(Part: 4) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage


Sid was reading fans messages on his phone sitting on the sofa when Sana was busy in making the painting. Sid got a notification of a new message. He opened it and his eyes shot up when he read fake news of him. ‘The Rockstar Sidharth Shukla was in a relationship with Supriya Singh but married to somebody else.’ Supriya was Sid’s costar in an album which was soon going to be realised. He gritted his teeth in fury. He immediately understood that this publicity stunt had been done by the producer. He was boiling in anger now. He directly called the producer and stormed to the balcony in anger putting the phone on his ear. Sana didn’t notice him because she was lost in her work. 

“How dare you spread the fake news about me.” Sid roared as the producer picked the call from the other side. His eyes were spitting fire.

“Sidharth, relax, we did it for our benefit only. Our song will break all the records because of this news.” He felt like to beat that producer at that moment. He had full trust in his voice, he knew without these shitty stunts also, his songs would be a big hit.

“You are asking me to relax. I have just married yesterday and you are spreading this news just to make the song popular. I had already told you the album would be a big hit without this but still, you did all this. Do you have any idea, what will be my wife condition when she read this new ?” Sid was yelling on producer angrily. At that moment he was worried about Sana the most. He didn’t want that Sana should come across this news because she is happy after a long time. This news would surely hurt her and it could create misunderstanding. 

“Just ask them to delete this news right now. If this news spread, then I won’t let this song to be get realised even. After this, forget about all the other albums which I was going to do with you.” he clenched his fist to control his anger and spoke those words in a stern tone like he was giving him any warning. His eyes were spitting fire. Before he got any reply from the other side, he just cut the call in anger and stood holding the railing firmly.

Next moment he felt a pair of arms around him from behind. He closed his eyes in response and felt so relieved. His lips curved up into a blissful smile. In fact, he forgot that he was so angry a few seconds ago. His angel’s arms worked like magic. It took away all his anger within a second. A content smile spread all over his face. 

She was standing behind him resting her head on his back and holding him tightly from behind. He held her hand and kissed her knuckles. She smiled in response when she felt the touch of his lips on her skin. 

“What happened to my baby?”Sana asked, removing her hands. He widened his eyes in surprise when she called him baby. He instantly turned around and found her smiling at him. She raised her eyebrows. 

“What did you just say, baby ?” Sid asked to confirm and she smiled broadly in response seeing his reaction. 

“Yes, I called you baby because you are so cute like a small baby. Look at this moment also you are looking super cute as a baby.” She spoke pulling his cheeks making him smile. He was looking so adorable at that moment. She was laughing at him. He like always got lost in the laugh of his beautiful angel. She loved the way how she laughed forgetting about everything. He loved everything about her. 

“So now tell me what is the matter? Why you were so angry ?” Sana asked in a serious tone and he again became angry remembering about the headline of news, but he calmed down himself for her. 

“Angel, there is nothing to be worried about. It is related to work. I will handle it.” Sid spoke cupping her face. He didn’t tell her about that news because he didn’t want to make her upset. She was happy after a long time and he didn’t want to take away her happiness. He knew she would understand him but she would be hurt. 

Sana just nodded her slightly but still, she was not completely convinced with his words, he could also see this. Both were staring into each other eyes silently and their eyes were talking.

“I am sorry Sana for not telling you the truth but, I just don’t want to make you upset and I promise that I will handle this.” Sid’s eyes said to her while his thumbs were caressing her soft and chubby cheeks. 

“I know, Sidharth. Whatever you do, you do it for my happiness and I am sure, you will handle everything.” Sana’s eyes spoke to him. Both passed each other a small smile.

“You tell me, Did you complete your painting ?” He asked raising his eyebrows. 

“For the first time, I have painted something like this. I don’t know how but my hands drew that automatically. Just can’t wait to show you.” She said making him excited. 

“Let’s go. I just can’t wait for more.” He spoke holding her hand and they walked inside the room like two excited kid. She was excited to show him her painting which she had especially drawn for him and he was excited to see the magic of her hands. 


“Mumma please Tinku sath khelna hai de do na. (Mumma I want to play with Tinku, please give it to me.)”Mahi sat on sofa sighing after packing all the toys of Muskan. That time only Muskan came requesting her to take out her teddy bear Tinku. 

“Musu, we have to leave in a few minutes. Now Mumma is not going to take out any of your toys. It took me one hour to pack your toys. Play with your Panda and doll.” Mahi denied and Muskan made a sad pout. 

“Mumma musu bore hogye panda and doll sath khel kal, ab tinku sath khelna hai. Dedo please mumma.. ( Mumma Musu get bored of playing with Panda and doll and I want to play with Tinku. Mumma Please give to me.. please.)” Muskan tried to convince her mumma but Mahi still didn’t get ready to give her. 

“Musu, Mumma doesn’t even remember that in which bag, she had kept your Tinku. Musu you can play with Tinku when we will reach back home.” Mahi tried to make her stubborn daughter understand. 

“Mumma aaj aap musu ko bal bal angly kal lhai ho. Vely vely bad. ( Mumma you are making Musu angry again and again, this is very bad.)” Muskan turned around crossing her arms around her chest. She was showing her anger to her Mumma. Mahi shook her head looking at her. 

“Daddy,” Mahi got up to make Muskan understand but before she could speak, She ran toward her father as he walked inside the room opening the door. He looked toward Mahi, picking Muskan in his arms and Mahi rolled her eyes showing her anger to him. 

“Daddy Mumma mujhe Tinku sath khelne nhi de lhi hai. ( Daddy Mumma is not letting me play with Tinku.)” She complained to her father about her mumma. 

“Mahi.” he walked toward Mahi and about to say something but she stopped him showing her hand to him while her eyes were spitting fire. Jay immediately stopped himself seeing the anger of his wife. 

“Jay, bags are kept there. Find Muskan’s Tinku and give it to her. And don’t forget to put the things back.” Mahi said in anger pointing toward the bags which were kept in the corner of the room. Jay just nodded his head in yes. He was scared seeing his wife’s anger. Mahi walked out of the room last time glaring at him while Muskan was in her own world, she was playing with his father’s locket and murmuring something. 

“Let’s just first find Musu’s Tinku.. then I will pacify my wife. It will be difficult but I know what I have to do.” Jay said to himself.


From two minutes Sid was staring at the painting which was made by his angel and Sana was staring at him. He got lost in that beautiful painting completely. In that painting, Sid was holding her in his arms firmly and they were naked. On the painting, she had written ‘I want you forever in my life.’ 

“This is beyond beautiful, Shehnaaz. I am not getting over this painting. Really your hands have some kind of magic. This is simply beautiful.” Sid spoke holding her hands. He was constantly kissing every inch of her hand. Sana was just smiling looking at him happily. 

“And I am forever with you Angel.” He uttered putting his one hand on her face while his other hand was entwined with her hand. She smiled broadly in response and kissed his hand which was kept on her face. Both passed each other a warm smile and both mouthed each other ‘ I love you’. Sid took her in his protective arms and she snuggled in his arms having a peaceful smile on her face. It was her safest place where she could spend her whole life. He was constantly kissing her head. 

After a few minutes, Sana looked at him raising her head while his hands were still wrapped around her. She cupped his face and pulled down. Raising her face more, she came close to his lips while both of their eyes were looking at each other. She took the initiative and sucked his lower lip closing her eyes, he sucked her upper lip which was soft like rose petals. In starting they were kissing each other softly pouring all the love but they didn’t come to know when their kiss turned passionate. His hands were rubbing her back and hips over the fabric shamelessly. Their front bodies were pressing against each other and burning their body with desire. He pulled her more up after grabbing her hips making her shocked. He was smiling through the corner of his lips while his hands were constantly squeezing her hips making his angel moan inside his mouth.


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