(Part: 47) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


“Is Muskan sleeping, Mom?” As Neyonika opened the door, Mahi asked about Muskan, entering the room and her eyes were searching her in the room. She walked inside and found Raj sleeping on the bed and Muskan was nowhere in the room.

“Where is Muskan, Mom?” Mahi asked turning toward Neyonika who was looking at her confusingly.

“I don’t know,” Neyonika answered, making Mahi hell worried and shocked. She was feeling like something wrong had happened with her daughter. She could feel it.

“Mom, Jay had left Muskan here, one hour ago. She, she wanted to spend time with you and dad. Then where she is ?” Mahi asked worriedly while her heart beat is accelerating. She was just praying for her daughter’s safety constantly.

“But Mahi, Jay didn’t come here.” As Neyonika said this, she rushed out of the room to ask this from Jay. Her heart was becoming heavy, thinking about her daughter. Neyonika called her but she didn’t stop.

“Where is Muskan, Jay ? Where you left her ?” Mahi walked inside the room while shouting. Jay who was sitting on the bed, got up, looking at Mahi shockingly.

“Where is Muskan? She is not with mom and dad.” She asked angrily, holding the collars of his shirt. Jay was horrified, seeing Mahi’s condition.

“I, I left her with Mom and..” he stopped in the middle when he realised something. Mahi was looking at him without blinking her eyes and waiting for his reply.

“I left her outside of the room because my phone had started ringing. But Mahi she walked inside the room, waving her hand in front of my eyes. Then, where,” Jay was not understanding what to say at that moment. Words weren’t coming out of his mouth. He was regretting his mistake.

“Where she went Jay? I am not understanding anything?” She said in crying tone and her hands moved downward, leaving his shirt collars. Tears brimmed in her eyes.

“It’s my fault. What I did? I should have left her with mom and dad inside the room. Where  she would be?” Jay said, holding his head with his both hands. He was feeling like to kill himself for being so careless.

“Jay, it’s not the right time to regret. We have to find our daughter. She needs us, Jay… ” She spoke, cupping his face and few tears rolled down from her eyes. He was looking down, having guilt in his eyes. She herself wasn’t in a state to say or to do something but still, she tried to give strength to her husband.

“You are right Mahi. We need to find our princess. First, we need to check her in others room. I just really hope that she is fine or else I will never able to forgive myself.” Few tears dropped down from his eyes too.  Mahi controlled her cries, pressing her lips together and more tears rolled down from her eyes.

Then they went to check Muskan in everybody’s room. He went to check right side rooms and she went to check left side rooms. Jay met with Raj and Neyonika in corridors and told them about Muskan. They were shocked and they started finding Muskan with him. Raj immediately called up the manager of the hotel and asked him to do an announcement for the Muskan. On the other hand, Mahi checked Sid’s room but nobody was there because Sid was in Sana’s room. Nobody knew that Sana was also missing from the hotel.

“Muskan,” Mahi walked into Sana’s room, shouting for her daughter. She was breathing heavily and sweating also. Sid who was constantly trying to call Sana, he looked at Mahi confusingly.

“Sid, did you see Muskan ?” Mahi walked toward him asking about Muskan. She was breathing heavily and tears were constantly falling down from her eyes. Sid was shocked, seeing her condition.

“Bhabhi.. relax. First, sit here and calm down.” Sid said, holding Mahi’s shoulder and tried to make her sit down on the bed but she shouted, jerking his hands away from her.”My daughter is missing, Sid and you are asking me to calm down. She is only four years old. I am having no clue where she, she is,” Her voice choked up when she said the last line.

“Bhabhi, Sana is also missing. Her phone is coming switched off.” Sid told her, holding her shoulders. Mahi looked at Sid in shock after knowing that Sana was also missing.

“Maybe Muskan is with Sana. Don’t worry bhabhi, she would be fine.” Mahi felt little relief, listening to Sid’s word.

“How could Sana take Muskan with her without informing anybody ?” Mahi said disbelievingly while Sid went to bring water for her from the table which was kept in the room.

When he was about to pick up the transparent jug from the table, his eyes fell on the white folded paper which was kept underneath the jug. He picked up that note and unfolded it, looking at it suspiciously. Something was written on it with a blank pen. He started reading it and he became blank. The paper slipped down from his hands and he was looking straight. Mahi was looking at Sid confusingly. She picked up the note and burst into tears, reading the note. The note slipped down from her hand and she started crying, covering her mouth with her both hands.

Flashback (one hour ago)

Sana woke up, having a beautiful smile on her face. Her face was glowing with happiness. She never thought that one day she would be so happy again after that incident. She was thankful to Sid. He was changing her for good. He was bringing her happiness back. She smiled, looking at her hands on which both of their pictures were drawn with henna.

“We look so perfect together in Mehendi also.” She spoke, joining her both hands together. Then she blushed and covered her face with her both hands.

” I need to get rid of this fast.” She said frustratedly, getting up from the bed, struggling with her heavy lehenga. Her phone beeped up which was kept on the side table of bed. She picked up the phone from the table, having a smile on her face because she was expecting Sid’s message. But next moment she frowned, seeing the sender id. She was about to throw the phone one bed when she received the call from that person also. She picked up the phone, gritting her teeth.

“How dare you call me again, Aman? Do you want to be killed by my in-laws?” Sana stormed on Aman. From the other side, she heard the evil laugh of him which rose her anger more.

“Baby, nobody can harm me because of their apple of eyes, Muskan is with me. I kidnapped her. Just check the message which I have sent you.” Aman snickered. The floor slipped down underneath her feet, listening to his words. She became numb. She immediately opened the message and tears trickling down her cheeks automatically, seeing Muskan’s photo. Her hands and legs were tied with the chair. Her mouth was also tied up with a white cloth to suppress her screams and her eyes were filled with tears.

“Why, why did you kidnap her? What, what do you want ?” She shuttered after a few seconds. Her heartbeat became fast. Muskan was in danger because of her. She started feeling guilty.

“You, I want your baby. Don’t you know how much I love you? I told you that I would never let you marry anybody else. I was planning to do this from so many days. What did you think that I got scared of your in-laws.” He chuckled evilly, saying this. Sana was blank, she wasn’t understanding what she should do. Tears were continuously falling down from her eyes.

“Aman I will do whatever you will ask me to do. But please leave Muskan. Don’t involve her in this. I beg you please leave her.” She cried badly, saying this. Muskan’s condition was coming in front of her eyes again and again. She was getting weak, thinking about her.

“Baby, I just want to see you, warming up my bed.” she became horrified when Aman said those disgusting words. She wanted to shout on him but because of Muskan, she was quiet.

“Don’t worry first we will get married today and then only we will spend our first night. After that, we will move to some other place and I will leave Muskan. Don’t delay. I am sending you the address and come fast there. If you want to keep Muskan safe then don’t dare to tell anybody about this.”Aman warned her and cut the call. Sana was just crying, clutching the phone tightly because she had no other option except going to him. She slumped on the floor, crying in extreme pain. She was cursing her fate. Every time when she tried to move on her in life, god always made her remember that she doesn’t deserve happiness.

“I have to save Muskan. She, she is in danger because of me. I will do anything for her.” She got up, saying this and wiped off her tears with her both hands. She tried to be strong. The pain and suffering made her strong.

“I just only want one promise from you that you will never hide anything from me. Bat chayai kitni bhi badhi ho yah choti ho, you will come to me and share with me.” She was just about to step out of the room but took her steps backwards when Sid’s words echoed in her ear.

“I can’t put Muskan’s life at risk by telling Sid about this. What I should do ?” She thought, putting a hand on her forehead and shutting her eyes tightly. Then an idea came in her mind. She immediately took a pen and small diary from her handbag and started writing a message for Sid, sitting on the sofa which was kept in her room.

“Sid I am sorry. I am leaving without informing you. Muskan’s life is in danger because of me. Aman kidnapped Muskan because he wanted me. Aman is crazy, he can do anything with Muskan. He wanted to marry me and I will do anything to save Muskan. I just want you to tell you this because I want you to save Muskan because he can do anything with her. Please save her Sid or else I will never able to forgive myself.” She wrote the note, having tears in her eyes and at the end, she wrote the address where Aman had called her. She wanted to tell him a lot of things but she was not having time. She had to save Muskan. The guilt was killing her. She was feeling like she is bad luck for everybody’s life.

Flashback Over

“Jay please do something. Muskan’s life in danger. Our daughter life is in danger. What we will do if something happened to her. Jay.. our princess..” Mahi was crying badly, resting her head on jay’s chest. While Jay was in a state of shock after reading the note. He was blaming himself for being such a careless father because he had left her daughter alone. He was blank and not understanding what he should do. His heart was breaking inside, thinking about the condition of his little princess. He failed as a father, he couldn’t able to protect his princess.

Everybody was in a state of shock. Nobody had thought that the happy days would be changed into bad days like this. It was like a nightmare for Shukla’s family. The life of two members of their family was in danger. Neyonika was crying, sitting on the bed. Sanaya and Shefali were trying to console her. Raj was contacting to Police of that state. Sana’s father was devastated, knowing all this.

“I am going.  I have to save Muskan and Sana. I won’t let anything happen to them at any cost. Uncle your daughter is my responsibility, I won’t let anything wrong happen to her. I won’t..” Sid reassured him, having determination in his eyes, everybody looked at him.

“You are right Sid. We will save both of them. I have to save my daughter at any cost.” Jay said, looking at Sid and fresh tears roll down from his eyes, thinking about the condition of her daughter. Jay and Mahi looked at each other, having extreme pain in their eyes. Jay’s heart was getting heavy, thinking about their daughter condition.

“I will also come with you. I can’t sit here. I want to save my daughter.” Mahi cried in agony after saying this, looking at Jay. He took her in his arms.

“Jay our princess.. please save her,” Mahi screamed in pain in Jay’s arms. Jay was also crying, hugging her tightly.

Somebody was overhearing their talks, standing outside of the room. He called somebody and told everything about what was happening there.

On the other hand, Sana got ready, wearing red bridal lehenga. She was sitting on the bed in a room and tears were falling down from her eyes continuously. She never thought that things would be get changed like this. She would be forced to marry Aman. Almighty was not showing any mercy on her. Whenever she tried to be happy and move on in her life. She only got pain. She got tired of fighting, she got tired of bearing pain. But Almighty was not getting tired of giving the pain to the poor soul.

Aman stormed into the room in fury. Sana screamed in pain when he made her stood up, grasping her hair tightly. Clenching her jaw from his other hand, he roared ” You came here after writing a note and gave the address of here.

Don’t you want to see Muskan alive ?”He dug his nails in her jaw and yanked her hair, making her scream in pain again.

“Did you get scared ?” She asked, having a small smile on her face. Her heart felt little better, seeing him in a fear of getting caught. Next moment Aman raised his hand and it landed on Sana’s cheek. She fell down on the floor and her forehead got hit with the table. Blood started oozing out from her wound.

“I am not a scared baby. I am angry because you are not listening to me.” He sat down beside her and yanked her hair.

“Let him come here because he won’t be able to stop me from marrying you because Muskan is not here. It will be more fun to marry you in front of that Sidharth Shukla. When I make you mine in front in front of his eyes.. that will be more amazing.” He said, having a smirk on his face while Sana was giving disgusting looks. Inside her heart, she knew that Sid would make everything fine.

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