(Part: 20) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part : 20

Talk About Honeymoon

Sana was buttoning Sid’s shirt while he was nuzzling in her neck. She was wearing black full-length Kurti which was backless. Her wet hair is on one side of her shoulder.

“Sid, let me do my work.” She scolded him, pushing him away.

“And you let me do my work.” He grabbed her waist and yanked her toward himself. She gazed at him while he was moving closer to her face.

“Sid, we are getting late for breakfast.” She looked at him pleadingly.

“Okay,” he kissed her cheeks making her smile. He left her waist and she again started buttoning his shirt. He started admiring his beautiful angel who was his wife now.

After doing it, she went toward the dressing table to comb her hair.

He looked at her after tucking the shirt in his jeans. He got lost in his beautiful angel. She was drying her hair standing in front of the mirror. He was loving the way her black silky hair was moving in the hair. He couldn’t stop himself from walking toward her. He stood beside her and her hair started caressing his face. He closed his eyes and got lost in the exquisite scent of her hair.

“Sid,” she called him and brought him back on the earth. She asked him what happened by raising her eyebrows, he shook his head in response.

He went behind her and snaked his one arm around her waist. His touch made her shiver. Both looked at each through mirror intensely.

“You are looking deadly gorgeous, my angel.” He whispered in her ear pulling her toward himself. His warm breath was caressing her skin and his free hand was moving on her bareback. Her breath was becoming heavy.

He started placing soft kisses on her back while his hands squeezed her twins over the fabric. She moaned closing her eyes and clutching the fabric of Kurti. Trailing up kisses all over her back, he reached toward her neck.

“You drive me crazy, Sana. I never get satisfied with you.” He whispered in her ear and both were staring at each other in the mirror. His one hand was wrapped around her waist and the other one was wrapped around her chest. He rested his chin on her shoulder and his stubble rubbed against her cheek.

“I love you.” He confessed and kissed her cheek.

“I love you more, Sid.” she ran her fingers over the dark stubble on his cheeks smiling at him.


“Bhai, what about your honeymoon? When you are going?” While at the time of breakfast, Cabir nudged Sid and asked. He was sitting beside him at the dining table. Everybody looked at him for the answer.

“I have planned everything. We are going tomorrow.” Sid announced to everybody, Sana looked at him surprisingly because he planned everything alone and didn’t even tell her anything.

“Where?” Mukti asked excitedly like she has to go on a honeymoon.

“You planned everything and you didn’t even tell your mom, that’s very bad,” Neyonika spoke disappointedly cleaning her hand with the tissue paper.

“Mom, are you seeing, Sana is snatching your son from you ?” Cabir joked making everybody laugh except Sid, he glared at him in anger.

“I haven’t told to anybody because it’s a surprise for Sana, and I can’t trust you guys in this.” Cabir made O shape mouth. Sidnaaz had an eye look.

“Let’s start guessing. What say Mukti ?” Cabir winked at Mukti.

“The marriage is done in Switzerland so it can’t be Switzerland. Paris, Maldives..” Mukti and Cabir started guessing while Sid was glaring at them.

“Shut up, guys. I am leaving or else, you both gonna spoil my surprise.” Sid yelled and stood up stamping his feet and beating his hand on the table. He stormed into his room while everybody was laughing.

“I have to go to the washroom.” Sana also went behind him giving the excuse, making everybody laugh more.

“Are koe mujhe bhi bataega ki yeh honeypoon kya hota hai? ( will somebody tell me also that what is honeypoon ?)” Muskan shouted making everybody laugh louder by calling honeymoon, honeypoon.

“Musu, it’s not honeypoon, it’s honeymoon.” Mahi corrected her.

Jay wasn’t at the breakfast, he was having a meeting, that’s why he left without eating the breakfast.

“Jo bhi hai, lekin hai kya? (Whatever is it but what is it ?” Muskan asked getting frustrated.

“After marriage, the couple goes on a trip, that’s called honeymoon,” Mahi explained her daughter and she made O shape mouth.

“Iska matlab daddy aur app bhi gye thai? ( which means, you and daddy had also gone ?)” She asked raising her eyebrows and Mahi nodded her head.

“That’s why you came,” Cabir mumbled to himself. Mukti laughed loudly listening to his words.


“Sid, we are going on honeymoon tomorrow and you didn’t even tell me.” She complained like a kid walking into the room.

“Because it’s a surprise.” He walked toward her.

“But you could’ve told me earlier that we have to on honeymoon tomorrow. I have to do so many preparations.”

He held her arms. “What preparations, angel ?” He asked pulling her toward himself.

“Packing, ” she instantly told him.

“And?” He asked coming close to her face.

“Sid, I have to do lots of packing. Don’t waste my time.” She shouted, pushing him away and he chuckled.

“And tell me it would be a cool place or hot? And for how many days, we are going? I will keep the clothes accordingly.” She asked and he smirked making her confused.

“What’s the need of doing packing, angel? You will be in my arms all the time, after all.” He encircled his arms around her waist and said pulling her toward himself. She became red like tomato listening to his words.

“You are very naughty, Sid.” He chuckled.

“I just can’t wait for our honeymoon. I am gonna make it so special for you that it will make you forget everything.” He said like an excited kid and pecked her lips.

“You are already making my every moment special. You know, every moment is special with you. I really love you, Sid.” She looked into his eyes lovingly.

“I love you more, angel.” He kissed her forehead and she smiled contently. He embraced her and she snuggled in his arms.

Any Idea, where they are going for honeymoon.

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