(Part: 47A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part: 47 What is the Truth?

Next morning, they were sleeping on the hanging swing bed in the balcony. They were utterly naked and their bodies were partially covered with the white duvet. The atmosphere was cloudy and beautiful.

Sana woke up, having a lovely smile on her face. She hugged him tighter. She missed a lot waking up like this in the arms of her husband where she felt safe and secured. His body pressing against her, they’re exchanging heat of each other body, a morning like this is pure bliss.

Her smile grew bigger as she raised her head from his chest to look at the most handsome face. He was looking so adorable while sleeping. She felt like to kiss every inch of his face. She started gazing at him fondly, resting her chin on his chest.

After a few minutes, he also woke up and smiled broadly as he saw the beautiful face of his wife. She smiled back at him.

She came close to his face. “Good Morning, Mr Husband.” She whispered against his lips and sucked them softly, pouring her all love. As she pulled away, the next moment only he captured her soft lips by grasping her hair from his one hand and clasped her face firmly with his other hand. He kissed her hungrily and passionately. Her hands were kept on his bare chest.

“Good morning, Mrs Wifey.” He breathed after the kiss. She was trying to catch her breath back after their intense morning kiss.

“Last night we slept on the floor, when did you take me here on the bed?” She yawned and asked suddenly.

“When you were snoring.” He answered.

She raised her brows in shock. “Really I was snoring?” She asked innocently, not understanding that he was just kidding to tease her.

“Very loudly.” He snored loudly, wrinkling his nose to show her how she was snoring. She made a sad pout, thinking that she was really snoring so loudly.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that I snore while sleeping.” As she apologised, he laughed loudly.

She narrowed her brows in confusion. “Why’re you laughing?” She asked.

“Because I was just teasing you that you were snoring but you believed me. You’re so innocent.” He tapped her nose. She frowned because he was making fun of her.

“You scared me, not fair.” She complained, averting her eyes to show her anger to him.

“Okay baba, I’m sorry.” As he apologised, she instantly moved her eyes at him and smiled broadly.

“It’s Okay.” She pecked his lips. “It is your right to tease me like this and it is my right to get angry on this.” Both smiled at each other.

“And it is my duty to apologise after this.” He placed a kiss on her forehead, she closed her eyes, smiling blissfully.

“No baby, you never have to apologise from me.”

“Okay,” he kissed her lips softly and pulled away. She hugged him and they lay there cuddling each other for some time.


He was talking over the phone when she strolled out of the bathroom after taking a shower. He stopped talking and stared at her with open mouth. Her wet hair was falling over one side of her shoulder. She was wearing yellow strip sleeves, Kurti, with black pants. Her face was glowing like a fresh flower and her eyes were shining like stars. She blushed and moved her eyelashes down when she noticed him gazing at him constantly. She wandered to the dressing table.

“I’ll call you after some time.” He hung up the call, still gazing at his gorgeous wife who was applying lipgloss, standing in front of the mirror. She was looking at him through the mirror.

He ambled toward her and stood behind her. He placed his hands over her bare arms. She shivered as his hands touched her skin. He trailed his hands down her arms slowly, making her breath heavy and sending the chills down her spine.

“You’re hypnotising me with your beauty, Angel.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear before biting her earlobe. He fluttered his eyelashes against her cheek and neck, she closed her eyes, enjoying the butterfly kisses given by him. He held her arm and swiftly turned her toward himself. He yanked her to himself and tucked her wet hair strands behind her ear before placing a kiss on her forehead.

“You’re looking so pretty.” He breathed against her lips before placing a lingering kiss over them. He kissed her lips, pressing his chest with her and grinding his crotch against her.


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  1. Beautifulll…. The beauty of this is that they are together and there is small nok jok… I love it….

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