(Part: 7) Ahana


Part: 7 Sharing Everything

As my phone rang up, I widened my eyes in shock because I’m getting a call from Ahana’s number. A few minutes ago she had blocked me. Now she’s calling me, this is strange. But I’m a bit happy from inside.

I placed the phone over my ear and answered the call. “Hello,”

“Will-will you really help me?” She asked in a low voice, stammering.

“I can go to any extent to help you, Ahana,” I answered her sincerely.

“Why?” She asked, doubting me, maybe. I’m a complete stranger to her, why she wouldn’t doubt me?

I myself have no answer to her question that why I’m going crazy to help her. Why her pain is affecting me so much? Why tears in her eyes made my heart cry? I have no answer of any of these questions and all these questions are increasing my restlessness.

“I don’t know, I’ve been restless since the day my eyes fell over you. Maybe my restless heart would get peace after helping you. I want to say the truth you that I want to take all tears away from your eyes and want to see a smile on your beautiful face. Everyone deserves to live a happy life. You’re a strong woman, Ahana, you can fight with your all the pain. Accepting the pain and leaving with that can never be the solution to any problem. At least try to fight with your fear. Now I’m with you.” I tried my best to explain to her that she should fight back with her fear. I’m trying to encourage.

I heard her sighing deeply over the phone. “It is not easy. I tried a lot. I’m not finding a way out. I’m so lost.” She’s sounding depressed and I don’t know why, but it is hurting me a lot. I can’t even explain in words that what I’m feeling.

“Tell me everything. Share everything with me. I promise you, I’ll find a way out anyhow.” I reassured her.

“My husband, he tortures me every day mentally and physically.” I gritted my teeth in fury when finally she told me about her husband. I knew it, he’s torturing her. I will not leave him so easily. I’ll make him suffer till his last for torturing the innocent soul.

She continued in a sorrowful voice. “I have tried many times to escape from there, but he always finds me. After that, he started blackmailing me that if I try to run, he will torture the kids of orphanage. That’s why I stopped trying. I don’t want to put the life of the kids in danger to save myself. I don’t want to become selfish. You tell me what I should do?” She sobbed. She’s crying. Oh god, It hurts me a lot when she cries.

“Ahana, I’ll come up with the police tomorrow, you just have to tell the truth to them without any fear. I’m with you.” I consoled her.

“But he is powerful, what if he harms the kids of the orphanage after coming out from the jail?” Her voice trembled with fear. My heart is aching painfully, knowing about her miserable condition.

“You don’t worry about this, I will never let him come out. I’ll make him suffer there till his last breath.” I tried my best to reassure her.

“I just want you to fight for yourself tomorrow,” I added.

“You helping like this, it feels like I’m seeing a dream because before nobody was ready to help me. Thank you so much for encouraging me.” As she thanked me, I smiled slightly.

“Why he tortures you, Ahana?” Suddenly this question popped in my mind. I shouldn’t have asked this.

“I don’t know, I just know only one thing that he can go to any extent to make me suffer. I don’t know why he’s so cruel. I can’t live with him anymore. He suffocates me. He’s a satan. Please, help me.” As she cried in agony and begged me to help her, I felt a sharp pain in my heart. I’m feeling like to kill that bastard Sameer for doing this with the innocent soul. I clenched my fist and phone in fury.

“You don’t worry, I swear I’ll make him suffer more than you’ve suffered.” I’m boiling in anger. I just can’t wait till tomorrow. The poor soul has endured a lot of pain.

“I really can’t believe that someone is helping me. I’m so thankful to you, Riyan.” A bright smile spread across my face automatically as for the first I heard my name from her sweet and pleasant voice. I don’t know what magic she is doing on me.

“Are we friends now?” I asked suddenly.

She answered after a few seconds. “Yes, and I’m glad to have a friend like you in my life who is ready to do anything for me. You’ve given me the hope that everything will be fine and I’ll be out of this hell. You come into my dark life like a ray of light, Riyan. You know I’m feeling so lucky right now.” She is sounding hopeful now and I’m pleased to see the positive change in her so soon. I smiled delightfully.

Then I told her about tomorrow’s plan. “This is gonna be your last night in the hell, Ahana. Tomorrow I’ll free you from all the sufferings and agony of your life.” I disconnected the call and murmured to myself, staring straight at the ceiling in determination.

I hurriedly went to Siya’s room to tell her about this. I knocked on the door of her room. She opened the door after a few minutes.

“Is everything alright, Riyan? What happened?” She asked.

“Ahana called me and told everything to me.” Siya raised her brows in surprise and her eyes glinted with happiness.

“What? Really? I’m so happy to know this.” She smiled cheerfully.

Then we strolled into her room. She closed the door and asked after turning towards me. “What she told you?”

“Her husband is the only reason for her pain. He tortures her and blackmails her.” My blood boiled in anger as I told her about that bastard.

“Now we shouldn’t waste any more time. Is Ahana ready to send him jail?” She asked.

“Earlier she was scared from his power because he was blackmailing her that if she tries to run or take anybody’s help, then he will torture the kids of the orphanage, but when I assured her that I would handle everything, she got ready to fight back. I’m going tomorrow morning with the police there. I just can’t wait to see him behind the bars. I won’t let him torture Ahana, not anymore.” I told everything to Siya.

“I’ll also go with you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” I nodded my head and asked her to inform Kabir about all this.

After coming back to my room, I called my commissioner friend and told him about Ahana’s case. He’s ready to help me.

Next morning

I’m getting ready and I sent the message to Ahana before leaving my home.

Me: Is Sameer is at home? We’ll reach there in half an hour.

Ahana: He’s at home.

Ahana: But I’m scared, Riyan. I don’t want to put anybody’s life in danger to save myself.

She’s such a pure soul. She’s ready to bear his torture all her life because she doesn’t want to put anybody’s life at risk. I’m so touched.

Me: I’m with you, Ahana. Just be strong, fight back for yourself. I’ll not let anything happen to anybody, that’s my promise.

Ahana: What if anything happens to you? I will never able to forgive myself.

Me: Ahana, stop thinking negatively. Nothing will happen to me. He can’t harm me because I’m coming there with the whole police force. Be strong, please.

Ahana: Take care of yourself. I’ll try to be strong.

Riyan is not aware of the whole truth. The truth is gonna make him shatter.

What will happen next, any idea?

Love Mehak

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