(Part: 51A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part: 51 Mr Perfect and His Angel

After two Months

Three months had passed of Sidnaaz marriage. They were living a peaceful and beautiful life together. They both thanked God every day for blessing them with such a perfect life partner. They didn’t hide anything from each other, they solve every problem together, they understood each other and loved each other a bit more every day. Their relationship was growing and becoming stronger with each passing day.

But they both weren’t aware that God was planning to take the test of their love very soon by sending someone in their life who would bring storm in their happy life.

Like every day, they were taking the shower together in the morning. He was gently massaging her body with his hands and rubbing his body against her, standing behind her. She was enjoying the heavenly touch of his body and his hand with her eyes closed. His touch used to send the shiver of enthusiasm down her spine like he is touching her for the first time and she loved this thing about them the most because their love wasn’t getting old with time.

The water was cascading down their bodies and increasing their inner desires. Their bodies were on fire in the cold water also.

He turned her to himself swiftly and suddenly. He held her arms and pressed his forehead against her. Both of their eyes were closed and they both got lost in each other touch, going into their own world where there was only and only pure and true love.

“You’re like a drug to me, Angel. I crave for you every single second.” He breathed, gently caressing his stubble against her cheek with love.

“I also crave for your touch every single second. You’re becoming my addiction.” She whispered, gazing at him deeply and intensely, kissing him through her bewitching, hypnotising and intoxicated eyes.

She raised her brows in surprise as suddenly he slid his hand into her undies and unhooked her bra with his other hand. “It’s time to have some fun, Angel.” He winked at her mischievously. She moved her eyelashes down and blushed, understanding what he meant. He grinned and started rubbing her round and round down there. She was getting weak on her knees and encircled her arms around his neck to balance herself. He was giving her incredible pleasure with his hand and she was moaning, running her fingers through his silky hair. He was gazing at her and enjoying her expressions. Her moans were giving him different kind of pleasure.

After the quick make-out session in the shower, he tied the belt of the bathrobe and they strolled towards the walk-in wardrobe to get ready.

She was getting ready hurriedly because they were already late for breakfast and she used to feel shy when Cabir teased them in front of everybody.

“Mr Perfect, do it fast, we’re getting late.” She started calling her husband Mr Perfect a month ago and there was a short story behind this that why she started calling him with this name.


They were lying silently in each other arms at night and suddenly she uttered after raising her head from his chest. “You call me Angel, I also want to call you with some special name.” Her eyes were shimmering with the excitement.

“So you want to give a nickname?” He asked, raising his brows and his eyes glinted with the anticipation.

“Yes, a nickname which only I’ll use to call you and nobody else.” She stated sternly.

“So tell me, what nickname you want to give me, Angel.” He tucked her hair behind her ear and played with the earring while she was wondering the nickname for him, putting her index finger on her chin. She was looking so adorable at that moment.

“Shona, baby, boo, they’re so cheesy. Yes, I’ve decided that I’ll call you Mr Perfect because you’re a perfect husband, a perfect son, a perfect brother and a perfect human being.” She grinned after finally deciding the nickname for him. He was smiling at his Angel adoringly.

“So do you like it, Mr Perfect.” She raised her brows.

“I love it, Angel.” He pecked her lips.

She squealed joyfully. “Mr Perfect and His Angel, wow, so cool. One day, I’ll write a book on us and give this tittle.” Both chuckled on her words.

“I never knew that my wife is a writer too.”

“No, idiot, I’m not a writer, I’ll just write a story on us because I got the title.” She smiled and he chuckled again.

So that’s how she started calling him Mr Perfect.

Flashback Ended

“You’re saying like we’re children and we’re getting late for school.” He said, pulling the jeans up his legs.

“I’m asking you to do fast because if we reach late, Cabir will tease us again for coming late.” She told him the reason adorably, closing the buttons of his shirt.

“You know, even if we reach on time, then also he’ll find something to tease us anyhow. I know him very well. Don’t worry you will also get habitual of his teasing like me very soon.” He tucked the shirt into her jeans and closed the zip and button.

“Let’s go wifey, I’m ready.” He held his hand out for her. She smiled brightly at him and placed her hand over his. He held her hand and placed the kiss on her hand after bringing it near to his lips. Then he led her out of the room.

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