(Part: 11) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


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Sid and Sana walked into the press conference, hall holding each other hand. Reporters were sitting on chairs and for Sidnaaz, two chairs were kept on stage. A table was kept in front of their chairs, on which two mikes were kept. They went on the stage and settled down. Sid looked at Sana worriedly, she blinked her eyes. They passed each other a small smile then looked toward the reporters who were sitting holding pen and paper.

“So, what do you want to say about all this Sidharth Shukla? Do you really have an affair with..” one of the reporters asked the question.

“No, it was a publicity stunt done by the producer of my upcoming album. He had done all this without my permission.” Sid restored, cutting the words of reporter and everybody wrote his answer on their paper.

“Mrs Shukla, what do you think about all this ?” Another reporter asked from Sana. He held her hand which was kept on her lap and squeezed it lightly. She took a deep breath before saying something.

“I have full trust in my husband. It was the producer’s mistake. He did this to make the song popular without Sidharth’s permission.” She gave the answer confidently. He was looking at her proudly.

“But he can even lie to you, how can you trust him so much? After all, he is a popular singer.”Sana was sitting calmly, she didn’t lose her temper because she came here making herself ready for these type of questions before only.

“But I know he is loyal to me. He only loves me. He is popular and I am proud of him. I am not at all insecure because I trust him. I know many girls love him and it doesn’t matter to me because I know, he only loves me.” Sid was looking at her, having smile on his face. The girl who was not ready trust to him a few months back and today she trusted him blindly. His happiness was having no bound. He finally won her trust with his love.

Both smiled at each other and their hands were entwined with each other under the table. They were the strength of each other.

“I can’t beg from all the people to trust me. If they want to trust me, they can and if they want to trust that fake news, they can. It doesn’t matter to me. My wife,” He looked at Sana, she was smiling at him. Then he looked back toward the camera.

“My family trusts me, that’s enough for me.” All the reporters started clapping on Sid’s words. Sidnaaz looked at each other, having a smile on their faces.

“Now I hope that you guys have got answers to all the questions.” Sid stood up from the chair after saying this. She also stood up after him. They started leaving.

“He married the middle class girl for handling this type of situations only. Why won’t she support her husband? After all, she is getting money from her husband. She is just a gold digger and she is keeping her mouth shut for the money.” Sidnaaz overheard the conversation of two people when they were walking out of the hall. Sid started boiling in anger after listening to his words because he was talking so cheap about his angel and even he called her gold digger.

“How dare you?” He roared, holding the collars of that person.

“Nobody has the right to talk about my wife like this. She didn’t marry me for my money, she married to me because she loves me. You have no right to judge her by her status. It doesn’t matter, she is from the middle class and having less money? She is rich from her heart and loves me, only these things matter to me. Do you get that?” Sid was shouting on him angrily and now that person was looking down in shame.

“Answer me, do you get that ?” He asked again and this time more loudly when that person didn’t respond. He nodded his head looking at him. He got scared of seeing Sid’s anger.

“Now apologise to my wife” Sid took him in front of Shehnaaz holding his collar.

“Sid, leave it. It’s okay, ” she spoke putting a hand on his shoulder and gently pressed it.

“No, it’s not okay, Angel. He has to apologise from you.” He spoke cutting her words. Then glared at that person angrily. His eyes were spitting fire.

“I am sorry, Mrs Shehnaaz Shukla.” He apologised joining his both hands in front of Sana. She just nodded her head.

“Shall we go now ?” She asked from Sid and he nodded his head at her after leaving his collar. He stormed out of the hall holding her hand last time glaring at that person.


They were going back home from the car. The driver was driving the car and they were sitting at the car back seat. Sid was still sitting in anger and Sana was trying to calm him down. She was sitting holding his biceps.

“It’s okay, Sid. It doesn’t matter to me what people think about me.” She spoke, rubbing his biceps to calm him down.

“Does he know you ?” He asked looking at her and she shook her head in response.

“Then how could he call you a gold digger? Nobody has the right to judge you. I can’t tolerate this. I can’t listen to any word against you, angel.” He spoke cupping her face and it was clearly visible in his eyes that how much he loved her.

“Okay leave all this. I want to tell you something.”Her eyes glinted with excitement.

“What?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“I want to tell you that I love you so much.” She grinned after saying this making him smile broadly.

“I love you more, Angel.” He said and stroked her hair with his both hands lovingly.

“But I know you said this because you want to change the topic. Am I right ?” He asked raising his eyebrows. She closed her eyes and bit her tongue because he caught her. He chuckled and she smiled at him opening her eyes.

“You were sitting sadly. I just wanted to change your mood because I can’t see you sad.” She told him everything like an innocent kid and he smiled at her.

“I really love you, Angel and I am blessed to have you in my life. I have no fear until you are with you.” He whispered while shielding her in his strong arms from the whole world. She snuggled in his arms having a smile on her face. She kissed his heart and enjoyed her favourite music which was his heartbeat.


Sidnaaz reached home and found Raj and Neyonika were waiting for them in the hall. They got up from Sofa as they saw Sidnaaz.

“We are so impressed, Shehnaaz. You answered the questions of the reporter so confidently. You always make me feel proud of my choice.” Raj praised Sana while patting her hair. Neyonika stroke her face while smiling at her.

“Thank you, dad.” She thanked him sweetly.

“Now you both go and take some rest. Then get ready for the reception.” Neyonika said and they walked from there nodding their head.

“I am so happy for Sidharth that he got the girl like Shehnaaz. She will always keep my son happy.” Neyonika said to Raj, having a smile on her face.

“I understood at first sight only that this girl has made for my son,” Raj said looking at Sidnaaz when they were going upstairs. They both saw them until Sidnaaz walked inside their room.

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