(Part: 6) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Sid stepped into the mansion from the backdoor. His angel was sleeping peacefully in his arms, resting her head on his chest and her arms were encircled around his neck. Sid found everybody sitting in the hall waiting for him. Sid looked at them and directly went upstairs to make Sana sleep in his room.

He laid her down on the bed and covered her with the comforter properly after turning on the AC. He leaned down and kissed her forehead stroking her hair. She smiled in sleep when his lips came in contact with her skin. He too smiled, seeing the beautiful smile on his angel’s face. She took away all his stress and anger with her beautiful smile. He was relieved after seeing her smile. Her smile did magic on him.

“I promise you, angel, that I will make everything fine till tomorrow. I won’t let you face all this negativity because I can’t see you upset anymore.” He took her hand in his hands and his eyes were fixed at her face.

“Good night and sleep well. I will be back in a few hours after making everything fine.” He whispered and kissed her knuckles softly. Last time looking at his angel, he left the room after closing the door without making any noise.


Everybody was sitting in the hall except Mahi and Muskan. Mahi was making Muskan sleep in her room. Sid was telling his family about the public stunt done by the producer to make the song hit. They all were shocked knowing this.

“And now I am going to teach him a lesson. Even after my so many warnings, he still did all this.” Sid stood up and his eyes were filled with anger.

“Sid, your anger can spoil things more. You need to calm down first. I will handle the producer, you just focus on how to handle this mess and close the mouth of people.” Raj got up and said putting his hand on Sid’s shoulder.

“No, Dad, don’t stop me this time. I have a plan, I will handle everything. That bloody producer deserves the punishment of spreading this fake news. Have you read the comments? People are insulting my angel and I can’t tolerate this.” His family were seeing Sid’s anger for the first time. He remained calm in every situation but now he was losing his all calmness because his angel was being insulted without having any fault because of that fake news. He would only get relief after punishing the person because of whom she was being insulted.

He became sad, seeing tears in her mother’s eyes. She was looking at him worriedly. He walked toward her and knelt down in front of her.

“Mom, Why are you crying? Don’t you trust your son?” Sid asked holding her hands which were kept on her lap. Neyonika instantly nodded her head because she had complete trust in her son.

“Then stop crying. I am just going to make everything fine. I need everybody to support this.” Sid spoke wiping her mother’s tears.

“You have my full support, Sid, but please take care of yourself.” She placed a hand on his face, her voice was filled with concern. He blinked his eyes assuring her that he would take care of himself, and he gave her a small smile in response. Neyonika caressed his hair and kissed his forehead while blessing him with lots of happiness.

“I don’t want that Sana should come to know about all this. So please, take care of it.” Sid said this to everybody before leaving the mansion.

“We are also coming with you, Sid,” Jay spoke walking behind Sid with Cabir. Sid nodded his head at them and then they all left the mansion last time looking at Neyonika, Raj and Mukti who were sitting in the hall looking at them worriedly.

“Sid and Sana, they have just got married and all this happened. Why Raj ?” Neyonika asked looking at Raj with her moist eyes.

“Neyoinka, everything will be fine. Stop worrying so much.” Raj spoke putting his hand on her face.

“Mom, Bhai will make everything fine, you don’t worry,” Mukti placed her hand on her mom’s shoulder. Neyonika gave them a faint smile and prayed to god to make everything fine. Raj asked Mukti to go and sleep with Sana. Mukti left, nodding her head.


Mahi was reading a romantic novel to pass her time. Muskan was sleeping hugging her tightly. Her phone beeped up. She kept the book beside her and immediately picked up the phone which was kept on the side table. She got a message from Jay in which he told her everything.

“Take care of Sid. He must be very angry and he can do anything. But you don’t forget that the most important thing is to handle the mess first, it is not to teach the lesson to the producer.” Mahi replied him back getting worried.

“Does Sana know about all this ?” She sent another message.

“Don’t worry. We will handle everything.”

“Sid doesn’t want that Sana should come to know about all this.” she received his two messages. Jay was texting to Mahi on the way to producer house. Cabir was driving the car, Sid was sitting beside him at the front and he was sitting at the backseat.

“But It’s wrong, Sana should know about this,” Mahi replied him back.

“We have reached, I will talk to you later,” Jay spoke as the car stopped in front of the bungalow.

“Take care.” Mahi sent him the last message.


“Sidharth..”Sana hugged Mukti in a half-sleep thinking her as Sid. Mukti was still awake, she was using her phone. She smiled seeing her.

“Sidharth, how did you become so skinny ?” She said in a sleepy tone not knowing that she was sleeping with Mukti, not with Sid. Mukti burst into laughter listening to her words.

Sana immediately sat up. She was looking at Mukti widening her eyes shockingly.

“Mu, Mukti, What are you doing here? Where is Sidharth?” She asked shockingly while Mukti sat up still laughing. Sana felt embarrassed and looked down.

“Bhabhi, he went out for some work. He will be back in an hour.” Mukti answered her question putting a hand on her shoulder.

“What work at 2 am?” She asked confusingly and worriedly looking at Mukti.

“Wait, I am calling Bhai. I know you will feel better after talking to him.” Mukti said and Sana nodded her head slightly. She didn’t know why she was feeling that something was wrong.

“He is not picking up the call,” Mukti said to Sana after calling his number for two times. Sana became more worried.

“Bhabhi, relax, he must be busy,” Mukti said putting a hand on her shoulder. Sana gave her a faint smile but inside, she was getting restless and she would only get relief after talking to Sid.


The Producer, Abhishek Singh was sitting in front of Shukla’s brother on sofa. He was typing an apology note in his phone that he is sorry for spreading this fake news just for a publicity stunt and he is very sorry because of this Sid and his wife got insulted without any fault. Whatever Sid was saying, he was typing. They all were killing Abhishek with their glares only. His hands were shivering while typing. Then they asked him to post it on his Instagram account.

“Don’t worry, we all won’t harm you physically. Your punishment is only that I won’t sing for you anymore and the album for which you have invested all the money and also did this cheap thing to make it popular, that album will never be launched.” Sid uttered in attitude getting up. Cabir and Jay also stood up, staring him angrily and having a smirk on their face. Abhishek’s face went pale listening to Sid’s words.

“Mr Shukla, I did whatever you asked me to do. Please, now let this album get launched.” He begged in front of Sid.

“You have to think all this before spreading this fake news. Do you have any idea that how much my wife has been insulted because of all this? I am feeling like to kill you at this moment.” Sid roared pulling him toward himself after grabbing collars of his shirt making him shiver with the fear. His eyes were spitting fire.

“Bhai, you don’t have to waste your time and energy on the people like him,” Cabir spoke putting hand on Sid’s shoulder.

“Cabir is right. Sid leave him.” Jay spoke putting his hand on his another shoulder. Sid left his collars giving him disgusting looks and composed himself taking a deep breath.

“Let’s go.” He spoke turning toward them. Cabir and Jay nodded their head and they walked out last time glaring at that bastard producer.


Jay walked inside his room and smiled seeing the view in front of his eyes which took his breath away from him. Love of his life and his princess was sleeping peacefully together. Muskan was sleeping on one side hugging her Mumma. Her one arm was kept on her chest and leg on her waist. Mahi was sleeping holding the book in her hand and Jay chuckled seeing this. It was her habit to sleep while reading a novel when he wasn’t with her. He walked toward them and first he gently kissed Mahi’s forehead and then his princess’s forehead. He kept the book on the side table after taking it from her hand.

“Jay, you came back. How is Sid? Is everything alright now ?” Mahi asked in sleep holding his hand sensing his presence in sleep also. Jay smiled first and then shook his head in disbelief because she was taking tension of everything and everybody in sleep also, but he always got happy to see that the way he took care of his family and him. She never made him feel like his family was not her.

“Mahi, sleep. We will talk about this tomorrow.” He whispered caressing her forehead leaning down and his other hand held her hand. He kissed her knuckles, looking at her face. Mahi calmed down in his sleep. Jay smiled looking at her and kept caressing her forehead. He could spend his whole life staring at her like this. He murmured good night kissing her forehead for the last and went to change his clothes after tucking them in the blanket properly.

He came back and lay on the other side of Muskan. He turned to his one side and hugged both of his lifelines together wrapping his hands around them and he fell asleep admiring two most beautiful faces of his life.

On the other side, Sid strolled into his room opening the door and found Sana and Mukti talking to each other. As Sana eyes fell on him, she jumped out of bed and rushed toward him. She hugged him tightly wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face in the chest. He hugged her back in response and looked at Mukti who was looking at him worriedly. Sid blinked his eyes and Mukti sighed. She left the room last time smiling at Sidnaaz. He closed his eyes and got lost in the arms of his angel. She was snuggling in his arms and he was kissing her hair. She took away all his stress and anger with her just one hug. He forgot everything after coming into arms of his angel which were like heaven for him and for Sana, it was the place where she felt safest.

“Where you went leaving me at late night?” She asked from him raising her eyebrows after breaking the hug.

“I am really sorry, angel. It was an urgent and important work.” He apologised cupping her face.

“You could have gone after informing me, right ?” She asked and made a sad pout. Sid couldn’t stop himself from smiling because she was looking so adorable. He pecked her pout making her smile too.

“I didn’t want to disturb the peaceful sleep of my beautiful angel,” Sid pulled her toward himself holding her waist. Her heartbeat accelerated and her breath became heavy because of his touch and proximity. She was gazing in his eyes intensely, putting her both hands on his chest. He started coming closer to her lips, lessening the space which was in between them and she closed her eyes in response clutching his shirt. Their proximity was driving her crazy. She left like she was craving from ages to feel his lips on her lips.

He sucked her upper lip softly pressing her waist, she sucked his lower lips in response. They were kissing each other softly, pouring all the love. Their front bodies were pressing against each other and burning them with the desire. She felt like he was directly kissing her soul. She was getting her breath back with the kiss. Both looked into each other eyes without breaking the kiss and smiled through their eyes. She deepened the kiss pulling him closer to herself by cupping his face and ground her crotch against his, burning his body with desire. His hands were shamelessly rubbing every part of her back. They got breathless but then too they weren’t leaving each other lips. They wanted to explore each other mouth more and more. They wanted to taste every corner of each other mouth. The more they kissed, the more they craved.

“Your lips are becoming my addiction, I love you so much.” He pecked her lips and confessed after breaking the kiss when Sana was trying to catch her breath back after their intense kiss. Her hands were still encircled around his neck. She smiled in response looking at him.

“I love you more.” She also confessed resting her head on his chest and wrapping her hands around him. He embraced her in his arms, having a content smile on his face and kissed her hair. She snuggled in his arms, having a blissful smile on her face.

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