(Part: 48) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part: 48 Arjun’s Truth

“I hid the truth about Arjun from you.” Ram told them, tears were trickling down his cheeks. His eyes were filled with guilt and pain.

“What are you saying, what truth?” Sana asked in shock.

“Dad, first come inside.” Sid said and he stepped into the room.

She made him sit on the sofa while Sid closed the door. She gave him the water and they both also settled down on the sofa with Ram. After seeing her father crying like this, she understood that there was something big. Her heart was pounding. She was staring at him anxiously.

Sid placed his hand over her hand and squeezed it slightly, telling her indirectly that he’s with her. As she looked at him dejectedly, he blinked his eyes. They both looked at Ram who was staring down silently in guilt.

After getting strength from her husband, she composed herself and asked. “Dad, tell us what’s the matter.” He raised his eyes up and looked at them. They both were sitting in front of him.

Ram sighed deeply before falling the bomb over them. “Arjun, he has always loved you. He left you because I had forced him to go away from your life.” She was taken a back after listening this, Ram closed his eyes dejectedly and fresh tears rolled down his cheeks.

“What are you saying? Why-why would you do this?” She was on the verge of crying. She had never thought that her father would do something like this with her. He had seen her suffering in front of his eyes, but still he remained quiet, why? Why did he do this with her? Her mind flooded with lots of questions.

Sid was also shocked after knowing this. The truth was unbelievable for both of them.

“I know, I did wrong with you and Arjun, but I did this because I wanted to protect you,”

She asked in loud voice, cutting his words. “Protect me from what, Dad? I just can’t believe that,” she started crying, resting her head on Sid’s shoulder.

“Angel, first let him complete himself.” He said and gently rubbed her arms to calm her down. She raised her head from his shoulder and looked at him dejectedly.

She again dug her face in his shoulder. “I can’t hear the truth. I don’t want to hate him. I don’t want to think about all this. I can’t take more betrayal and pain. I’m tired of all this.” She cried, clutching his shirt. Ram was also crying. He was feeling more guilty after seeing her daughter’s condition.

“Angel, you’re a strong women. Look at me.” He clasped her face and made her look at himself. “Now you’re not alone. I’m with you. Whatever the truth is, I’m with you to fight with it. I’m always there for you you, no matter what. Just be strong.” He just wanted to give her strength to hear the truth. He couldn’t see her shattering down in front of his eyes. He couldn’t let her break down again.

She nodded her head and he wiped her tears. Then they both turned their faces toward Ram who was looking at him, having tears in his eyes.

“Why did you do this?” She asked, her eyes were glinting with anger.

“Arjun is a secret Agent and your life was coming in danger because of him.” They raised their brows in utter shock after listening this.

“Secret Agent?” She murmured in disbelief because she didn’t know about this.

“Do you remember, few years back, your car accident. It had been done by one of the enemies of Arjun. I just wanted to protect your life, Sana, that’s why I asked him to leave you or his job. He wanted to tell you the truth and leave the decision on you. I knew that you would choose him without thinking about the risk of living with him. That’s why I asked him to leave you. I’m sorry, I know I did wrong, but I just wanted to protect you, Sana. Please, forgive me.” He apologised, crying in front of his daughter.

She was numb. She needed time to digest the truth. The truth was utterly unbelievable for her. She couldn’t believe that her father was the reason of her sufferings and the person whom she was blaming all these years and trying to move on from his betrayal, he still loved her. Now she was understanding that why she never felt that Arjun didn’t love her truly.

“I’ll never forgive you for doing this with me, dad, never. You’ve seen me suffering every day in front of your eyes and still you kept him away from me. Only for you, I was trying to live happily and you.” She shook her head in disbelief, crying miserably. “Everyday I was fighting a battle with myself and hating him. I was trying to forget his betrayal and trying move on in my life everyday. I stopped believing in love. I was living a life like a dead soul. I forgot that what is happiness. If Sidharth hadn’t come in my life, I would have died. How did you do this with your own daughter? How did you let your daughter suffer in pain? I just can’t believe this.” She held her head and shook it incredulously. Sid was sitting silently. He was not understanding, what he should say at this time. He was also shocked after knowing this truth. He was confused that he should support Ram for his decision. He wasn’t understanding what he should do, how to console his Angel. Everything was so complicated and messes up.

But now the question is why suddenly he came up at night and told the truth to them.

So what do you think, what will happen next?

What do you think, why Ram told the truth to them all of sudden when everything was going fine?

Excited for the next part.

Love Mehak

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  2. Yes i’m excited about it i so want to know about what will sana do now whatever was coming to her and what will sidharth do

  3. I have the same question ..y he all if the sudden came n tell the truth .. she’s happy in her new life … Again y he’s destroying her’s daughters life …

  4. Wonderful update dear.. Plz don’t separate sidnaaz . May be arjun is having some serious disease and wants to meet sana for last time .

  5. OMG😱 I didn’t expect that!!! shocking revealation😵,However I am loving this agent twist and super excited for the next part🤩🤩

  6. Omg i didnt expect that!! Loving the twist that took place and it was totally surprising! Altho i loved the agent twist and i cant wait to read further. However im just hoping sidnaaz dont get affected from this. Continue soon❤❤❤

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