(Part: 44B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Then only she received his call and her eyes shimmered with the happiness by just seeing his name flashing on her phone screen. She hastily climbed down from the bed and rushed to the balcony to talk to her husband.

“I love you, I love you so much.” She gave him a kiss over the phone.

“What’s the matter, today so much love?”

“No, I feel so much love for you every day.” She told him, he chuckled.

“Then what do you feel like to do with me?” As he asked, she looked down shyly.

“I feel like to give you a hard kiss.” She told him and bit her lower lip because she was badly missing the feel of his lips over her.

“And?” He asked.

“Then everything happens automatically, you know.” She hid her face with her hand, shying.

“What, angel? I want to know in detail.” He asked to tease her.

“Sidharth, change the topic, please.” She requested him because these talks were arousing her inner desires.

He chuckled. “Why?”

“Because, because I’m getting turn on.” She replied to him, flushing.

“Okay so let me continue further, then I kiss you back, grabbing your butts and grinding myself against you, and I love the way you bite my lower lip, moaning when I squeeze your round butts. Then we break the kiss, I hastily pull your top over your head and you open my shirts button. We again started kissing and I squeezed your twins,”

“I’m feeling sleepy, good night.” She disconnected the call because his words were arousing her inner desires. She was enjoying, but her urge for him was increasing.

Sid laughed loudly. He loved to tease his angel.

He received her message after a few minutes.

Sana: Now when is your shoot?

Sid: In the afternoon, I’ll message you before leaving for the shoot. Now you should sleep, Angel.

Sana: I’m just sleeping, take care and don’t forget to message me before leaving for the shoot.

Sid: I’ll inform you, good night. I love you a lot.

Sana: I love you more.

Next morning as she woke up, she checked his message.

Sid: I’m leaving for the shoot, I’ll call you as soon as I get free. Angel, I want to come back home and meet you, that’s why I’m trying to complete the shoot as soon as possible and not getting time to talk to you in between. Don’t think that I’m ignoring, I can never do this. I miss you every second. Don’t skip your meal and don’t overthink. I really love you a lot and take care.

Her lips curled into a broad smile, reading his message which was filled with concerns.

“I feel so lucky to have him in my life.” She murmured to herself before replying back.

Sana: I’ll take care of myself and you too take care of yourself. I’ll wait for your call and love you a lot, come back soon.

She went to take the bath after tucking Mukti in the blanket properly.


When Sana told everybody during the breakfast that she would go Art gallery, Musu exclaimed excitedly. “Musu will also go to alt gally with you.”

“Okay baby, Chachi will take you there.” She agreed.

“Chachi, you’re vely nice and musu loves you a lot.” Everybody laughs on her cuteness.

“Chachi loves you more.” She kissed Muskan’s cheek, she was sitting on her mumma’s lap.

“Shehnaaz, take a driver with you. I’m calling her. He’ll drop and pick you up.” Neyonika told her.

“Mom, thank you but I’ll drive myself. I really don’t need a driver.” She politely denied.

“Okay, no problem but drive safe.” She smiled and nodded her head.


“Chachi, Chachi stop the cal, stop the cal.” Muskan suddenly yelled, sitting on the passenger seat, Sana instantly applied the brake.

“What happened?” She asked concernedly from Muskan.

She licked her lower lip cutely. “I want to eat Ice cream.” She told pointing her finger at the Ice cream trolley. Sana sighed with relief after knowing this.

“Sure.” She stepped out of the car, opened the door of her side, unlocked her seatbelt and lifted her in her arms.

“So which Ice cream do you want to eat?” She asked as they reached Ice trolley.

“Musu wants cholobal, mango, olange, cola,” Muskan started telling her list.

“Musu, tell only one. If you eat so many ice cream at one time, germs will spoil your teeth and then you’ve to live without teeth. Do you want to live without them?” Sana was scaring her, so that she herself denies eating lots of Ice cream.

“No, one is enough, Chachi. I can’t live without teeth.” She shouted, getting afraid. Sana smiled happily.

“So which one do you want?”


After that, they reached her Art gallery and Muskan was so amazed to see lots of painting in one room. She was staring at them with open mouth and eyes. Sana was smiling, seeing her facial expressions.

“Wow, so many paintings. Yeh dabh kitni achi hai, apne banae? (This is so amazing. Did you make them?)” She asked, her eyes shimmered with happiness.


“Mein ek le lun? apne loom ki wall pal lagungi. (Can I take one? I’ll hang on the wall of my room.)” She asked excitedly.

“Of course, my baby. You can take as many you want.” She placed a kiss on Muskan’s cheek.

“Aap sach mein bhut pyaale ho. (You’re really nice.)” Muskan kissed her back on her cheek.

“And You’re cutest, Musu baby.” She caressed her nose against her. Both passed a gleeful smile to each other.

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