find her for me?” He asked in fury, digging his nails into her arms. She cried, closing her eyes after listening to his words.

“I will, I will find her for you, if this is the only thing which can prove my love to you, then I will find her for you,” she uttered, looking at him in utter determination.

“Shehnaaz, I hate you so much, even I hate you more today.” He pushed her on the bed harshly. “because you didn’t stop me yesterday and I cheated her. When she comes to know about this act, she will get crazy. I hate you, Shehnaaz.” He jeered at her, glaring at her in fury.

He stood up and started wearing his clothes while Shehnaaz was crying silently looking at him. He stormed out of the room, banging the door and then she started howling in anguish, hiding her face in the pillow and clutched the pillow tightly.

“I love you so much Sidharth, I know you will never love me because you love someone else but I will always love you,” she was crying in agony and her condition was clearly showing that she was in extreme pain. Accepting the fact that the person whom you love, that person loves someone else, it is very difficult, but Shehnaaz had accepted this, but it was hurting her a lot.

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