(Part: 8) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Shukla family were having breakfast at the dining table with lots of chit chat. Sidnaaz were passing each other smiles and holding each other hands under the table. Like always Muskan was blabbering nonstop and making everybody laugh loudly. Sana was so happy to become the part of so lovable family and Sid was happiest seeing his angel happy. He had never thought that he would ever get a girl like Sana who would love his family instead of their bank balance.

“Bhabhi, did you like sleeping in the arms of Mukti yesterday thinking that you were sleeping in the arms of Bhai ?” Cabir uttered, catching everybody’s attention. Sana widened her eyes after listening to his words while Mukti was glaring at Cabir, she had asked him to keep his mouth shut last night. Everybody was looking at him confusingly including Sid.

“Last night Bhabhi hugged Mukti and said, Sid, how did you become so skinny ?” Everybody burst into laugher and Sid was also laughing looking at Sana. She was feeling embarrassed and playing with her fingers. Her eye was looking down.

“Why didn’t you tell me before ?” He asked after coming close to her ear. She looked at him through her eyelashes and he raised his eyebrows. She made a cute pout and he chuckled.

“Cabir stop teasing Sana every time.” Neyonika scolded Cabir while twisting his ear. Now everybody was laughing looking at them.

“Mom, Ahaa… it’s hurting.” Cabir cried in pain.

“Dadi, vely good. Cabil Chachu ne kal musu ko chocolate ni di thi. Aap chachu ko punish kalo.( Dadi, very good. Yesterday Cabir Chachu didn’t give me chocolate, he deserves punishment.)” Everybody laughed loudly on Muskan’s words including Sana. She was sitting on the chair in between her parents.


“Sid, where do you taking me?” Sid was taking Sana somewhere by covering her eyes with his palms.

“It’s a surprise angel. I can’t tell you.” She made a cute pout and said okay. He just smiled.

They reached in front of a room and he said before removing his hands. “I am removing my hands, but keep your eyes close.”

“Do it fast, I just can’t wait anymore.” She squealed in excitement, getting desperate and he chuckled removing his hands. Then he opened the door and took her into the room, holding her hand.

“Now you can open your eyes, my love.” He stood beside her and whispered in her ear after turning on the light. She slowly opened her eyes and blinked it two times to adjust in light. Her eyes shot up in a shock seeing the room. Sid was just smiling looking at her.

She was feeling like she was standing in her room. From the wall colour to the colour of bed, everything was exactly the same as her room. From small to big everything was the same. She looked at Sid in amazement.

“When did you do this ?” She asked in a disbelief tone. This surprise was really unexpectedly for her.

“When you said yes to marry me.”

“I don’t want you to feel lonely here, I don’t want you to miss anything and become sad. I really don’t like sadness on your face. I can do anything to bring a smile on your beautiful face angel. Your happiness is the only motive of my life.” He cupped her face and said through the core of his heart. Sana was just looking at him incredulously.

“Until you are with me, I can never feel lonely.” She spoke putting her hand on his hand which was on her face. Both passed each other a smile.

“Every time you do something unexpected. You are spoiling me with your love, Mr Sidharth Shukla” Both chuckled.

“But Sid, I want that our room should be a fusion of our choice.” Sid saw the glint of excitement in her eyes when she was telling him what she wanted.

“Great Idea but we are going to live in this room until our room is fully constructed, Okay?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“Okay, Mr Shukla. But seriously, I am still surprised to see this room. This room is exactly the same as my room.” She walked toward the bed and spoke looking around the room. He walked toward her and stood behind her. He pulled her closer to himself after wrapping his one hand around her waist from behind. Her heartbeat quickened and she started breathing heavily. His front was touching her back and burning her body. His erection was touching her and turning her on.

“Hold your breath and get ready for the second surprise my wife.” He whispered in her ear and bit her earlobe. She closed her eyes in response.

“But before that, I want this.” He turned her face toward himself with his free hand in a swift motion, both looked into each other eyes and he captured her lips. She turned toward him while kissing him and encircled her arms around his neck. He wrapped his both hands around her waist and pulled her closer to himself. After a minute, they passed each other smile breaking the kiss only for a few seconds. They again started kissing each other lips passionately. His tongue was exploring every corner of her mouth and his hands were moving shamelessly all over her body. She was completely lost in that magical kiss. Like always, he took her in heaven with his touch.


“Mumma, mujhe mela bunty chayie. ( Mumma I want my Bunty.)” Muskan was sitting on floor and crying for her soft toy from half an hour which she had left in the hotel.

“Musu, we will buy a new one. Stop crying please.” Mahi was sitting in front of her and wiping her tears. She was trying to make her understand but she wasn’t listening to her.

“Mumma, new wala.. mela bunty thodhi na hoga. Nhi.. mujhe sirf bunty chayie. (Mumma, a new one will be not my bunty. No, I only want my bunty.)” she said stubbornly and turned her face to another side. Mahi was looking at her worriedly. She thought to call Jay because only a stubborn father can make his stubborn daughter understand.

“Musu, Mumma is going to eat chocolate Ice cream,” Mahi spoke while getting up from the floor. Muskan instantly looked at Mahi and her mouth became watery after listening to the name of her favourite Ice Cream.

“Don’t you want to eat ?” She asked raising her eyebrows while Muskan licked her lower lip thinking about the Ice Cream. Mahi smiled seeing her daughter’s cute antics. She couldn’t see her musu sad.

“But Mumma, chocolate ice cream to bunty ki falvate thi. (But Mumma, Chocolate was Bunty’s favourite too.)” she spoke sadly and made her mother also upset.

“Jab tak Bunty nhi aajata mein chocolate Ice Cream nhi kaungi. (Until Bunty won’t come, I will not eat chocolate Ice Cream.)” Muskan ran outside and Mahi went behind her while calling her.


Sid led her to another room which was simple, not so classy. Sana looked at the room and then toward him confusingly. She was not understanding that why he took her in this room.

“Look there.” He said pointing his finger toward a photo frame which was kept beside the bed on the table. Sana looked there and saw the photo of her with her father. But she was still confused.

“This is Ram’s uncle room. I mean.. dad’s room. He is going to live with us.” Sid told her and her eyes shot up in a shock.

“What? Really? You are kidding, right ?” She couldn’t able to believe that her father was going to live with her only. This was her biggest tension that how would her dad manage everything alone.

“This is true. I am not kidding, Angel. He will be shifted here in the evening.” Sid spoke holding her arms and looking into her eyes.

“But how did you make him agree for this ?” She asked shockingly because making him agree to leave his own house was impossible.

“I am Sidharth Shukla, I can do anything,” Sid said in full attitude making her smile.

“Do you remember, when I was talking on the phone and you heard me say that I am marrying Shehnaaz because I love you. You misunderstood everything and then I told you it was your father. That time I was making him agree to live with us. It was really difficult to make your father agree about this.” He huffed wiping the fake sweat from his forehead.

Sana was just smiling broadly, having happy tears in her eyes. She was so happy. He took away the biggest tension of her life like magic. She was falling in love with him more and more with time.

“Angel, now why are you crying ?” He asked wiping her tears of happiness with his thumbs. She just hugged him tightly burying her face in his chest. Sid instantly hugged him back wrapping his hands around her.

“I love you so much, Sid. Every time, you make me fall in love with you more. You are doing so much for me. Thank you so much.” She thanked him, hugging him tighter.

“You know, this was my biggest tension that who would take care of daddy after my marriage. I am so happy, Sid. Thank you so much. Like always you did your magic and took away my all tension. You are the best.” She spoke cheerfully after breaking the hug and kissed his cheeks happily after standing on her toes. He did all this for her happiness and now he was so happy to see her eyes which were shining with happiness.

“Thank me properly at night.” He said pulling her toward himself grabbing her arms. She blushed looking down because she understood what he wanted from her. He was smirking at her.

“Mr Naughty Sidharth Shukla.” She spoke and both chuckled.

“And I love my naughty hubby.” She spoke encircling her arms around his neck.

“And I love my angel more when she blushes.” He leaned down and whispered near to her lips. Their lips were just about to meet but they pulled apart listening to the ringtone of his phone.

“Damn, this phone.” Sid cursed the phone taking it out from his pocket and she chuckled.

“I will thank you properly at night Mr. naughty Shukla. Bye…” She strolled out of the room winking at him. He smiled, looking at her. He put the phone on his ear and his expression got changed.

“The press conference is after two hours, Sir.” His P.A. told her from another side and he cut the phone saying okay. The press conference was kept to clear the mess which had been created by the producer.

“Should I tell you about this to Sana ?”Sid was confused that he should tell Sana or not. His weakness was her sadness and he knew when she would come to know about all this , she would become upset.

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