(Part: 5) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


The Shukla family was going back home from Switzerland to Mumbai from their private jet after the grand wedding of Sidharth Shukla, the rockstar. The newly wedded couple were sitting in one blanket. Sana was sleeping resting her head on his shoulder and her hand was entwined with him in the blanket. Sidharth was doing his favourite work which was gazing at his beautiful angel. She looked more beautiful and innocent to him while sleeping. His free hand was caressing her soft hair and sometimes her chubby cheeks. He felt so blessed to have a girl like Sana. She was such a pure soul.

Everybody was sleeping because it was night time but one couple was still awaked. Jay was constantly saying sorry to Mahi for ignoring her. He told her that he just did for fun and she took it seriously. Their daughter was sitting behind them with Mukti. She was playing the game in Mukti’s mobile while Mukti was sleeping.

“Kiss me right now.” Jay widened his eyes in shock listening to this. He was shocked because Mahi had never asked him to kiss her in front of the whole family.

“Are you sure that you want this only ?”Jay asked to confirm looking at her unbelievably.

“I am damn sure..” She said pulling him toward herself holding his shirt’s collar. Jay was looking in her eyes shockingly. He had no problem to kiss her but he was shocked seeing her.

“I can kiss you anywhere and anytime jaan.” He said huskily coming close to her lips and taking her breath away from her. His hand cupped her face, he sucked her upper lip softly and she sucked his lower lip in response closing her eyes. He kissed her lips softly and gently pouring him all love.

“Mumma daddy, musu ko bhi kissi chayie. ( Mumma Daddy, Musu also want a kiss.)”They pulled apart immediately listening to their daughter’s voice. They looked at Muskan and found her standing beside their seat holding the phone in her hand. It wasn’t the first time their daughter was catching them while kissing but every time when she caught them, they felt so embarrassed.

“Of course why not princess,” Jay spoke making her seat on his lap while Mahi stroked her cheeks.

“So kiss me.” She spoke excitedly clapping her hands. They looked at each other and then one by one, they pecked her lips.

“Here too.,” she said touching tip of her index finger on cheek asking them to kiss her cheeks. They smiled and together kissed her cheeks making her giggled.

“Musu love you a lot, Mumma daddy.” She spoke happily putting her tiny hands on their face.

“We love our musu more.” Jay and Mahi said in union embracing their daughter in their arms together.


Sana woke up, having a bright smile on her face. She raised her eyes to look at him while her head was still on his shoulder. She found him already staring at her lovingly and seeing this her smile grew bigger. For few minutes they got lost in each other eyes and then Sid whispered tucking her hair behind her ear” You look more beautiful while sleeping. You are really an angel.”

She smiled broadly listening to his compliment moving her eyes down. His compliments made her feel special and beautiful. Not even for a single second, he made her feel like she was less beautiful than any other girl. He always made feel like she is the most beautiful girl in this entire world for him.

“I want to say something, Sid.” She spoke cupping his face after raising her her head from his shoulder. He raised his eyebrows asking her in gesture ‘What’.

“Thank you for the last night. Thank you for removing Arjun’s touch completely from my body. He had made me dirty with his touch and you cleaned me last night with your touch. It feels so good to become clean again. Love you a lot Sidharth. Love you for everything.” She spoke each and every word looking deeply into his eyes. Sid just embraced her in his arms and kissed her head for a few times.

“You know, Sidharth. Arjun and me, we became best friends before coming into the relationship. He was always there with me. He never made me feel like his love was fake. You know, Sidharth why it was so difficult for me to move on from him because I couldn’t believe that he betrayed me.”Sid was happy seeing that how causally she was talking about Arjun with him. He was happy to see that Arjun finally stopped affecting her. He finally succeeded in making her move on from him.

“When he left me, I felt like nothing is left with me because he was connected to my every dream. That’s why I even stopped dreaming from that day. I was not understanding, for what I should live. Nothing was making me happy because I had made him my happinesses. Then seeing dad, I realised that I am doing wrong with him. Then I started pretending to live happily because of him but the pain was not getting less, it was increasing with time. I was dying from inside every day, but then you came in my life and changed everything. It was really unexpected for me to fell in love with you but you made it possible. Your love has made me fall in love with you. Now I completely yours, Sidharth. I am now Sidharth’s Shehnaaz whose mind is filled with positivity.” She confessed happily looking at him after breaking the hug. She was genuinely happy. Sid was also smiling looking at her. He could clearly see happiness in her eyes.

His happiness was also having no bound seeing her so positive and carefree. The happiest thing was that Arjun was not affecting her anymore. She completely forgot her past. He was having a victory smile on his face.

“By the way, you didn’t tell me yet that why you hate rain.” He asked her suddenly and her expression got changed.

“It’s okay, angel If you don’t want to tell me now. I really don’t want to spoil your mood.” He spoke cupping her face and she gave him a smile in response looking at him.

“I am fine, Sidharth. Anything related to Arjun, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. It just that the rain thing can make you upset so I think it is better to never discuss it.” Sana said making Sid frowned.

“Shehnaaz, Now I really want to know why you hate rain right now. By the way, your past doesn’t matter to me too. He was your past and now I am your future and present.” Sid spoke like a stubborn kid and this made Sana smile.

“Sometimes you really behave like a small kid, Sidharth.” She chuckled pulling his cheeks and he frowned again.

“Angel, don’t try to change the topic.” He warned her showing his finger to her. She chuckled again.

“Okay, my angry baby calm down.” She said putting her hand on his shoulder. He made a cute pout.

“Look Sidharth this is not the right place to discuss that. Some other day I will tell you, promise.” She tried to make him understand.

“Pinky promise?” He asked her to do pinky promise showing his smallest finger to her.

“Pinky Promise.” She chuckled crossing her smallest finger with his smallest finger.

“I love you, Sidharth so much.” She whispered kissing his cheeks and hugged him.

“I love you more, angel and will always love you.” He also confessed and kissed her hair and hugging her back. She snuggled in his arms, having a smile on her face.


After eleven hours, they reached Mumbai at midnight. Now they were going back home through their respective cars. Sidnaaz were sitting at the car backseat and their hands were entwined with each other.

“Sidharth, I want to eat Ice Cream.” Sana said suddenly making Sid looked at her shockingly.

“Why are you giving me these types of looks” She asked raising her eyebrows.

“Late night cravings to eat Ice cream. Did you get pregnant in just one day? Even I used the condom.” Sana frowned listening to his bad joke.

“Sidharth, who told you that late-night cravings to eat something, it happens only in pregnancy?” She asked angrily raising her eyebrows. Sid chuckled seeing her anger and she made a cute angry pout.

“Oh baby, I was just kidding.” He said pulling her cheeks. She made faces.

“You call me baby. Now you just look at yourself, you are making so cute expressions like a small baby. You are so adorable, my angel.” Sid said pecking her lips and she widened her eyes in a shock because he pecked her lips in front of the driver. Sid was laughing holding his stomach seeing her expressions.

“Sidharth, you are very naughty and very bad.” She started hitting his chest and biceps with her tiny hand when Sid was laughing. He tried to stop her but she was not stopping.

“And I am all yours.” He said huskily coming close to her holding her both hands. Sana’s breath became heavy and her heart started racing because of their proximity. He came close to her lips and she closed her eyes in response forgetting about the driver also this time. He passed away, blowing air on her lips, and kiss her cheeks. She opened her eyes and looked at him disappointedly. Sid gestured toward the driver telling her that he didn’t kiss her lips because of him. They both chuckled.

“Raju, stop the car at some restaurant. See If any restaurant is open at this hours. Your Madam wants to eat Ice Cream.” Sid instructed the driver after seeing the time on his phone. It was 12:30 am.

“Sidharth, I know.. one Ice cream shop. In college days Arjun and me, we both used to visit here late at night to eat Ice Cream.” Sid was so happy and impressed to see how casually she was talking about Arjun from the morning like he had never affected her.

“What ?” She asked raising her eyebrows because he was smiling like a fool looking at her. He just shook his head in response and mouthed I love you. Then he took her in his protective arms after kissing her forehead.


After eating the Ice Cream. Sana fell asleep in Sid’s arms and Sid was like always, he was at staring her, kissing her hair and his hands were stroking her face and hair. Sana moved in sleep when Sid’s phone rang up which was kept on side. Sid immediately answered the call because he didn’t to disturb her sleep.

“Sid, where you both are? We all are reached home except you two. Your mom is worried about you.” As he put the phone on his ear, his dad asked concernedly.

“Dad, we are just reaching. Actually, we stopped to eat Ice Cream.” He answered back in a low voice because he didn’t want to disturb her sleep.

“Sid, come from the back gate. Media is at the front gate. This media and all..” His father was sounding frustrated because of the media. Sid frowned knowing this and he immediately understood what they were doing there late night. It because of that fake news.

“Dad, the matter is serious. I will explain as soon as I reach back home, but Dad please don’t talk about this in front of Shehnaaz. I don’t want to make her worried.” Sid requested looking at Sana concernedly and kissed Sana’s forehead promising that he would always protect her from this cruel world.

“You both just reach home safely and I know what is Media doing here. Sidharth, you just don’t worry we will handle it.” Sid felt a little relieved listening to his father’s word. He felt so lucky to have so supportive and caring family.

“I know that, and I love you,” Sid spoke having a smile on his face. His father responded him saying “I love you more, my son.” Then they hang up the call.

Sid frowned, reading the messages which he was receiving. The news had gone viral on the internet. Many of his fans were supporting him after this news also and he was happy to see this but few people were saying so bad about him and Sana. He was feeling like to kill that producer. Because of him, the people who were jealous of Sana, they got a chance to talk so bad about his angel. More than him, Sana was getting insulted and Sid couldn’t bear this.

“I won’t let you come across this news at any cost. I will do anything but didn’t let you read this shit. You have just moved on forgetting the past and I have to keep you away from negativity. I have to sort out this matter as soon as possible. I will not let a single tear to fall down from your eyes, it’s my promise.” Sid said hugging Sana tightly like he wanted to keep her safe forever in his arms. He was kissing her hair after every second. He could never see his angel in pain. His heart broke when he saw tears in her eyes. Her tears were his weakness. He always want to see his angel’s beautiful smile.

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