(Part: 13) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


“So here is my Musu.” Mahi walked into Sidnaaz room. They smiled at her.

“Mumma, kya daddy aagye? Mujhe unhai apni dless dekhani hai. (Did daddy come? I want to show my dress to him.)” Muskan asked from Mahi.

“Yes Musu, daddy has come and he wanna meet his little princess,” Mahi spoke and Muskan jumped from Sana’s arms to Mahi excitedly. They all laughed at her.

“Sana, you are looking so gorgeous in this red saree.” Mahi complimented Sana and she smiled at her. Sid again got lost in admiring his wife.

“Thank you, bhabhi.” Mahi glared at Sana for calling her bhabhi.

“I mean Mahi.” Sana immediately corrected herself and both chuckled.

“By the way you are slaying like always in this gown.” Sana also complimented her and she thanked her.

“Mumma chalo.. daddy wait kal lhai honge. (Mumma let’s go, daddy will be waiting.)” Muskan yelled holding her Mumma’s chin. Then Mahi stepped out of the room with Muskan last time looking at Sidnaaz.

As Mahi exited the room, Sid instantly rushed toward the door to lock it. He sighed turning toward Sana after locking the door. He looked at Sana and found her laughing at him.

“What? why are you laughing?” He asked, raising his eyebrows and strolled toward her.

“I am laughing, seeing your desperation for the kiss.” She answered him and chuckled putting a hand on her mouth.

He suddenly yanked her toward himself after wrapping his arm around her waist. Their front body collided with each other. She was taken aback with his sudden move. She looked at him, resting her hand on his chest. Her breath was becoming heavy because of their proximity.

“What to do? I never get enough of your delicious lips, Angel.” He whispered, gazing at her lips while his thumb was brushing her lower lip.

“The more I kiss them, the more I craved for them.” He was moving closer to her lips and still, his eyes were gazing at lips and thumb was rubbing her lower lip. Sana’s heartbeat was accelerating. He was making her crazy.

“Kiss me, Sid.” She whispered near to his lips encircling her arms around his neck. Sid’s eyes moved from her lips to her eyes. He smiled listening to her words. The way she begged from him to kiss her, it turned on him more. She closed her eyes and waited for him to kiss her lips.

Their lips touched each other but they moved away from each other instantly as somebody knocked on the door. Sid gave frustrated looks to Sana. This was the second time, somebody had disturbed them from kissing each other. Sana chuckled looking at him and went to open the door.

“Mam, your father has come and he is calling you downstairs.” As she opened the door, a maid informed her making her smile broadly.

“I am coming.” She replied to her sweetly and the maid left.

“Sid, daddy has come. Let’s go to meet him.” She told him happily turning toward him. Sid nodded his head making a sad pout because now he was not going to get the kiss before the reception party.

“Aww baby, don’t be sad,” Sana said pulling his cheeks.

“I want a kiss, angel.” He said like a small kid is asking for the chocolate or toffee and he is not getting it.

“Sid, stop being so cute and come with me, daddy is waiting for us.” She ordered and turned to walk.

“And what about our kiss, angel ?” He asked and stopped her holding her hand.

“When god wants, we will kiss Sid. Now come with me.” She said turning toward him. He sadly nodded his head leaving her hand. She walked toward the door. He walked behind her and his head was hanging down.


“Daddy, I am so happy to know that you are going to live here with us. I was really so tensed for you before.” Sana hugged her father so tightly as soon as she saw him standing in the hall with Neyoinka and Raj. Sid also reached there and smiled seeing his angel who was so happy. He did all this for her this happiness only. He could do anything for her happiness.

Ram first kissed her forehead and then spoke pointing her eyes toward Sid. “All credit goes to Sid. You should thank him.” Sana looked at him having a smile on her face while he was already smiling at her.

“Thank you, Sid.” She thanked him and then walked toward Raj and Neyonika.

“And thank you, mom and dad, for allowing him to stay with us.” She also thanked them.

Ram could clearly see from her daughter’s face that how much happy she was after getting married. He wished for nothing except his daughter’s happiness. His eyes had been yearning for many years to see the happiness of her daughter and like finally god listened to him.

“Now you are our daughter too and anything for your happiness,” Raj spoke stroking her face and Sana smiled at him.

“We shall leave now. We are already late.” Neyonika said and they all nodded their head. Then she asked one maid to call everybody downstairs.


“Shankar you go. Today, I will drive myself.” Sid’s driver Shankar, he was standing outside of the car and waiting for them only. He said to him walking toward the car with Sana. Shankar left from there nodding his head and Sana was looking at him confusingly.

“I will get my kiss on the way, angel.” He whispered in Sana’s ear and her eyes shot up in a shock. Now she understood why he gave off to the driver.

“You are crazy.” She spoke and shook her head in disbelief. He was grinning now looking at her.

“Shall we go ?” He asked and she nodded her head in yes. He opened the door for her like a gentleman and she sat down into the car and he himself sat down on the driver seat. They were putting the seat belts and Sid was smiling happily because finally, he was going to get the kiss.

But his happiness was only for a few minutes.

They both looked outside from the window of the Sana side when they heard the sound of knocking.

They saw Muskan who was beating the glass with her tiny hands. She was in the arms of her mother. She passed them a cute smile and they smiled back.

“Chachu and Chachi, musu aaj aap dono sath jaegi. (Today Musu will go with you both.)” As Sana rolled down the glass, they heard her voice. Sid’s eyes popped up in a shock. Sana wondered about the condition of her husband who was dying for the kiss.

“Okay, come.” She said while opening the door.

“Muskan, will you please let your chachu and Chachi kiss each other ?” Sid thought, staring at Muskan.

“I am sorry, Sana. She is so stubborn.” Mahi apologised from Sana while making her sit on Sana’s lap.

“It’s okay, Mahi. Don’t be sorry.”Sana spoke and Mahi closed the door smiling at her. Muskan started playing with Sana’s Mangalsutra which she was wearing around her neck.

“Chachu, ab achai achai songs chala do kuki musu ko song suna bhut pasand hai gadhi mein. ( Chachu, now play awesome music because Musu likes a lot to listen to song in the car.)” Muskan said excitedly and Sid smiled at her forcefully before playing the music because from inside his heart was crying. For the first, the cute Muskan was irritating him.

Sana was laughing covering her mouth with her hand on Sid’s condition. Sid glared at Sana before starting the car making her laugh loudly. She was finding him so cute at that moment. He was really behaving like a small kid who is not getting her favourite chocolate.

On the other hand, Jay got the opportunity to have a car ride with his wife without his daughter after a long time. He was going to take the full advantage of this opportunity.

So here is the next. Hope you enjoyed reading this update.

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