(Part: 45B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part: 45B Sidnaaz Meet

Next morning she woke up and smiled merrily after seeing his message.

Sid: Good morning, Angel. I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you last day. I hope you’re fine.

She instantly called him after reading his message to tell him that she’s completely fine. She pouted sadly because his phone was coming switched off.

“He would be shooting somewhere there is no network. I wanted to hear his voice.” She murmured sadly to herself before replying to him.

Sana: I’m fine and call me as soon as you read my message.

She strolled out of the bathroom in a white long dress. The water is falling down her hair. She’s looking so beautiful like always. She sauntered toward the dressing table and just applied the liquid vermilion over the middle of her hairline which rose the glow of her pretty face even more.

As she heard a knock on the door, she wandered to open it. She lowered her eyes and saw Muskan, grinning at her. She too smiled, picking her up in her arms.

“Chachi, musu wants to play with you.” She uttered.

“What do you want to play, cutie?” She asked, raising her brows.

“No, Not hel (here), I want to play with you upstails (upstairs)”

She looked at her bemusedly. “You mean on the terrace?” She asked.

“Yes, Telice.”She chuckled when she pronounced terrace wrong.

“Musu, it’s not telice, it’s the terrace.” She corrected her.

“Whatevel, let’s go because musu wants to play there.”

“Okay,” she agreed and headed to the stairs, holding Muskan in her arms.

As she stepped into the terrace, she widened her eyes in astonishment, seeing Sid there. He was standing beside the dining table which was kept under the shelter. He was smiling at her cheerfully, looking as always smart in white full sleeves shirt tucked in his black jeans. His hands were in the pockets. She was utterly stunned to see him. She felt like she was dreaming with open eyes because yesterday only he had told her that he would come after three more days. How he could come so soon?

“Was he lying to surprise me?” She wondered, gazing at him in utter amazement.

“Chachi, sulprise.” She squealed. “Now put me down.” She put her down on the floor, still looking at her handsome husband who didn’t leave any chance to astound her. Muskan rushed from there, giving some private time to her Chachu and Chachi on her mother instructions.

He ambled toward her, smiling cheerfully. As he reached in front of her, she jumped over him and hugged him tightly, encircling her arms around his neck and stood on her toes by raising her heels from the floor and putting her whole weight over him. For a second, he was taken aback with her sudden hug, after that he embraced her, pulling her closer to himself, and he raised her up from the floor. Few tears of happiness rushed down her cheeks automatically. She became emotional because she was hugging him after so many days which were like so many years for both of them. They both were pulling each other closer and closer like they wanted to bury each other in their arms. Their eyes were closed and they were utterly lost in each other arms. They missed each other a lot in these three days. They missed the feel of each other skin, they missed the fragrance of each other body, they missed the feel of each other breath, they missed each and everything about each other. They took a deep breath after coming in each other arms like finally, they got their breath back after coming in the arms of their beloved.

“I missed you a lot.” She whispered, gazing at him as they broke the hug. She had a delightful smile on her face. She was extremely happy.

“I missed you more, that’s why I came early.” He clasped her face and pressed his forehead against her, they closed their eyes again. “You’ve no idea, it was getting so difficult for me to spend even a single second without you.” She murmured.

“I know because I was going through the same. I was really upset thinking that how would I spend three more days without you. Why did you lie to me yesterday?” She asked and hit his bicep.

He chuckled and she frowned. “Because I want to surprise you, Angel.” He cupped her face and told her, gazing in her eyes fondly and deeply. She gazed back into his bewitching eyes and got lost in them like always.

She smiled broadly. “I love you so much, Sidharth.” She confessed. He leaned in and captured her lips. He missed her soft lips the most, he was addicted to them because they were so delicious. He was gently stroking her cheeks and softly kissing her lips, pouring his all love. She was kissing him back with equal softness, her hands were kept on his chest. They were feeling out of the world and so damn good after kissing each after three days. They were feeling alive after a long time. They weren’t just kissing each other lips, they were kissing each other souls. The feeling for them was more than heaven.

“I love you a lot, Angel.” He whispered against her lips as they broke the kiss. Their eyes were still closed, they were panting after the kiss. Their warm breath was stroking each other lips and burning their bodies with the desire.

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