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Sometimes you feel like to do nothing, sometimes you feel like to cry over nothing and think why I’m feeling like this, so my friends, I just want to tell you that it is completely normal to feel like this. Everybody feels like this. When you feel like to cry, just cry your heart a loud, crying doesn’t make you weak, it makes your heart lighter. Whenever you feel like to do nothing, just meditate or talk to your family. When I don’t feel like to do anything, I do household work or watch any interesting movie or series, I learn something new by reading. I really don’t waste my time in thinking why I’m feeling like this because I know feeling sad and depressed is also the part of life, we can’t remain happy every second. Like the weather changes, in the same way, our feeling changes.

If something makes you depressed, just don’t think about it, try to distract your mind, don’t overthink about anything. If something bothers you share with it whosoever you want, just take out what is going in your head, don’t keep inside you.

Those people who feel lonely, I just want to tell them that never feel lonely. I want to share my experience, I used to feel lonely and think that I’m not happy, something is missing in my life but later on, I understood this was just my wrong thinking when we feel sad, everything makes us sad, at that time we just need to distract our mind. Until you’re with yourself, you’re not lonely. You don’t need anybody to keep you happy, just keep this one thing in your mind.

Try to find your peace and happiness inside you, don’t find it in anybody or anything. Love yourself, you’re best and gifted with lots of talent, every human being is gifted with lots of hidden talent. You’re stronger than you know. Just fight back with your fear and keep growing in your life. Don’t afraid of getting fail or falling down, learn from your mistake, just don’t stop, set your motive in your life and work every day to achieve it. You will fail, you will feel sad, it is normal, but don’t stop, no power can stop you from achieving your dream. Just keep growing by learning something new every day. Stay blessed, god is with everybody.

I just want to share this with you all, hope it’ll help you. Just want to tell you, if you need my help and talk to me, don’t hesitate, just message me. Life is so precious, live like the way want, do what you want, don’t think about society and what others would think about you.

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