(Part: 46) The Professor And His Princess


I didn’t come to when I fell asleep in his warm arms, listening to his soothing heartbeat on the way to his farmhouse. I was in half-sleep when he lifted me in his arms and took me inside the house. As he laid me on the bed, I cried like a baby in sleep to come in his arms again. He instantly lay down beside me and pulled me in his arms. After that I again slept peacefully, snuggling in his arms like a baby.

I woke up alone in bed after a few hours. The room is dark, I’m searching for my peace, my Manik, but I widened my eyes in shock, seeing Vikas striding toward me, smiling evilly at me. “Manik,” I screamed, again and again, shivering with the fear. I’m trying to move, but I’m feeling like my legs have jammed. I’m utterly horrified.

No, no this is a dream, Vikas in jail, he can’t come here. Please, someone, arouse me from this dream. I prayed because I know this is a bad dream and I want it to end soon. I don’t want to see this bastard face. After that he started laughing loudly, I screamed “Manik, Manik,”

Finally, I woke up from this bad dream, breathing heavily and sweating badly. I’m still in his jacket but I’m alone in bed like the dream. Is my dream coming true? No, no, this is can’t happen.

Where is Manik?

I hastily climbed out of the bed to find him. I sighed deeply as I saw him standing in the balcony, facing his back to me. I rushed to him and hugged him from behind, burying my face in his back and encircling my arms around him. I clutched his shirt tightly. I don’t know why the dream is not going out of my head. I’m shivering with the fear.

He pulled my hands down and turned towards me. He clasped my face and asked. “What happened, Princess.” His voice is filled with concern.

I shuttered. “Manik, he, he came in my dream. He won’t come in real, right?” I asked because, at this time, I need his assurance. I’m utterly scared because of my dream.

His eyes glinted in the anger. “I will never let him come out from jail now, I’ll make him suffer till his last breath there because he hurt you, he hurt my Princess.” He said in anger, frowning.

“You don’t worry, Princess. I’m with you. I won’t let anybody harm you.” His voice softened. He lowered his head and placed a kiss on my forehead, I closed my eyes in response. I felt good after his assurance and a gentle kiss.

“I’m sorry, Princess. I couldn’t protect you.” Suddenly he apologised and his eyes glinted guiltily, I instantly nodded my head in no. He continued. “He touched you and hurt you, I’m sorry that I was not there with you at that time.” Tears of guilt trickled down his cheeks. I felt more hurt after seeing tears in his eyes. I can’t see him in guilt and pain, my heart hurts badly. The most painful thing in my life is seeing tears in his eyes. I know the guilt is killing him from inside. He wants to protect me from this cruel world.

“I’m fine. I’m your strong, Princess. Life and your love are making me stronger. I just want you to remove his dirty touch from my body, I want to feel your touch all over my body.” As I said, he lifted me up into his arms and took me to the bathroom. We’re gazing in each other intensely.

He placed me down on the floor and turned on the tap, the bathtub started filling with the hot water. As he gently took off the jacket, his eyes brimmed with tears, seeing my torn sleeve and scratch marks of that bastard nails on my arm. Again that incident came into my mind. He leaned down and trailed the gentle kisses all over my arms. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the touch of his lips, forgetting everything. My whole body is shivering with each and every kiss.

“I’m sorry, Princess.” He stared at me guiltily and a lone tear trickled down his cheek.

“Manik, I’m fine. Please, don’t feel guilty. It wasn’t your fault, it was written in my faith.” I clasped his face and wiped his tears with my thumb.

“I love you a lot, Princess. It really hurts me to see you in pain.” He’s gazing in my eyes intensely.

“I love you too and it is hurting a lot to see you in guilt. Please, don’t think too much, I’m fine now and your touch will make me utterly fine. Just please stop blaming, please.” I implored.

“I’ll try.” I smiled faintly. At least he will try not to blame himself. He held the hem of my top and pulled it over my head. After that, he removed all of my clothes one by one, kissing my whole body. He took off his clothes too.

We settled down in the bathtub. I’m sitting in between his legs, placing my head on his chest and enjoying his soothing touch inside the warm water. His arms are firmly wrapped around my body and pulling me closer to him like he wants to bury me in his arms. Sometimes he is gently massaging my body with his hands and trailing kisses down my neck. I’m utterly lost in him, forgetting everything. His touch is magical and out of the world. It is giving peace to my soul, mind and heart. It is incredible and heavenly amazing. I feel like every cell of my body becoming alive with his touch. His arms are really heaven on the earth. He again made me pure with his touch.

He leaned down and sucked my lips gently and softly. I kissed him back with equal flavour, placing my hand on his cheek. The kiss is filled with only and only love, smooth, gentle and loveable kiss. I really love this type of soothing kiss, it gives immense peace to me.

“I’m utterly fine now. I really love you.” I confessed as we broke the kiss.

“If you’re fine, I’m too fine.” I smiled, listening to his words. I turned around and hugged him tightly wrapping my legs and arms around him firmly and burying my face in his chest. His legs are wrapped around my hips and hands around my back. Now our front bodies are pressing against each other. I really love this type of naked hug. This is the best. I can feel his touch around my whole body. Oh my god, this feels so good.

After the bath, I asked him to make me wear his used shirt. I feel most comfortable in his clothes. He closed the buttons of shirts, gazing at me. He snaked his one arm around me and yanked me towards himself. “You look captivating in my shirt.” He whispered against my lips and kissed me deeply, burning my whole body. He’s grinding his front against mine, arousing my desires. This kiss made me hot, very hot.

I’m sitting on his lap and he’s feeding me dinner with his hand. I’m utterly in love with this man. He really treats me like I’m really a Princess. He takes care of me like I’m his small baby. After today’s incident, he has become more caring and pampering me a lot. I know he has been affected more than me by today’s incident. He can’t see me in pain. He really loves me a lot.

“Are you really fine, Princess?” He asked concernedly, placing his hands on my face.

“Until I’m with you, I’m fine.” I paused.

“You’re not fine, right?” I asked, he just stared at me silently. “Manik, don’t think too much about today’s incident, please. You know that whatever we think in our mind, we feel like that only. Look into my eyes, I’m fine. I’m utterly fine because you’re with me. Life is not only the bed of roses. Bad incidents are also part of our life which make us stronger than before and give us a lesson. Just don’t blame yourself because it hurts a lot.” I clasped his face and tried my best to make him understand.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t think about it because the thing which matters to me is that you’re fine with me. I really love you a lot, Princess.” He pressed his forehead against mine. I sighed with relief because finally, he understood.

“I love you more, Manik,” I whispered, my eyes are closed. We got lost in each other. Our souls are talking to each other in the pin drop of silence.

We came on the earth back as my phone rang up which is kept on the side table. I picked up the phone from there, still sitting on his lap. “Mom,” I told him before picking up the call.

“Hi,” I answered the call, placing the phone over my ear.

“Aren’t you both coming home?” Mom asked she’s sounding tensed.

“I’m staying with him today,” I answered, gazing at him, he smiled slightly at me. I want to stay with him because I’m scared of the nightmares. They won’t let us sleep a whole night if we don’t sleep in each other arms today. We really need each other tonight.

“Are you both fine?” She asked concernedly.

“We both are fine, don’t worry, Mom. You’re sounding tensed, are you fine?” He raised his brows, asking me what happened. I shook my head, he asked me to put the phone on speaker.

I put the phone on speaker. “I don’t know why I’ve been getting anxious for you both since morning. I hope you both are not hiding something from me.” We stared at each other in disbelief after listening to her words.

“Mom, we’re fine and we’re coming to you within an hour.” As Manik answered her, I smiled.

“Yes, mom. We’re just coming.”

“Okay,” I disconnected the call.

“I just can’t believe how she came to know that we’re hiding something from her.” He uttered in disbelief.

“Because she’s a mother. When she sees us fine in front of her eyes, then only she will be relieved.” I told him, he smiled broadly.

“Yes, you’re right. I’m so happy to have a mother like her in my life. She has completed my life.” He uttered happily, his eyes are shimmering with happiness. I smiled contentedly, seeing him happy. I really love the smile on his handsome face.

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6 thoughts on “(Part: 46) The Professor And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Loved the way manik handled nandu bhale he manik khud hurt hai ander se but fir bhi keeping his pain aside he consoled nandu and tried to make her forget about the thing happened to her..
    Poor nandu she is broken by this incident usko tou nightmares bhi ane lage hai but thank god manik tha uske pass he calm her down and as she asked to remove dirty touch from her body…
    Nandu is damn strong bhale he woh khud pain mai hai but she cant ses manik in pain so she tried her best to console him that he should not feel guilty about anything…

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