(Part: 107A) Manan Love Story


Part: 107 Meeting After Two years

“But Dad, why all of sudden you’re telling the truth? What happened?” Manik asked from Ram suspiciously.

Nandini was crying, her eyes were looking down at the floor. “Because Arjun is taking his last few breaths and his last wish is to meet Nandini.” As Ram disclosed this, she looked up at him in utter shock, raising her brows.

“What happened to him?” He asked while she was sitting numb, tears were constantly trickling down her cheeks.

“He is shot.” He paused and took a deep breath. He continued. “As I got a call from the hospital a few hours ago, I rushed to the hospital. The doctor told me that his life is in danger and then I met Arjun. He knew that his time has come and he said to me that he wants to see you before dying.” Ram told them.

She was gazing straight. She wasn’t understanding what she should say at this moment. She was completely blank. She was just shedding silent tears.

“Angel, you should meet him.” As he said, placing his hand on her shoulder, she turned her face toward him and looked at him dejectedly.

“I can’t, I’m not so strong. When I was moving on in my life, then why this happened all of sudden? I can’t take this pain.” She shook her head, crying in agony.

He clasped her face and explained her. “Angel, this is life. Problems and pain are the part of life which make us stronger. You don’t even know, how much strong you are, Angel. You can’t fall weak at this time and I’m with you. I’ll handle you.” He was trying his best to give her strength and fulfilling his promise that he would not let her fall weak.

“If I fall weak, will you-will you pick me up again?” She asked, stammering.

“Of course, Angel. I won’t let you fall down. I’ll be standing beside you like your support system, always.” He assured her, gazing in her eyes intensely. He lowered his head and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“Let’s go.” He entangled his hand with her firmly, gazing at her. She smiled slightly, feeling so lucky to have a husband like him who always supported her. Only he had the power to make her smile while crying.

“I love you, Manik.” She confessed, gripping his hand tighter.

“I love you more, Angel.” He placed a kiss on her hand. “And I’m always there for you.” He whispered after placing his hand on her face. They both gazed into each other deeply and intensely. Ram was witnessing their true love, having a small smile on his face.


Now they were sitting in the car. Ram was sitting at front seat with the driver. Manan were sitting at the backseat of the car. She was sitting, burying her face in his chest. His soothing heartbeat was relaxing her restless mind and soul. He was gently caressing her hair and kissing her hair every few minutes.

She raised her head from his chest and stared at him dejectedly. “I blamed him, hated him, cursed him a lot in all these years. Maybe God listened to me and now his life has come in danger because of me.” She uttered sorrowfully, thinking wrong.

“Angel, you’re thinking wrong. It is not your fault. It was god’s wish and please for God sake stop blaming yourself for everything. Please…” He implored and she again rested her head on his chest.

He started stroking her hair again. “Don’t overthink. Take all these things in positive way, He didn’t betray you, he left you because he wanted to protect you and this is true and selfless love. He sacrificed you for your safety. You should be happy after knowing this that somebody loves you like this.” He was trying to distract her mind because her mind was going in the wrong direction. She started blaming herself for Arjun’s condition.

She looked at him. “Hug me tightly, please.” As she requested him, he instantly pulled her into his warm arms and embraced her firmly, digging her face in his chest. He wanted to take away her all pain. He wanted to hug her restless soul like this and give her relief. She really needed this tight hug at this time because she was drowning in agony. She felt a bit of relief after coming in his arms. His tight hugs gave immense peace to her mind, heart and soul.

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6 thoughts on “(Part: 107A) Manan Love Story

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu usko tou shock pai shock lag raha hai first she thought arjun cheated at her and now she got to know he didnt cheat on her just left her so she can be safe from the work he does…
    And now ram threw another shock that he is dying and wants to see her for the last time as his last wish…
    But manik is a damn good support system he said he will never her fall weak so she should meet him…
    And here nandu is taking everything the wrong way by saying bcoz of her he is in thins condition…

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