(Part: 24) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part : 24 I’m afraid of losing you.

Next morning

Sana opened her eyes slowly and found her handsome husband staring at her, having love in his eyes. As she saw his face, she automatically smiled. He also smiled seeing the beautiful smile of his angel which was the most precious thing of his life.

“Good morning, Angel.” He gently kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response having a smile on her face.

“Good morning, my love.” She wished him back in a sleepy tone.

“How are you feeling?” He asked concernedly tucking her few hair strands behind her ears with his both hands.

“Much better than yesterday. Until you are with me, I’m fine.” She put her hand on his cheek and pecked his lips.

“I’m always with you.” She smiled.

“When we have to leave for the honeymoon?” She sat up on the bed and asked tying her hair with the black rubber band which was on her wrist.

“So desperate for the honeymoon, Mrs Shukla.” He teased her sitting beside her.

“Desperate to know the place.” She replied to him instantly looking at him.

“Sana, we have an appointment with the doctor in an hour.” He told her and his tone became serious. She just nodded her head in response before getting up from the bed.

“Let’s take a shower together.” Sana was taking out her clothes from the cupboard when Sid whispered in ear hugging her from behind.

She turned toward him after removing his hands. “On honeymoon,” She rushed to the bathroom after pushing him away.


Sana was combing her hair standing in front of the mirror while Sid was taking the shower. She was wearing the pink plazo suit with a white dupatta. After combing her hair, she applied the vermilion on the middle of her hair.

“Come in,” Sana said when she heard the knock on the door.

“Mom, you don’t have to knock the door.” She strolled toward Neyonika who was walking into the room.

“We should always knock the door before entering inside the room of the newly married couple, I know this.” Sana blushed after listening to her words.

“You scared us a lot last night, Sana. How are you ?” Neyonika asked concernedly, putting a hand on her face.

“I’m fine, mom.” She replied. “And I am so sorry for making you scared.”

“Don’t be sorry and if you want to share something, don’t forget that your mom is always there for you.” Sana smiled, having happy tears in her eyes. She was feeling blessed to get mother after ages.

“I love you so much, mom.” She hugged Neyonika, expressing her feeling. Neyonika hugged her back having a smile on her face.

“God bless you, my child.” Neyonika murmured and kissed her hair.

“I am just afraid of losing Sid. Mom, I trust him but then too, the fear of losing him is increasing and this is making me worried.” Sana broke the hug and shared the thing with her mother which was eating her mind.

“Sana, the fear is normal after what had happened with you in past. With time, this fear will eventually go away. You are fine, Sana and this fear is common. Everyone fears to lose their loved ones. Live in the present because the future is unexpected. It will not change by taking tension of it. And trust me, we will never let you feel lonely here. The whole family is with you.” Neyonika tried her best to assure her that she was fine and her fear was normal.

Neyonika cupped her face and kissed her forehead. A lone tear trickled down from Sana’s eyes.

Sana was feeling much better after listening to her. She was having a content smile on her face. She couldn’t express in words how much happy she was at that moment. She was overwhelmed by seeing the love of her mother in law. She used to cry day and night in childhood missing her mother. She had never thought that she would ever experience the love of a mother, but God fulfilled her dream by blessing her with the mother.


“Mumma, mela jaldi se bag pack kaldo.(Mumma pack my bag fast.)” Muskan came out from the dressing room dragging her hello kitty trolley bag. Mahi and Jay looked at her widening their eyes standing in the room.

“Where are you going ?” Both asked from her together.

“Ab musu bhi jaegi chachu chachi sath honeypoon pal. (Now Musu will also go with chachu chachi on honeymoon.)” She told them cutely and knelt down on the floor putting her bag in front of her. Firstly, Jay and Mahi stared at each other in shock and then toward Muskan.

“But Musu, only couples go on a honeymoon after marriage. You can’t go with them.” Mahi sat with her and stopped her from opening the bag. Muskan stared at her making an angry pout.

“I can go and I will go with them.” She said stubbornly crossing her arms around her chest. Jay and Mahi looked at each other helplessly. Mahi asked Jay in a gesture to explain her.

“Aap dono ne toh musu ko apni shaddhi mein bhi nhi bulaya tha, akele akele honeypoon pal bhi chale gye hoge. ( You both haven’t invited musu to your marriage and even went to honeymoon without me.)” Now her words made them laugh.

“Chachu aur chachi ne toh mujhe apne shaddhi pal bhi bulaya aul ab voh musu ko honeypoon par bhi lekal jaenge, dekhlena. (Chachu and Chachi, they invited me to their marriage and now they will take me on their honeymoon also, just wait and watch.)” Muskan challenged her parents getting up from the floor and walked out from the room.

“Jay, please make her understand. What kind of wish is this ?” Mahi was getting irritated with increasing stubbornness of her daughter.

“I will explain to her, relax.” Jay blinked his eyes holding her shoulders. Then he went behind Muskan.


Sidnaaz were coming back home in the car after visiting to doctor. Sana was looking out of the window silently. Sid found her tensed. He was sitting holding her hand which on his lap. They were sitting at the backseat and driver at the front seat.

“Sana, you are taking unnecessary stress. The doctor has told us that you are fine.” She turned her face to look at him after listening to his voice. “It just that you stopped taking antidepressants abruptly and that’s why this is happening. These anxiety attacks will stop occurring with medication and exercise. Don’t worry, I am with you always, Angel.” He reassured her, cupping her face. She smiled listening to his words and then rested her head on the chest. He held her tightly in his arms and whispered I love you in her ear. She smiled broadly listening to her favourite music which was his heartbeat.

“Sana, I overheard the conversation of you and mom. I know, you are afraid of losing me.” Sid told her after breaking the hug. Sana became little shocked to know this.

“Sid, it doesn’t mean that I don’t trust you. I,” she instantly said.

“Did I say that you don’t trust me ?” He asked, cutting her words. She nodded her head negatively.

“I thought, ” He shushed her, putting his finger on her lips. She stared into his eyes which were filled with love.

“Do you know, how much I afraid of losing you? I can’t imagine my life without you. There is no treatment of this fear and this fear is normal. It doesn’t mean that people don’t trust each other.” Sid tried to explain her calmly, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs.

“I love you so much, Sid.” She confessed looking deeply into his eyes. She was saying him thank you for always supporting her with her confession. Sid smiled and whispered I love you near to her lips before kissing her forehead.

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