(Part: 18) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Part : 18 I Hate Rain Because…

“Mumma, mule balish mein nahana hai. (Mumma, I want to get drench in rain.)” Muskan was crying to get drench in rain from a few minutes. She was lying between her Mumma and daddy. Jay had slept and Mahi was handling her stubborn daughter.

“Musu, it is midnight. If you get wet, you can catch cold. Try to understand, baby.” Mahi tried to convince her wiping her tears and setting her messy hair.

“No Mumma, musu ka bhut man hai. Man jao na meli pyali Mumma, please. (I want to do this badly, Mumma. Please, give me persimmon my lovely Mumma.)” Musu requested and tried to convince her Mumma with her cuteness.

“No means no, musu,” Mahi denied strictly and Muskan made an angry pout.

“Daddy, utho, daddy. (Daddy, wake up, daddy.)” she started shaking her father who was sleeping on her another side.

“Musu, don’t wake up daddy. He has to wake up early tomorrow.” Mahi tried to stop her but Muskan was not in a mood to listen to her Mumma.

“What happened princess? Is everything alright?” Jay asked in sleepy tone putting a hand on her face. His eyes were half-opened.

“Daddy, musu ko balish mein nahane hai lekin Mumma hai ki sun hi nhi lhi hai. Kuch kalo na daddy. (Daddy, Musu wants to get drench in rain but Mumma is not listening to me. Daddy, please do something.)” Muskan told her problem to her daddy. Jay looked at Mahi who was looking at him worriedly, he blinked his eyes saying her in a gesture that don’t worry.

“Princess, you want to get drench in rain at this time ?” Jay asked showing her that he was shocked.

“Yes, daddy.” She instantly nodded her head in yes.

“But princess, bad kids take bath at night. Are you bad kid ?” Jay asked raising his eyebrows.

“No, daddy. I am a very good girl.”She nodded her head in no instantly.

“I am not bad, daddy,” she said becoming sad.

“My Princess, I know that you aren’t bad. But do you want to become bad by taking a bath at night. ?” He asked and she instantly nodded her head in no.

“No daddy. I am a good girl. Now I don’t want to get drench in rain.” Jay took his little daughter in his arms having a smile on his face. He kissed her hair. Mahi was smiling seeing how easily his husband had convinced their stubborn daughter. Both looked at each other having a smile on their face. Mahi mouthed “I love you.” He mouthed” I love you more.”


Sidnaaz were lying naked on the bed kissing and cuddling after the make out. The white duvet was covering their bodies. After every second, Sid was kissing her hand, nose, lips, forehead and cheeks. He never got satisfied with loving his beautiful angel.

Sana was enjoying his touch having a broad smile on her face. She was feeling out of the world after spending the night with him. Every moment which she was spending with him, they were special for her. This night had completely made her forget that night due to which she had started hating the rain. Now whenever it rains, she will think about this night, not that night.

“Sid, I want to tell you something.” She suddenly spoke when he was busy kissing her face. He looked at her having smile on his face.

“I know what you want to tell me. Go ahead, I am listening.” He cupped her face and blinked his eyes. She smiled slightly.

“That night, it was raining heavily like this and I had lost my virginity. I had submitted myself to the person whom I had loved so much. It was the best night of my life but when he betrayed me, I started regretting and cursing that night. Whenever it rained, the memories of that night used to haunt me badly. I never thought that the best day of my life would become the worst day of my life.” Sana finally told him the reason why she hated rain. There was still some pain in her eyes and voice. He entwined his hands with her and squeezed them slightly telling her that he is with her.

“I am fine. He doesn’t matter to me anymore, Sid.” She smiled slightly. He smiled back and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response and he kissed her eyelids.

“You know, every girl wants to lose her virginity with the person with whom she wants to spend her whole life. The regret of losing my virginity with him will never go.” she uttered sadly.

“Why I trusted him so much? Why I never came to know that he was betraying me ?”She said pulling her hair. Sid had thought that really Arjun’s memories had stopped affecting her, but her behaviour was telling him something else now.

“Angel, it was your past. It doesn’t matter to me with whom you have lost your virginity and if it doesn’t to matter to me then it shouldn’t matter to you also. It wasn’t your fault, so stop regretting and move on completely.” He tried to make her understand cupping her face.

“You’re right, I should stop regretting. When it wasn’t my fault then why I should regret. And I am sorry for bringing my past at this time.” She apologised and he frowned.

“Angel, why are you saying sorry? You know, I am happy that you share this with me. You can talk to me about anything and at any time. Anything comes in your mind, just say it to me. Never keep the things in your mind. Just take it out.” He explained to her and she just hugged him tightly in response. He hugged her tighter and kissed her hair.

“You awake, Sid ?” She asked after a few minutes. She couldn’t able to sleep, something was bothering her.

“No, angel.” He answered and tried to take her out from his arms to look at her but she hugged him tighter. This made him worried.

“What happened, angel ?” He asked concernedly stroking her back.

“I am feeling sad and I don’t know, why. Everything is good around me, you are with me but still, l am feeling sad.” She uttered sadly and he was constantly caressing her back.

“I think, his memories are still affecting me, Sid. Why he is not leaving my mind?” She came out from his arms and uttered looking at him sadly. Her eyes became moist. She was extremely sad because those bastard memories were still affecting her. She still didn’t get successful from taking him out from her mind.

“It’s completely fine. Don’t stress yourself. You were with him for five years and you can never erase memories of those five years completely. It’s just a matter of time, one day his memories will surely stop affecting you. Trust me,” he explained her, cupping her face. She nodded her head in yes.

“Leave all this and think about our future, think about our babies who will be with us in future.” He tried to distract her mind from her past because he couldn’t see the sadness on her face and tears in her eyes.

“Babies? There is so much time in the arrival of our babies.” Sana instantly spoke. Sid smiled because he became successful in distracting her mind.

“But I want them as soon as possible. You know how much I love kids.” He nuzzling her neck making her chuckled.

“If we have our own kids, then daily they won’t let you kiss me. They will disturb our romance daily. Do you want this ?” She asked raising her eyebrows. He became thoughtful.

“You don’t worry about this, I will manage. I just want kids.” He held waist and changed their position making her shock. He was on top of her now. He was behaving like a small kid who wants toys.

“You are crazy.” She laughed and he smiled seeing her laughing. He loved to see her laughing and smiling, she looked so beautiful.

“Crazy to have babies with you.” He spoke coming close to her face and made her laugh more.

“I love you, Sid.” She suddenly confessed her love encircling her arms around his neck.

“Only you know how to change my mood.” She added. He had changed her mood within a few seconds and she was so happy now.

“I love you more angel.” Saying this, he captured her lips pulling her closer to himself by holding her face. They kissed each other passionately and fell asleep in each other arms.

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