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Sid, Mahi and Jay left from the resort immediately to save Muskan and Sana. Raj and Cabir, they were coming behind them with the police force. Sid was driving the car. Jay and Mahi were sitting at the backseat. All of their eyes were filled with tears. Mahi was crying, resting her head on Jay’s shoulder and her hands were clutching sleeves of his shirt. She was constantly praying for her daughter and for Sana too. On the other side, the guilt and the fear were killing Jay. He just wanted to save her daughter at any cost, he was not able to look into his wife’s eyes because of the guilt. One side guilt was killing him and on the other side, he was dying, thinking about his daughter. Sid was driving the car in full speed, breaking all the signals. Tears were constantly falling down from his eyes. His angel’s life was at risk. He was also feeling guilty because he couldn’t protect her.

Sid’s phone which was kept in his pocket, it was ringing constantly from few minutes, but he wasn’t picking up the call because he wanted to reach at his destination as quickly as possible.

“Sid maybe the call would be important. You should pick it up. Maybe Sana gets a chance and she may be trying to contact us.” Mahi said still being positive at this situation. Jay was shocked seeing this. He looked at her, having guilt and pain in his eyes. She could see the guilt in Jay’s eyes. She blinked her eyes, entwining her hand with his hand. She was trying to be strong for him only because she didn’t want that he should feel more guilty. The situation was hard but her positivity was making them strong. Jay again looked down in guilt. Mahi pressed her lips together to control her cry.

“If anything happened to them, I will kill you bastard.” Sid roared like an angry lion on phone. Jay and Mahi looked at him immediately, listening to his shout. They also became angry and felt like to kill that bastard Aman.

“I am scared,” Aman said sarcastically, touching Sana’s face with his one hand and from another hand, he was holding the phone, putting it close to his mouth because his phone was on speaker. Sana was crying silently, shutting her eyes tightly. She was forced to bear his torture because Muskan’s life was at risk or else she would have never let any man touch her. Only Sid had the right to touch her. The blood was still oozing out from the fresh wound which was on her forehead.

“Start your countdown Aman because you have Kidnapped my daughter and messed with Shukla’s. You are gone.” Jay burst out his anger. He shouted snatching the phone from Sid’s hand, keeping it on speaker. Aman chuckled evilly. They all were boiling with anger and his laugh rose their anger more.

“Aaahaa.,” Sana screamed in pain when Aman yanked her hair, gripping it tightly. Sid’s heart stopped beating for a moment when he heard her scream, automatically his feet applied the break. He felt a sharp pain in his heart because his angel was in pain. He wanted to kill that bastard. Jay and Mahi were shocked.

“I will rip your head Aman for hurting my angel. If I find even a single wound on her body, I will give uncountable wound to you.” Sid turned around and snatched the phone from Jay’s hand. He shouted angrily, clutching the phone tightly near to his mouth. Aman again chuckled.

“Sid, I am fine. Don’t come here. Please find Muskan. She is not here. Please save her.” Sana spoke ignoring Aman. Jay, Mahi and Sid, they got worried, listening Sana’s words.

“He kept her, Ahaa..” she again screamed in pain when Aman again yanked her hair, making her stop in the middle. Aman was testing the patience of Sid. He was losing control. Her screams were breaking his heart into thousands of pieces.

“Now You all have to come here to see me getting married to Sana. After the marriage, I will free Muskan and remember that don’t inform police about this or else you will never able to see Muskan’s face.” Aman gave them warning, making all of them scared. Mahi who was trying to be strong, she started crying badly. Only the thought of living without Muskan broke their heart. They couldn’t even imagine their life without Muskan.

“Whatever you will say. We will do but please don’t, don’t hurt my daughter, Please..” Mahi begged while crying badly. Jay cried, looking at Mahi. He was blaming himself more and more. All this was happening because of him. His daughter life at risk because of him, Sana was suffering because of him, everybody was in pain because of him. The guilt and the fear of losing his daughter were breaking him from inside.

“Reach here quickly without informing the police. Attend my and Sana marriage like a good guest then leave from there, giving us the blessing. After that in a few hours, your daughter will be with you completely fine. Be a good guest because I don’t want any drama.” Aman saying this hang up the call, looking at crying Sana, having a smirk on his face. Sana looked at him and gave him disgusting looks which can never affect the psycho like him.


Sana was sitting in front of the mirror and Aman was standing behind her. He covered her head with red Dupatta. Sana was continuously crying, looking down and cursing her life. Aman was not leaving a chance to touch her. His touch was making her body dirty. She left with no choice rather than crying. Whenever he was touching her with his dirty hands, she was feeling like to cut down his hand and chop them.

“You are looking so beautiful. I am feeling like to take you on my bed right now only, but it’s so sad because I have to wait.”Aman said clutching her shoulders tightly, from behind. He touched his face with her face, leaning down. Sana cried more, shutting her eyes tightly and clutching her fist. His closeness was suffocating her.

Aman stood up straight, listening to the doorbell. Sana also opened her eyes. She could feel Sid’s presence.

“I think your lover has reached here. Can’t wait to marry you in front of him.” Aman smirked, Sana looked at him through the mirror, having anger in her eyes. Next moment, Aman seized her wrist and break the bangles which she was wearing in her hands. It pierced in her skin, making her hissed in pain. He leads her outside with him.

Aman opened the door, still holding her wrist tightly from his other hand. Aman smirked, seeing his guest whom he had invited to attend his wedding. They were killing him with their angry glares. Sid moved his eyes from the bastard Aman to his angel who was standing beside Aman. First, his eyes looked at her wound which was on her forehead. His blood started boiling, seeing it. How could anybody hurt his angel? He would take revenge from him of her every wound and also of her every single tear which was rolling down from her eyes.

Then he looked into her eyes and forgot everything. Her eyes which were filled with pain were looking into his helpless eyes. Her eyes became red because of her constant crying. Her teary eyes were asking him to help her. Next moment he took her fragile body in his protective arms. He hugged her so tightly like he wanted to store his angel in his arms forever, taking away her all pain and sorrows. He wanted to assure through this hug that he is with her because he knew that at this moment, no word could help her, only the hug could help her.

She closed her eyes and put her one hand on his back because Aman was holding her other hand. After coming into his arms she felt like she found her saviour. No matters what he would save her. She wanted to stop the time there only and never wanted to come out of his arms. She was in pain and in a situation which was making her weak. But his hug gave her little strength. His hug assured her that he would not let anything happen to her. He would save her at any cost. He would always protect her like a shield.

“Where is my daughter you bloody bastard?” Jay shouted, holding the collars of his shirt. His eyes were spitting fire. He was feeling like to buried him in the ground there only. Aman was just smirking. Sidnaaz were lost into each other arms, forgetting about the surroundings.

“Your daughter is absolutely fine, but if your behaviour remains like this, then anything could happen to her and she will not remain safe any more.” He left Sana hand and warned him, holding Jay’s hand which were holding his collars. His words added the fuel in the fire. Jay became angrier while Mahi became scared, listening to his words.

“Aman…” Jay shrieked very loudly in anger and the grip on his collars became tighter. His shout

startled Sidnaaz and brought them on the earth back. They both looked at Aman and Jay after breaking the hug.

“I think you don’t love your daughter. After my constant warning, your behaviour is still the same. Do you want me to hurt her ?” Aman shouted,  making Jay scared and angrier. He was still staring at him angrily, but he tried to control his anger for his princess. He left his collars, glaring Aman.

“Please, Don’t, don’t hurt her. We are ready to do anything. Whatever you say, we will do. But please don’t hurt her.” Mahi begged in front of Aman for her daughter. Only the thought of their daughter getting hurt was breaking her heart into millions of pieces. A mother was becoming weak because her daughter’s life was at risk. Sidnaaz and Jay, they looked at her. Seeing her pain,  fresh tears automatically rolled down from their eyes. Sana felt more guilty, seeing her pain. She blamed herself because her daughter wasn’t with her because of her.

When the guilt and pain started making her weak again. She felt someone entwined his hand with her hand and she felt better again with his touch. That touch was of Sid who was becoming her support system from the day she had met him. Whenever she became weak, he gave her strength. At this moment also, he was trying his best to give strength to his angel. He wouldn’t let her break down again and also he wouldn’t let her go into the darkness again at any cost.

Sana looked at their hands and then at him. He blinked his eyes, saying her in a gesture that everything would be fine. She felt her heart was becoming lighter because of him. In this helpless situation, he was giving her strength. He had no idea how he would save her and make everything fine but still, he was trying to be strong for her only. He was trying his best to make her feel better. Every second he was assuring her that she is not alone anymore, he is there with her.

“Finally It’s time to make you my wife baby,” Aman said, holding her other hand. Sidnaaz glared at him. Sid griped his angel’s hand tighter and she could feel it. His hold was giving her strength. She looked at Sid who was killing Aman with his looks.

“Sana, I am really sorry. We don’t have any other option. We are helpless.” Mahi apologised from Sana, feeling guilty because she thought she was becoming selfish for her daughter and she wasn’t thinking about Sana. Sana immediately nodded her head in no because she could understand her.

“Bhabhi, you don’t need to say sorry. I can completely understand. I am doing this willingly for Muskan. And I won’t let anything happen to her.” Sana assured her and few tears rolled down from her eyes. Jay and Mahi stared at her unbelievably because she was marrying Aman only for saving Muskan. She didn’t think for once before putting her life at risk. Sid wasn’t shocked because he knew that the girl whom he was marrying, she is perfect for him. He knew that when the time would come, she would do anything for his family and she proved him right today.

Aman turned and started taking Sana toward Mandap, holding her hand. Sana was looking at Sid and fresh tears trickled down her cheeks. Sid, Mahi and Jay were looking at her helplessly. They wanted to save her and wanted to beat Aman but they were controlling themselves, clutching their fist. They were feeling so helpless at that moment and feeling bad because they were not able to save Sana from getting married. In front of their eyes, Aman was taking Sana with him and they were seeing the show like a statue.

Aman stopped when Sana stopped walking with him. He turned around and found Sid was gripping her hand tightly and he wasn’t letting her go. Sidnaaz were crying in extreme pain, looking into each other eyes. They wanted some miracle to happen and everything would get fine. He was hating this helpless situation where he wanted to help her but he couldn’t do anything. Sana pleaded him through her eyes to leave her hand but he gripped her hand tighter. This made Aman angry. He didn’t say anything and again started walking, pulling her hand with full force. Slowly the grip of Sid’s hand started loosening and next moment his hand left her hand. Both of their heart skipped beating for a second like they lost everything. In front of his eyes, Aman took his angel to Mandap and he was standing, staring them helplessly.


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