(Part: 45A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part: 45A Sidnaaz Meet

Sana was spending a great time with Muskan in the Art gallery. She was teaching painting to Muskan on her request. They were sitting on the floor and in front of them, the white sheet was kept. Muskan was sitting on her lap, she was holding the paintbrush in her hand. Sana was filling the colour in the painting by holding her little hand. She was enjoying a lot with little pumpkin Muskan. She didn’t miss Sid when she was spending time with Muskan.

She made Muskan sit on the floor beside her as her phone rang. She knew that it would be her husband’s call. She slid her hand into the pocket of her jeans and took out the phone from her jeans pocket while saying to Muskan. “You do the painting, I’ve to answer the call.” Muskan gave her a slight nod, playing with the brush. She smiled at her.

She moved her eyes towards the phone and a gleeful smile spread across her face, seeing her husband name flashing on her phone’s screen.

She merrily answered the call, placing the phone over her ear. “Hi.”

“Hey, how are you, Angel?” Her smile grew bigger, listening to his pleasant voice.

“I’m great and I’ve come to the Art gallery with Muskan. Did your today’s shoot finish?” She asked.

“Yup, I’m just going to sleep and I’m missing you a lot. I want to sleep cuddling you.”

She pouted sadly. “I’m missing you too. When you’re coming back?” She asked.

“Within three days.” He replied.

“Three more days, I don’t know how will I spend three more days without you.” She mused.

“I know. What Muskan is doing? Give her the phone, I want to talk to her.”

“Okay, wait.” She answered him and moved her eyes at Muskan who was busy drawing something with the paintbrush on the white sheet.

“Muskan, Chachu wants to talk to you.” She told her.

“Tell Chachu to call me later betause Muskan is vely busy light now.” She replied without shifting her gaze from the white sheet.

“She’s very busy with her important work.” She told him and he chuckled.

“Give her a kiss on her cheek of my name.”

“Okay, wait.” She leaned down and suddenly placed a sweet kiss on her soft cheek. As Muskan turned her face toward her, she told her. “Your Chachu asked me to give you a kiss.”

She snatched the phone from her chachi’s hand and put the phone on speaker. She squealed joyfully. “You al (are) so sweet, Chachu. Thank you fol the kiss.” Both tittered on her cute language and sweet words.

“Musu, Give a kiss to your Chachi of my name.” Her eyes twinkled as he asked Muskan to kiss her on behalf of him.

“Okay.” She stood up, lowered her head and kissed her cheek cheerily.

“Chachu, now bye because me and Chachi are busy.” She disconnected the call, but Sana pouted because she wanted to talk to him. She gave the phone back to her Chachi.

Her phone beeped, she received a message from him.

Sid: You spend time with Muskan and take care of her and yourself. Now I’m sleeping. I’ll talk to you tomorrow because we have to leave for the shooting to a place in a few hours where there will be no network and I miss you a lot.

Her lips drew down in sadness and good night because there was night time.

Sana: I miss you more, good night.

She came back home in the evening with Muskan. She was exhausted, so she slept for a few hours after eating some smacks which Neyonika had brought for her.

She woke up and helped Mahi in preparing dinner. She was missing him a lot. Every minute without him was like one day for her. She loved him a lot and wanted to spend every single second with him.

At night, she wasn’t feeling sleepy, she was watching their marriage videos and missing him even more. Neyonika had fallen asleep after talking to her for some time.

“I’m missing you a lot. It has been ten hours passed since we talked to each other. It is getting so difficult for me to spend the time without you.” She was lost in thought, standing in the balcony. The wind is flowing fast, her long black hair was swaying in the wind.

She closed her eyes and tried to feel him in the air which was caressing her face. “Just feel me. The air which is caressing your face, feel me in that.” As his words echoed in her ear, her lips curved up into a smile. She could really feel him the breeze. She was feeling much better now. The breeze which was stroking her skin, she was feeling like his lips are rubbing against her skin.

“I love you so much, Sidharth.” She murmured after opening her eyes, having a blissful smile on her face. After that she went back to the room and slept hugging Neyonika, thinking about her husband.

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