(Part: 25) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part : 25 Honeymoon with Musu?

Muskan rushed toward Sidnaaz as they walked into mansion, holding each other hand after doctor’s visit. “Chachu Chachi, musu bhi aap dono sath honeypoon pal jaegi. (Musu will also go on honeymoon with you.)” Sidnaaz’s eyes widened up after listening to her words. They both looked at each other in shock and then again looked back to her.

Then they looked toward Cabir who was coming toward them while laughing.

“Aap lekal jaenge na musu ko? (Will you take me with you ?)” She asked cutely, holding the hand of Sana. Her eyes moved from Sid to Sana. Sana was looking at her helplessly. She wasn’t understanding how to deny the request of cute Muskan. Same was Sid’s condition.

“Off course Musu, chachu Chachi will surely take you on their honeymoon.” Cabir answered on behalf of Sidnaaz picking Muskan’s in his arms.

“Right ?” He asked, raising his eyebrows. Sid was glaring at him. Cabir was trying to not laugh.

Sidnaaz forced a smile and nodded their head positively. They walked from there caressing her cheeks.


“Now, what we will do? Muskan is so stubborn, Sana.” Sid asked, strolling toward Sana who was sitting tensely.

“Let’s take her with us.” Sana uttered suddenly getting up from the bed.

“What? Are you out of your mind, Sana? It’s our honeymoon, not a family trip. I have planned so many things.” Sid freaked out and Sana chuckled.

“Why did you laugh ?” He asked confusingly.

“Because you are so cute.” She said, pulling his cheeks.

“She is a kid, Sid. We will find a solution. Don’t worry, our honeymoon is going to be super great.” Sana encircled her arms around him.

“With Muskan sleeping between us.” He joked and both chuckled. Sid rubbed his nose against her and then pecked her nose making her chuckled again.

“I love you, Angel.” He confessed and kissed her forehead while his thumbs caressed her cheeks. She smiled, closing her eyes. Then he kissed her lips softly not before pulling her face up with his hands.


“I thought that she has moved on. But last night, her condition was the same like before. We have done very wrong with her. She deserves to know the truth. I can’t live in this guilt anymore. I will tell her everything.” Ram was talking to somebody on phone standing at the window.

“Daddy,” Sana stepped into the room and he was startled listening to her voice. He hurriedly disconnected the call.

“I am sorry for the last night. I know, I made you so worried.” She hugged him from behind wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Are you still thinking about your past, Sana?” He asked turning around removing her hands.

“I was but now, I have decided, I won’t ruin my present by thinking about the past and worrying about the future. I have so many people here to take care of me, mom, bhabhi and especially Sid. He is supporting me and helping in moving on from day one. I’m not going spoil my life more. So chill, daddy and give me a beautiful smile.” Sana asked her father to smile pulling his cheeks. He smiled wholeheartedly because he could see that she was really happy. Her happiness was clearly visible in her eyes.

“I want to see you happy like this always my princess.” Ram held her face and kissed her forehead. She smiled and a lone tear escaped out from her eyes.

“Even I want to see you happy always.” She said wiping her tear.

“My happiness starts with you and ends with you. You are my everything.” She smiled happily.

“I love you, daddy. I have got the world’s best father.” She hugged her father tightly and he chuckled hugging her back.


Sidnaaz left for the honeymoon after Muskan had slept.

“Muskan will hate us for leaving her like this. She was so excited to go with us. I wish, we could take her with us.” Sana was sad for Muskan. They were sitting at the car backseat.

“Angel, relax. Jay bhai and Mahi bhabhi will handle her.“ Sid assured her, holding her hand. She smiled in response.

“By the way, I am going to show you my other side on honeymoon.” He spoke coming close to her face.

“What another side ?” She asked innocently.

“My wild side.” He whispered in her ear, making her blush. She was having butterflies in her stomach. He kissed her lips and Sana widened her eyes because he kissed her in the presence of the driver. She became red like a tomato at that moment. The driver was smiling looking at them through the mirror.

“Sid, he is seeing us,” she whispered pointing her finger toward the driver. Sid looked at the driver and then back to her.

“So what? You are my wife and I can kiss you anytime and anywhere. Can’t I do ?” He asked, again coming closer to her.

“Off course, you can but,” he cut off her words with another sudden kiss. He didn’t feel embarrassed to kiss his wife in front of anybody. She also kissed him back pulling him closer to herself by holding his shirt’s collars. Sid clutched her waist making her moan inside his mouth.


“Mumma, why didn’t you wake me up ?” Muskan cried when Mahi told her that Sidnaaz had already left for the honeymoon.

“I don’t want to disturb the sleep of my beautiful princess.” Mahi tried to touch her face but Muskan jerked her hand in anger.

“Mein bhut gussa hoon apse. Mela jane ka bhut man tha, mumma. (I am very angry with you. I really wanted to go, Mumma.)” She sobbed, Mahi felt bad for her now.

“Mumma is sorry, my princess.” Mahi apologised holding her ear. Muskan averted her face to show her anger.

“Mujhe aapse koi bat ni kani, aap chale jao yaha se. (I don’t wanna talk to you, just go from here.)” she yelled in anger on Mahi.

“Don’t you want to talk to daddy also ?” Jay asked walking inside the room. Muskan glared at him with an angry pout and her arms were crossed around her chest.

“No, ko, koki aap dono hi ni chate ki mein jao. (No, because you both didn’t want me to go.)” She turned her face to another side to show her anger to his father. Mahi looked at Jay helplessly, he blinked his eyes in the assurance that he would handle her.


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