(Part: 22) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part : 22 Still Not Healed

Sana came back home after the shooting of gift segment but Sid stayed there for the recording. She had lunch with Mahi, Neyonika and Muskan. Then she started packing the bags for the honeymoon.

Mahi knocked on the door and when Sana turned around to look at her, she asked. “May I come in ?”

“Of course, you don’t need to take permission.” She answered and Mahi walked into the room, having a smile on her face.

“I have brought something for you but open it on your honeymoon.” Mahi grinned giving the paper bag to Sana.

Sana was trying to look inside. “Thank you.” She thanked Mahi and kept it inside the bag.

“Excited for the honeymoon?” Mahi asked, raising her eyebrows. Sana blushed nodding her head. Mahi found her so cute when she blushed.

“Tell me something about your honeymoon,” Sana asked cheerfully.

“It was the first best trip of my life.” Mahi went back in the memories of her honeymoon. She was having a blissful smile on her face.

Then Mahi started helping Sana in packing. They were talking. Mahi was telling about her honeymoon and giving her some tips. They were giggling and laughing loudly. Sana was enjoying her company. She always wanted to have a sister and finally, God has fulfilled her this wish.

After doing her packing, Mahi went back to her room. Sana was so tired that as soon as she laid down on the bed, she fell asleep.


“Mumma, aaj dadu sath ghum kar bhut maza aaya. Humne khubh sali masti ki. Meine cal bhi chalae aul.. bhut kuch kiya. Dadu bhut achai hai. (Mumma, today I enjoyed a lot with Dadu. We had great fun. I drove the car also and we did lots of things.)” Muskan was sitting in her mumma’s lap and telling her how was her day out with her grandpa. Mahi was listening to her, having a smile on her face and setting her messy hair.

“Did you eat something or not, musu ?” Mahi asked raising her eyebrows.

“Haan khaya na, Dadu ne muje ice cleam, chocolate, pizza kilaya. Mumma sab kuch bhut yummy tha. (Yes, I ate. Grandpa made me eat Ice Cream, chocolate, pizza. Mumma, everything was so yummy.)” She licked her lower lip. Mahi found her so cute and kissed her cheeks.


Sid walked into the mansion with the bouquet of red roses. He was so tired but he was having a smile on his face because he was going to meet his angel after six hours. He missed her a lot.

When Sid was strolling toward his room, he bumped with Mahi. “Wow, red roses for Sana ?” She teased him seeing the rose bouquet. Sid blushed nodding his head. She chuckled and walked away.

Sid stepped into his room having a smile on his face but his face expression changed seeing the condition of the room. The whole room was messed up. All the cupboard and drawers were opened and things were lying on the floor. His eyes fell on Sana and her condition horrified him. She was sitting on the edge of the bed holding her head. Her face was hidden behind her hair.

Nothing was coming out from his mouth at that moment. He was shocked by seeing her condition. The rose bouquet slipped down from his hands and he walked toward her taking small steps.

“A, Angel, ” He called her with difficulty. As he called her, Sana looked at him after raising her face. His heart ached seeing her pale face. There were beads of sweat all over her face. She stood up instantly and rushed toward him seeing him.

“Sid, I am afraid.” She shuttered hugging him tightly wrapping her arms around his neck. He instantly embraced her firmly into his warm arms and stroked her back and hair. She was shivering with the fear in his arms. He was numb, seeing her condition.

He composed himself and tried to break the hug. “Angel, what happened?” He forcefully broke the hug and asked cupping her face. His thumbs were caressing her cheeks.

“ I, I saw a, bad dream. Why, why I am seeing such dreams? Why he is not leaving my mind ?” She cried and from his eyes too, few tears rolled down his cheeks, seeing her condition. Inside, his heart was aching badly. He thought that he had healed her, but he had forgotten that the deep wounds take years to be healed.

“It was a dream only, Angel. Relax, ” he touched his face with her and tried to calm her down.

“I am afraid, Sid. Why that incident is still affecting me? I am happy with you, then why his betrayal is still affecting me ?” She asked clutching his shirt. She thought that she had moved on from her past completely. But from last night, she was again thinking about the past. She was feeling like the wounds of the past were reopening.

“It takes time, Angel. I am with you, everything will be fine.” He was trying to calm her down caressing her hair.

“Share with me, what have you seen in your dream? Just tell me whatever is going in your mind.” He pulled her face up to make her look into his eyes and asked.

“I don’t want to think about that dream, I don’t.” She buried her face in his chest and cried clutching his shirt. She was still shivering with the fear in his arms.

“I am with you, Angel, I am with you.” He was whispering in her ear. He was trying to calm her down by caressing her hair and back.

After a few minutes, he felt her whole weight over him and her hands left his shirt.

“Sana, ” she fainted down in his arms, he called her patting her face but she didn’t respond. He picked her in his arms and laid her down on the bed. He took the water in his palm and sat down beside her on floor. He splashed the water on her face and rubbed her hands and feet. She wasn’t responding.

“Uncle, please, please come fast. It’s an emergency.” Sid immediately called up a family doctor and asked him to come fast. He was getting hell worried for his Angel.

“What happened to you , angel ? Please wake up , I can’t see you like this.” He cried holding his hand and his eyes were looking at his angel’s face.

What do you think , what happened to Shehnaaz suddenly?

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