(Part : 45) The Professor And His Princess


After college, somebody seized my wrist and pulled me into a storeroom. The person shut and locked the door, I widened my eyes in shock, seeing the person.

“Vikas, what kind of behaviour is this?” I asked angrily. “Leave my hand.” He laughed evilly at me. I’m trying to make him leave my hand with another hand, digging my nails in his hand.

“I’m tired of convincing you to be my girlfriend. You haven’t left any other option with me.” He came close to my face.

I shouted, glaring at him. “Stay away from me.” Nobody has the right to come close to me like this except Manik.

He pinned my front body against the wall, holding my both hands at my back. Now I’m scared. “Vikas, stop it, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind? You,”

He shushed me by tightly tying my mouth with a piece of cloth. I’m struggling to save myself, but he’s stronger than me. “You’re shouting a lot, baby. I’m enjoying your shout, but I can’t take the risk because anybody can hear you outside. Today, I can do anything with you. You’ve no idea, I was dying to f*** you.” I shivered with the fear as he uttered those disgusting words.

No, no, I’ll not let him do anything with me. I’ve given this right to Manik only. I’ve to do something. I’ll die, but not let him do anything with me. I can’t make my body dirty with his touch. I’m regretting so badly for making this bastard my friend.

He pushed me on the floor with full force that my forehead hit hard with the floor and it started bleeding. Tears trickled down my cheeks because it hurts. He wants to rape me. No girl wants to face this in her life. Only the fear is killing me, but I’ve to fight back. I’m a strong girl. I’ll not let him do anything to me. I’m not weak.

I glared at him in anger, raising my head from the floor. He’s opening his shirt buttons, leering at my body, this bastard. I’m feeling like to kill him. I just can’t believe that the person like him was my friend. I’m scared, my heart is racing and my breath is becoming heavy, but I can’t show him that I’m scared. I’ve to be strong.

He came above me in one swift motion before I could do anything. I’m trying to push him away from me, squeezing my eyes shut, I don’t want to look at this disgusting man. Oh God, please save me. Manik, where are you? Please, save your Princess. She needs you badly. I cried and cried, praying to God to send my Manik to me.

“Stop resisting, you bitch.” Thud, he slapped hard on my face. Oh God, It hurts. I cried in pain and fear. He gave me a salacious smile and tore the sleeve of my top, scratching my arm. As he attacked toward my neck. I felt like today, I would die with his torture, but I don’t know from where I got energy and I hit my knee on his crotch three times in anger. He shrieked in pain, I hastily pushed him on the side and stood up. I hit his crotch with my leg again, opening the piece of cloth which he had tied to close my mouth. Bloody Bastard. I want to stab the knife in his heart, but I’ve to save myself first.

I scurried towards the door and hastily opened the door. “Stop.” He stood up and rushed toward the door, I shut the door on his face and locked it briskly. I’m shivering and completely devastated.

“Thank god for giving me the strength to fight back with this bastard.” I sighed with relief, tears are still trickling down my cheeks because I just can’t believe that Vikas tried to rape me. Now, I badly need Manik and I know where he is. I want him to punish this bastard for trying to hurt his Princess and I want to feel safe in his arms. I badly want him after all this, I just need him. I rushed from there.

“Manik,” I dashed into the Head of Department room and my eyes are searching for him restlessly and desperately. As my eyes fell on him, I felt a bit relief and my breathing became normal, seeing his face. He’s peace of my soul, heart and mind. I cried at him, pursing my lips in agony, he stared at me blankly. He became numb after seeing my condition, his eyes are wide open. I know, he would be feeling guilty because he couldn’t protect his Princess, but he warned me so many times. It is not his fault, it is my fault. I didn’t trust him. I didn’t understand that Vikas is a bastard, he’s so evil and cruel. He said right the world is really so cruel, we can’t trust anybody these days.

Two female teachers who are presented in the room, they’re looking at me in shock.

He came on the earth back and strode towards me. First, he pulled off his jacket and covered me with it. I’m just crying silently, staring at him. He’s trying to control himself from crying, I know. “Princess,” as he held my face with his soft hands, I closed my eyes dejectedly and cried. He wiped my tears gently with his thumb. His touch gave me relief to my restless soul and heart.

As I opened my eyes, his brows caressed and he asked in fury. “Who did this, Princess?” His eyes are filled with extreme anger. He’ll not leave Vikas alive today and I really want him to kill that bastard.

“Vi, Vikas,” I told him and cried dejectedly, resting my head on his chest. “You were right about him. He, he tried to ra, rape me.” I cried louder after saying this. I’m hurt, badly hurt today. This is the worst day of my life. No girl ever wants to face this in her life. The flashes of that dreadful incident are again and again coming in my mind and breaking my soul from inside. This pain is unbearable. I want to forget about this incident.

“Where he’s now?” He asked in anger pulling me away from himself, holding my arms, his eyes are smouldering with anger. I know he’s hurt too, seeing me in this condition, but trying to cover up his emotions with his anger.

“I locked him in the storeroom.”

He entwined his hand with mine. “Don’t worry, Princess. Now I’m with you, I’ll not leave him easily. I’ll take the revenge of your every single tear from him. I’ll show this to the whole college that what will happen if someone tries to touch my Princess.” He led me to the storeroom, holding my hand firmly. Those teachers also followed us. He’s going crazy to take revenge from Vikas for hurting me, his Princess.

“Don’t worry, I’m with you.” He held my face and reassured me before opening the door. I blinked my eyes, still shedding silent tears. He lowered his head and gently kissed my forehead, I closed my eyes and felt a bit better after feeling his heavenly touch on my skin.

He unlocked the door and hit Vikas in fury before he could even speak something. “How dare you? How dare you touch my girl.” He roared in anger and hit his face nonstop until he started bleeding.

He dragged him out of the storeroom, holding his shirt collar. He hit him again and again on his face and stomach with his hand, elbow and knee until he became unconscious. Some students and teachers gathered there. Nobody dared to stop him. He’s roaring while hitting him. “You touched My Princess. I’ll kill you. How dare you, you bastard.” I’m also not stopping him because he deserves it, the person like Vikas deserves to die and suffer in hell.

He pushed him on the floor and started kicking him, he’s taking out his anger on him. He straddled him and started hitting his face. After that cops came and pulled him away from Vikas. They arrested the unconscious Vikas while he is still glaring at him in anger. After beating him a lot, he still didn’t get satisfied. I’m also not satisfied. Vikas deserves more pain for doing this with me.

After cops left with Vikas, Manik strolled towards me. He held my hand firmly, gazing at me intensely. He moved his eyes from me to other students. “She’s my Princess, my girl. She’s my life, my whole world. I love her a lot. If anybody tries to touch her, I’ll make his life living hell before burning that person alive.” He warned everybody, gripping my hand tighter. I cried and cried. I never thought that one day like this the truth would come in front of the whole college that I’m his girlfriend. It is really like a nightmare, but I’m relieved that I’m fine, and I’m with my Manik.

Next moment, he pulled me into his protective and warm arms, and he hid me in his chest. After coming in his arms, I felt like my all pain and fear vanished away. My restless heart is relieved now after listening to his soothing heartbeat. My soul is at peace now. I knew that I would only find solace in his arms. I feel safe and secured in his arms. He’s pulling me closer to himself like he wanted to bury me in him forever. I know, he would be feeling guilty because he couldn’t protect me. He’s hugging me tighter like he wants to take away my all pain with this hug. He is assuring me through this hug that he is with me because he knows that at this moment, no word can help me, only the hug can help me. He’s promising me with this hug that no matter what, he’ll always protect me like a shield.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, Princess. I failed, I, I always wanted to keep you safe from this cruel world, but I couldn’t protect you from that monster.” He apologised as we broke the hug, his eyes are filled with guilt.

I clasped his face. “No, Manik, it wasn’t your fault, it was written in my destiny. I’m fine now because of your presence, I feel safe with you. I know, you will never let anything happens to your Princess. You’ll always protect her. Please, don’t feel guilty.” I implored because I can’t see him in guilt like this.

His eyes brimmed with tears as he moved his eyes from my eyes to my wound on the forehead. He moved closer to my face and placed a soothing kiss there, taking the pain away from me. He’s the medicine of my all pain, his love is my healer. I closed my eyes instantly in response, feeling the touch of his soft lips there.

“I love you a lot, Princess.” He murmured against my forehead, stroking my cheeks with his thumb, his fingers are below my ears in my messy hair. My heart ached as his tears dropped down my cheeks directly. I can’t see tears in his eyes, it hurts a lot.

“I love you more, Manik and your love is my strength.” I held his face. “Take me home now.” As I uttered, he lifted me in his arms and took me out of the college, ignoring everybody glares. I closed my eyes, resting my face on his chest and encircled my arms around his neck. His arms are my safest place. In his heartbeat, I always hear my name. I know, his heart beats for only me same like my heart beats for only him. We’re now nothing without each other. We’re each other strength.

He sat into the car on driving seat, I’m still in his arms. I snuggled in his arms as he settled down. He knows that I only need his arms at this time and maybe he wants to keep me in his arms like this and doesn’t want to distance himself from me.

As he started the car engine, I raised my head from his chest and whispered, looking at him. “I don’t want to go home because I don’t want to make mom and dad worried. It would be better if they don’t come to know about today’s incident”

“Yes, you’re right, Mom would get worried. She has just come out of the trauma.” He agreed too. We gazed into each other eyes deeply and he kissed my forehead. “I’ll never let anything happen to you, Princess.” He promised me this with the forehead kiss. I placed back my head on his chest and he started the car.

I’m trying to distract my mind from thinking about today’s incident by listening to his soothing heartbeat and thinking about our happy moments. I really don’t want to think about today’s incident because I know, the more I think about that incident, the more I’ll feel upset. It’s better to distract my mind because now everything is fine, I’m safe in my Manik’s arms and that bastard is in prison. This is the reality of this cruel world which I faced today. I’ve to accept it and move on.

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  3. Awesome mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu uske sath asa nahi hona chayie tha she always considered vikas as her friend but alas everyone is not same as they show themself…
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