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This is the longest update with Lot’s of Sidnaaz romance.

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Sana was sitting in front of the mirror of her room in beautiful yellow colour lehenga. Her hair was tied up in a bun. She was having a constant smile on her face which was making her look more beautiful. She was staring herself in the mirror. She could herself see that her face was glowing because of Sid’s love. She looked at her henna filled hand and her smile grew bigger, seeing the colour. It was darkest brown and from some places it was black. “The darkness of the Mehendi colour represents the deep love between the would-be coupled.” She remembered the words said by her sister-in-law and smiled more broadly. She chuckled, hiding her face with her palms.

Sana’s Outfit

Sid’s eyes were looking at her from the door. He was enjoying a lot, seeing his beautiful angel who was smiling and laughing, setting alone. He reached toward her, taking long steps. He stood behind her and as he put his hands on her shoulder, she shivered with his touch and looked at him through the mirror, removing her hands from her face. Both looked at each other through the mirror, having a winsome smile on their face. With his constant stare, she shyly looked down and the way her big eyelashes moved down, he loved it.

As he gently squeezed her both shoulders, she took a deep breath, closing her eyes. He grinned, looking at her reaction of his action. He leaned down toward her ear. Their proximity was making her breath uneven and her eyes were still closed. He blew the air on her ear and made her crazy. She clutched the fabric of her lehenga and took a deep breath when his hot breath caressed her cold skin.

“When somebody asks me the definition of beautiful, I will show your photo. Nothing could be more beautiful on this earth than my angel for me.” He said in a husky voice near to her ear, taking her breath away from her. She looked at him instantly through the mirror, listening to his words and found him smiling at her.

Next moment without any warning, he gave a quick peck on her cheek. Her eyes widened in a shock with his sudden kiss. He stood straight and chuckled, seeing her reaction. He found her super cute and felt like to pull her cheeks. She immediately looked down shyly to her hands which were playing with the fabric of her lehenga.

He strolled in front of her and knelt down on the floor. Sana looked at him confusingly. He held her hands to look at her henna filled hand. The darkest colour of henna was making her hand look more beautiful. He stared at them for a minute. Then he leaned down and kissed her both hands. Sana closed her eyes in response to feeling the touch of his lips on her hands. She felt so good like always when his lips touched her skin. It was the best feeling for her.

“So what the darkness of your Mehendi is telling us?” He said, looking at her hands and then he raised his eyebrows at her face. She blushed, looking down.

“Tell me, I am waiting for your answer.” He spoke, squeezing her hand slightly and she looked at him instantly.

“That my mother-in-law will love me a lot.” She said joyfully and winked at him. He chuckled on her cuteness, looking at her. His heart was happy to see his angel who was laughing and smiling wholeheartedly. From day one, he wished to see her real smile and finally, he was seeing it.

“Na..” Sid was about to say something but suddenly something came into his mind when he looked at her hands. He looked at her, having anger in his eyes. She looked at him confusingly when she saw the glint of anger in his eyes.

“Why you wore these bangles? Your hand is hurt. You shouldn’t have to wear them.” He freaked out and started taking out bangles from hand carefully. Sana tried to stop him, putting her other hand on his shoulder and said”I am fine, Sid. It is not hurting.” But he didn’t listen to her and kept removing bangles from her hands carefully one by one. He was keeping the bangles on the dressing table. Sana stopped resisting and started staring at him incredulously. She could see clearly how much he cared for her. His acts, his words, his gesture and his eyes were screaming loudly that he loves her a lot.

After removing the bangle, he kissed the wound which was on her wrist for thousands time to soothe her pain. It was hurting her a bit a few minutes back but now his kisses took away her all pain like magic. She was just smiling blissfully at him. His acts were making her fall in love with him again and again. She had never thought that she would able to love somebody again in her life and she would able to give her heart to somebody again. It happened because somebody was Sid. Sid, the perfect example of a Greek god.

His true and pure love forced her to love him back. They didn’t confess yet but it is said true love doesn’t need words, only the eyes are enough to convey the feelings.

Sid looked at her having so much love in his eyes and his hands held her face. He lowered her face and himself he moved upward to reach up to her face. Sana’s heartbeat became fast because of the proximity between them. Their lips were just a few inches away and they were gazing in each other eyes intensely. He came closer to her and she felt like her heart would get explode. She could feel his hot breath on her lips which was making her crazy. He smiled and moved his face upward and placed the kiss on the wound which was on her forehead. She closed her eyes in response, having a content smile on her face.


Jay was making her princess ready for the Haldi function. She was looking so adorable and pretty in yellow lehenga. Jay was feeling like to eat up his princess. She was standing on the bed and Jay was standing in front of her on the floor. He was combing her hair with so much love and care so that it didn’t hurt her.  Like always she was talking nonstop in her cute childish language.

Then his eyes fell on his wife who just walked out from the dressing room after getting ready for Haldi function. He couldn’t take his eyes off her because she was looking out of the world in yellow saree. She shook her head, seeing how her husband was staring her without even blinking his eyes. She sauntered toward him.

“Mumma, aap bhut pletty lag lhai ho. Musu ko bhi pletty lagna hai , bilkul aap jaise. Mela make up kaldo jaldi se.” Muskan said cutely and her words brought Jay on the earth back.

“Thank you so much Mumma ki jaan. But do you know, you are already looking so pretty.. so adorable. I want to eat you up right now.” Mahi said, pulling her princess’s cheeks. Muskan giggled cutely while Jay was admiring his lifelines, having a big smile on his face.


The Haldi function was going on smoothly with lots of fun. Sidnaaz were sitting on the chairs beside each other and everybody was applying haldi on their faces and arms one by one. After every few seconds, they were glancing at each other. The smile was not leaving their face because they both were happy and excited to be called as husband and wife very soon. Videographers and photographers were capturing their each and every beautiful moment in their cameras. They were looking so adorable with each other.

Cabir the prankster, he was not leaving any chance to apply Haldi on his other siblings instead of Sid. They all were running behind each other like it was holi function, not haldi function. Everybody was laughing seeing them, including Sidnaaz because they all were behaving like small kids.

All the time Muskan was in Jay’s arms. He was not even leaving her on the floor to stand because he was scared what if she runs away and he would never able to find her this time. The incident affected him a lot. Mahi was noticing this and she was worried for him. She tried to take Muskan’s in her arms but he gave her excuses instead of giving Muskan to her. Even Muskan asked him to leave her because she wanted to dance but instead of leaving her on the floor, he danced with her, holding her in his arms.

Cabir and Mukti pulled up Sidnaaz to dance floor. In the middle, Sidnaaz were dancing and around them, everybody was dancing. They were having a broad smile on their face and their eyes were looking at each other. Suddenly Sana felt like her face and her arms were burning and because of this, her smile vanished away from her face. Sid noticed this and he raised his eyebrows, looking at her. She nodded her head in no, giving him a faint smile and continued dancing because she didn’t want to spoil the fun.

Sid didn’t get convince and that’s why he made her sit. He could feel that something was wrong.

“What happened angel? You are not looking fine to me.” He asked concernedly, holding her face with his hands. She clutched her lehenga and automatically few tears rolled down from her eyes when she squeezed her eyes because of the pain. Her tears broke his heart and made him more worried.

“It, it is burning Sidharth. My face, my hands are burning.” She cried badly, rubbing her arms crazily. Everybody noticed this and got worried, seeing Sana’s condition. Sid was shocked to see his angel in pain. She was crying in pain in front of his eyes and it was shattering his heart. He never wanted to see her pain. Just a moment ago, she was so happy and now this happened.

“Sana has an allergy to Haldi. How it get skipped from my mind ?” Ram’s words caught everybody’s attention. Sana looked at him and found tears in his eyes and his eyes were looking down because of the guilt. She wanted to say a lot to him but at that time, she wasn’t in a condition to speak a word even, the pain was killing him. She was feeling like her whole body was burning.

Next moment, Sid dashed into the resort, holding Sana in his arms. All the family members rushed behind them worriedly. She was sobbing in pain in his arms, clutching his Kurta in her fists. Sid’s heart was breaking into thousands of pieces, seeing his angel condition. He hurriedly walked inside the bathroom of his room and putting her down, he turned on the shower. She rubbed her arms and face, scratching her skin with her nails because she wanted to remove the haldi as fast as possible. Sid’s heart broke down, seeing her condition and his eyes became moist. But it was not time to cry, it was time to lessen her pain which only his love could do.

“Relax, just look into my eyes and your all pain will go.” He composed himself and spoke, cupping her face and made her look into his eyes. As she looked into his eyes, she forgot the whole world. His hands started removing haldi from her face gently and carefully while his eyes were just looking in her eyes. After wiping off haldi completely from her face, his hands started removing haldi from her arms. She wasn’t feeling any pain now. Rather his magical touch and their proximity started driving her crazy. They were so close to each other under the shower and their eyes were just looking into each other eyes. Their inner desire increased and they felt the urge to kiss each other lips.

He cupped her face and started placing soft kisses all over her face to soothe her pain. Her face became red. Sana closed her eyes in response and her hand clutched his kurta. She was feeling so good. He took her to heaven with his those soothing kisses. She wanted him to kiss every inch of her body like he was kissing every inch of her face. She was feeling like his lips were directly touching her soul with his every kiss.

When he became satisfied kissing her face, he looked at her and found her standing, closing her eyes. Seeing her wet lips, he craved more to taste them and eat them completely. But he had promised himself and her that he would kiss her when she would love him completely, having no doubt in her mind. He could control his desires but he was never going to break his promise.

After gazing at her for a few seconds, he started kissing her jawline. He was trailing the kiss down her neck. Sana took a deep breath, pulled her head back and arched her back to give him complete access to her neck. He started kissing her neck and he was also sucking each and every drop of water from her neck. She didn’t want him to stop. His touch was heavenly beautiful for her. He was making her weak on her knees with his touch. She was balancing herself, holding the fabric of his Kurta. For the first time, she was feeling his lips on her neck and it was the best feeling for her. They were so close to each other that their front parts were rubbing against each other and taking their desire at peak. Their bodies were burning with desires.

His hand started going toward the zip of her blouse while kissing her neck. She was completely lost in him, forgetting everything. Her chest was moving up and down because she was breathing heavily. She just wanted him to keep continuing this. She didn’t want him to stop at this moment when both of their desires were at a peak. He started sliding down the zip of her blouse slowly and she didn’t want him to get stop.

But next moment, he back off, realising that what he was going to do. Sana immediately looked at him, opening her eyes. He took a deep breath and his eyes were closed. As he moved away from her and stopped kissing her, she again felt the burning pain on her face and arms. His touch was really doing some kind of magic on her. She was feeling no pain when he was kissing her and now when he was standing away from her, her face and arms again started paining.

“Are you okay ?” He opened his eyes and turned off the shower. Then he asked in a concerned tone, looking at her and her next words were unexpected for him.

“It is much much better but it is still paining.” She nodded her and spoke, looking at him. Her words broke his heart again. She came close to him.

“When you were kissing me, it wasn’t paining a bit even. Your touch has some magic, Sidharth. What your touch is doing to me, I never felt like this before. Nobody’s touch made me feel like this. I always feel like you touch my soul.” She spoke whatever was going in her heart at that moment. Her words made him feel happy. He was happy to know that his touch was really doing magic on her by taking away her pain.

“I am always there to take your all pain away from you.” He whispered, cupping her face. Then he placed a kiss on her forehead and she closed her in eyes in response. With this forehead kiss, he promised her that he would be always there to heal her every pain. After kissing her forehead, he looked into her eyes deeply. Then he took her in his protective arms and she snuggled in his arms. His arms were the only place where she felt secure and safe.

They broke the hug after a few minutes. “I am bringing your clothes. I will be back in a moment.” He said, looking at her and she just nodded her head in response. Then last time glancing at her, he walked outside. Sana walked and stood in front of the mirror. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and smiled, remembering how lovingly he was kissing her neck and face.


Sid walked inside Sana’s room and found his parents, Sana’s father, they were sitting there tensely. They saw him and walked toward him worriedly.

“Shehnaaz is fine, don’t worry,” Sid told them before they could ask him about her They all sighed.

“You all should take some rest. I will take care of her, trust me.” Sid assured them.

“We all have complete trust on you bacha. And I have called the doctor. He will be reaching here very soon.” Neyonika said, putting a hand on his face. He just nodded his head in response.

“And you also don’t take stress, she will be completely fine very soon.” She said because she knew he was more worried than anybody else here. After all, she was his mother. Sid just gave him a faint smile. Sid hurriedly takes her clothes out of her luggage as soon as they all left.

Sid walked into the washroom of his room and found her struggling with her earrings, standing in front of the mirror. She was trying to take them out and hissing in pain because her hands were paining.

“Wait. Shehnaaz. I am still here to help you.” He stopped her, walking toward her. She looked at him through the mirror, taking her hands down. Sid kept her clothes on slab and then starting removing her earnings from her ear. Sana was looking at him through the mirror and she could see how carefully he was taking out her earring.

“Can I have permission to help you with changing your clothes ?” After removing her both the earrings. He spoke, holding her shoulder from behind. She widened her eyes in a shock after listening to his words. He smirked, looking at her expression through the mirror. He loved teasing his angel.

“Say it,” he whispered, coming close to her ear. Sana closed his eyes, clutching her lehenga and her breath became uneven when his hot breath caressed her skin.

“So shall I take your silence as yes ?” He asked and again her eyes shot up in a shock. He tried to hide his smile. He raised his eyebrows, looking at her through the mirror.

“Really are you going to do that ?” She turned toward him and asked innocently, looking at him. He nodded his head in yes meekly. Sana blushed, looking down which made Sid crazy. Her blush turned him on.

“Sidharth, please stop teasing me. I know you won’t do this. If I say yes also then too you won’t do.” She said confidently, looking at him. She had no clue what was really going in his mind.

“Overconfidence is a very bad Madam. You say yes for once then I will show you what I can do ?” He winked at her. She was blushing very hard with his teasing session.

“Okay yes, you can help me.” She said yes without thinking about the consequences because she had full faith in him that he wouldn’t do it. Sid was smirking, looking at her.

“Think once again. Because I am really not going to back off.” He said huskily, coming close to her. Her heartbeat quickened and her breath became heavy because of their proximity.

“I know you are forcing me to say no because you want that only. But my answer will remain yes.” She spoke happily because she was thinking that she was winning. Sid shook his head in disbelief. Next moment, his hand pulled down the zip of her blouse swiftly after his hand went behind. She widened her eyes in shock and surprise.

But the thing made her shocked more when she found him, standing in front of her eyes with his eyes closed. Now she understood his plan. His plan was to help her from starting only. Just he was teasing her all the time.

“I will look at your naked body only the day when we will make love.” He whispered, taking her breath away from her with his words. She got goosebumps, thinking about their first night. She was sure that when they would make love, that night would be her best night.

“If you have any doubt, then I can tie up my eyes with the cloth,” before he could complete his sentence, she shushed him, putting her finger on his lips.

“I have no doubt. I know you won’t open your eyes. You are doing this because you just want to help me. I trust you Sidharth that you won’t break your promise.” She spoke, making Sid happy with her words. He smiled broadly and she too smiled, looking at him, having so much love in her eyes for him.

“Sidharth what if I ask you to change my clothes with open eyes, then?” She asked suddenly and she got an expected answer from him.

“Then also I won’t do that.” He answered her instantly and she smiled broadly, listening to his answer.

“I want to confess something, Can I ?” He asked, making her bit confused. She said yes instantly and waited for his confession.

“Actually I don’t want to change your clothes with my open eyes because I don’t trust myself. I am sure, I can’t able to control my desires after seeing you without clothes. Because It’s difficult to resist you with clothes even for me.” He confessed the truth, making her blush hard with his words.

“So, could I start work ?” He asked after a few seconds of silence and she instantly said yes in low voice. He smiled and then he helped her to get rid of her blouse. He removed it carefully. Sana hissed in pain when the fabric of sleeves touched her arms. After tossing the blouse in some corner of the bathroom, he started kissing her both arms to soothe her pain. Sana was just looking at him, having tears of happiness in her eyes. His each and every gesture was showing to her how much he loves her.

She completely forgot that she was standing half-naked in front of him. She was feeling so comfortable, standing naked in front of him. She never felt so comfortable with anybody else before. He had made her feel comfortable with himself.

“Is it still paining ?” He asked concernedly, moving his face toward her face after kissing her hands for more than thousands time. His eyes were still closed. Not even for once, he had opened his eyes till now. It wasn’t like that he didn’t want to, he wanted to open his eyes but he was controlling himself. He already knew that it was going to be difficult for him but he had made his mind to help his angel at that time only when he saw her struggling to remove earrings. He could do anything for his angel.

“It is not paining because your soothing kiss take away my all pain.” She spoke happily. He too smiled, listening to her words. He left her hands. He put his hand on her bare belly and she felt like her heart stopped beating for a moment as his hand touched her belly. He was trailing his hand down her belly and she was feeling heavenly good with his touch. Now her eyes were also closed. She was lost in his magical touch which was burning her whole body.

His hands stopped on the knotted Dori and he opened that dori swiftly. As he opened the dori, her lengha fell down on the floor. She squeezed her eyes on this. Now she was standing in front of him only in lower inner-wear. This was giving her goosebumps all over her body. He sat on his knees and his both hands held the hem of her innerwear and started sliding it down slowly. His hands were touching her thigh, then her knees. She was enjoying his touch with her closed eyes. She stepped out of her lehenga and inner. She felt little shy, standing completely naked in front of him for the first time.

“Give me your top angel.” After getting up, he asked for her top. She gave it to him after picking it up from the slab. It was a simple blacktop. He held the neckline of her top and moved toward her face. She pulled her head into top and then her hands. He slowly started pulling down the top and his both hands were touching her upper body which was making her crazy and she was shivering with his touch. After that, he asked for her lower. She gave it to him. He again knelt down and helped her pulling up the lower till her waist by touching her lower body which made her crazier.

Finally, he opened his eyes, getting up. He sighed and she was just smiling, looking at him. She was just about to hug him as a thank you but he stopped her, holding her shoulders. She gave him confused looks.

“Do you want me to change your clothes again Angel? My clothes are wet and if you will hug me, your clothes will again get wet and then I have to again change your clothes.” He said, looking at her. She opened her mouth in O shape.

“But if you want then you can hug me. I don’t have any problem to change your clothes again.” He smirked, coming close to her. She stepped behind immediately and he chuckled on her reaction.

“I never thought that our haldi function will bring us here in the bathroom. I was having different plans. You know when i saw you screaming in pain. It hurt me a lot.” He uttered in a sad tone, pointing his index finger toward his heart and his eyes were looking into her eyes.

“And you know what? Your touch took away all my pain. It is not hurting that much now. Thank you so much for always taking away my all pain and making me feel better. You are healing my internal deep wounds Sidharth which are only visible to you. In a short span of time, you changed me a lot. I am happy to be positive and happy to feel alive again. It feels so good to be with you. I don’t know what will happen in future, I just only know one thing that I want to spend my rest of life in your arms which are my real home where I feel secure and safe.” She confessed and took a deep breath after completing her sentence. Sid just kissed her forehead, promising her that he would always keep her safe in his arms.


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