(Part: 21) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part : 21

The Gift Segment

“Angel, I have to go for a pending recording.” Sana got disheartened after knowing that Sid had to go for work. She wanted to spend time with him.

“But I wanted to spend time with you.” She made a sad pout.

“Okay, Then I’m not going.” He instantly said pulling her toward himself after holding her waist.

“No, now you go. Work is also important.”

“No, now I am not going. The thing which will make my angel sad, I won’t do.” He said stubbornly pulling her closer to himself and nuzzling in her neck.

“Sid, I’m not sad. In fact, I will be sad if you don’t go now.” She told him and he looked at her narrowing his eyes.

“When I was going, you were sad. Now, I am not going, then also you are sad. What I do now ?” He asked confusingly leaving her waist.

“That’s why it is said that understanding girls is an impossible task for men.” Sana laughed saying this.

“No, it’s not true because I understand my angel. Your heart doesn’t want me to go but your mind knows that work is also important that’s why you want me to go. Am I right ?” He asked raising his eyebrows and she was smiling at him. This man never left any chance to impress her.

“I love you.” She confessed and hugged him saying him thank you for coming in her life indirectly. He chuckled and hugged her back.

“I love you more.” He kissed her hair and she snuggled in his arms, having a smile on her face.


Muskan had gone out with her grandpa and Mahi was talking to her husband on phone. “When Cabir talked about Sidnaaz’s honeymoon during breakfast, Muskan asked will somebody tell me also that what is honeypoon.” Mahi mimicked Muskan and laughed. Jay also laughed from the other side.

“So, when they are going?” He asked.

“Tomorrow and the destination is a surprise for Sana, that’s why he didn’t tell to anybody.”Mahi came to the balcony while talking to him.

“Mahi, what I am thinking, we should also go on a trip like a honeymoon. We haven’t gone alone for a long time. What do think ?”

“We will think about it, Jay.”


Sana was playing cards with Neyonika and Mahi. They were sitting on the bed holding the cards in their hands. They played two games, in which one game Sana won and the second one, Mahi.

“This time, I will win for sure,” Neyonika said confidently seeing her cards. Mahi and Sana chuckled. Nobody could say seeing her that she was the grandmother of Muskan.

“Let’s see, mom,” Mahi challenged her, picking up one card from the deck of cards.

“I am going to lose for sure,” Sana uttered sadly seeing her cards and Mahi laughed.

After some time, Sana’s phone started ringing. She picked up the phone from beside her.

“It’s Sid call.” She told Neyonika and Mahi.

“Go and answer it,” Neyonika asked her to go. Sana kept her cards and went to the balcony to attend the call.

“Sana, come to the studio fast. Fans have sent lots of gifts for us. It’s my wedding gift segments, so I want you to be with me in this segment.” Sid told her excitedly as soon as she put the phone on her ear.

“Okay, I am coming and message me the address of your studio.”

“Don’t worry about the address. I have sent the car for you. You just come fast.” He was sounding super excited from his voice.

“I am coming.” She turned behind to look that no one was standing behind her and then she said. “I love you.”

“I love you more, Angel,” Sid said lovingly.

“See you.” she cut the call having a smile on her face.


She reached Sid’s studio. His P.A. took her to one room where Sid was sitting on the sofa. The whole room was filled with gifts. She was surprised to see so many gifts. He raised his head and his lips curved into a smile as he saw his Angel. He stood up and strolled toward her.

“I missed you so much, Angel.” He hugged her so tightly like he was meeting after so many days.

They broke the hug. “These are so many gifts.” She said in amazement, looking at the gifts. Sid smiled at her.

“My fans gift me from a needle to iPhone, everything. They send the gifts for Muskan too.” He told her and she made O shape mouth.

“Then let’s start opening them.” She said excitedly. He led her to the sofa and made her sit down. He sat down beside her. They smiled looking at each other.

Then a person came with the camera to shoot the gift segment.

“First, we will open this,” Sana said picking up one box.

“Then this..” He pointed toward a box.

When the cameraman was setting up the camera, Sidnaaz were discussing which box they would open first.

Finally, the shooting started. “This has been sent by Parul.” Sid said while Sana was opening the box. He was also helping her.

“Wow, this is so amazing. Thank you so much, Parul. It’s really nice.“ Sana took out handmade wall hanging of Sid’s photos and few photos were with Sana too. Sid thanked the girl who had gifted this.

“It’s really amazing, Sid, we will hang this in our room,” Sana squealed excitedly, looking at the wall hanging and then she swept her eyes at Sid. He was smiling looking at her.

“I have a room for the gift send by fans.” She made O shape mouth.

“That’s amazing but you never told me about this, Sid.” She kept the gift in the box and took out the letter sent by her only. She gave it to him.

“Thank you, Parul. I will surely read this letter later on. You know, we have limited time now and you can see that there are so many gifts.” While Sid was speaking, Sana was picking up another box.

Like this, they opened so many gifts. Few gifts made them laugh and few gifts surprised them.

“I must say, Sid. Your fans love you a lot. All the gifts are so beautiful and amazing.” Sana praised the gifts while seeing a scrapbook which was so creative.

“Not more than I love you, my angel.” He spoke and kissed her cheek. She blushed looking down and he was smiling looking at her. The cameraman was also smiling.

The gift segment ended well. Fans had gifted him so many things, photo frames, lots of handmade things, shirts, phone, watches, shoes and whatnot.

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