(Part: 41) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


Next morning, I woke up in the warm arms of my Sidharth, I feel tremendously good and secured in his arms. We’re lying naked in each other arms, skin to skin touching and our bodies are covered with the white duvet. I blushed, recalling about our last make-out session on the stairs. It was so mind-blowing and wild, everything is so special and exciting with him. I raised my head up from his chest to look at my sleeping hottie professor. Haye, he looks so cute while sleeping like a small baby. His lips are parted and he’s sleeping peacefully, I’m happy. I can stare at him like this all day without getting bored. He’s my baby.

He slowly opened his eyes and a beautiful smile spread across his face, seeing me. I smiled back at him brightly. “Good morning, Princess.” He stroked my cheek with his one hand and his other hand is placed at my back.

“Good morning, my baby.” I placed a kiss on his forehead. “You know you look so adorable while sleeping.” He raised eyebrows in surprise as I told him.

“Really?” He asked in utter disbelief.

“Yes, now go back to sleep because I want to stare you more.” As I uttered, we both chuckled.

“Maybe I look cute while sleeping, but not more than my beautiful princess.” He raised his head from the bed and caressed his nose against mine.

“No, you look cuter than me,” I argued.

“No, my Princess is cutest.” I just can’t believe we’re arguing on this topic like two years old kid. This is so crazy, but with him, everything is incredible.

“Our baby will be cutest, end of the discussion,” I announced, he laughed loudly.

“Do you want to do babies before marriage?” He winked at me. I flushed, burying my face in his chest. He chuckled, embracing me and kissed my hair.

“Hungry?” He asked after a minute as I looked at him.

“Hungry for you always.” As I answered, he widened his eyes in amazement and then grinned.

“I’m hungry for you too, Princess. I crave for your love every second. You’re my addiction.” He stroke and gently squeeze my butts, gazing at me with his blazing eyes. My whole body is on fire with his touch. His touch has a very strong power to drive me crazy. I’m panting with just his intense gaze.

“You’re my intoxication,” I whispered softly, gazing back at him passionately.

“But for now you need some energy. So first we’ll have breakfast.” He gave a quick peck on my lips before stepping out of the bed. He’s wearing his lower, I’m gazing at his hot and tempting body with desired filled eyes. This hot man is mine, I only get aroused thinking this. He’s seriously making me crazy and hypnotising me.

“Let me wear my clothes, where are you taking me?” I asked as he lifted me in his arms, naked and strolled out of the room.

“I love to see you like this, Princess, only mine. I don’t like anything which hides your glorious body from me.” His voice deepened and his gaze became very intense. I just stared at him silently, panting because of his intense gaze.

He placed me on the kitchen counter. “I really love you from your lips,” he brushed my lower lip, staring in my eyes deeply. “to your soft and milky white feet. I love every inch of your body and especially your beautiful heart and soul. I feel so lucky to have the most beautiful girl in the world.” I’m just beaming at him. I feel contented whenever he praises me like this. Our eyes are filled with only and only love. He loves everything about me as like I love everything about him. I feel so beautiful and special with him.

“Now tell me what do want to eat in breakfast?” He asked tucking my hair behind my ears properly.

As he asked, I answered instantly. “Only you.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“I’ll decide myself.” He turned around and strolled to the refrigerator.

“What are you making?” I asked, trying to see what he is taking out from the refrigerator.

“Bread omelette and fruits custard.” He strolled toward the kitchen counter with the bowl of fruits in his one hand and bread in the other hand, looking hot and attractive. I bit my lower lip, gazing at his tempting body. He started cutting the fruits and I’m gazing at him like an idiot instead of helping him.

“Are you comfortable like this or should I bring my shirt?” He asked, glancing at me.

“I’m completely comfortable like this with you.” He grinned and again engrossed in his work.

I smirked as something naughty came into my mind. I jumped down from the counter and walked toward the refrigerator. I opened it and took out the box of liquid chocolate. I stood in front of him. I opened the lid of the box and kept it on the slab. He looked at me, narrowing his brows suspiciously after seeing the box of liquid chocolate in my hand and the smirk on my face. I dipped my two fingers into the chocolate and sucked my fingers sexily, gazing at him passionately and I deliberately dropped the chocolate down my chin and neck. He’s staring at me with wide-open mouth. I’m seducing him, this is my hidden talent which is coming out in front of him again and again. He’s taking the wild and sexy Sana out of me which was inside me, but I wasn’t aware of it.

As expected, he grasped my waists, yanked me to himself and licked the chocolate from my chin. I threw my head as he buried his face in my neck to suck and lick the chocolate from there. The way he’s tongue is licking the chocolate, I’m loving it. My body is on fire and exploding with my desires.

“This was really a bad move, Princess, now I can’t control myself. You aroused me.” He breathed against my lips and kissed me deeply and passionately, holding my hair back and clutching my waist from his other hand, yanking me closer to himself. This is intense and the sweetest kiss because we’re tasting the chocolate from each other mouth through our tongues. Wow, this is so amazing. I want him to keep kissing me till infinity. My whole body is burning with the desires.

He smirked at me after breaking the kiss, I’m panting. Now, something is going in his mind. Then my eyes fell on his hand, he dipped his whole hand into the liquid chocolate and took out, then another. I gazed at him in anticipation. I shivered as he cupped my twins with his hands, covered with cold liquid chocolate. I closed my eyes and moaned as he squeezed them. Then his one hand trail down the tummy, applying the chocolate all over my body. I’m shivering with the touch of his cold hand and breathing quickly and loudly through my mouth.

“Now it’s time to taste chocolate from my favourite part of your body.” He whispered, grinning. He leaned down and started licking the chocolate from my twins. He is sucking and nibbling one of my twins, licking all the chocolate and playing with the nipple of another one, I’m moaning softly and running my fingers in his hair. I’m standing leaning against the countertop. Oh god, this is divine, his touch is mind-blowing. He’s really becoming my addiction. I’m not getting satisfied, I crave for more and more. His touch is heaven. He’s melting my body with his touch and directly touching my soul. I love him, I love him a lot.

After licking the chocolate from my twins and tummy. He stood straight, gazing at me passionately. He leaned down, touching his face with mine. I closed my eyes in response, feeling his touch. “You drive me crazy, Princess. You’re irresistible.” As he whispered, his breath caressed my face and electricity ran down my spine.

“I need you now.” He suddenly whispered I opened my eyes. I need him too. I’m feeling like I’ve been craving for him since ages. We made love last night, but now I’m craving like this. This is seriously insane.

“I’m craving for you,” I whispered, gazing in his eyes, panting.

“Open your legs.” As he ordered, I complied by opening my legs for him. He pulled his lower down his legs, gazing at me intensely. He slipped on the condom and I screamed, scratching his back as he shoved deep into me after placing my leg around his waist, I’m standing on my one leg. I feel so complete and full when he remains inside me. I can’t even describe this feeling in words. This is divine.

He eased out. “I love you, Princess.” He eased in again slowly, sweetly. Oh god, this feels so good, his soft and gentle strokes are making me feel love and only love. He pulled out. “I really love you.” He shoved into me deeper slowly and gently. I’m really enjoying his slow rhythm. After a moment he accelerated his speed, but today with his every thrust, he confessing love, I’m loving it. This is so pleasurable. I dug my face in his shoulder and held him firmly, enjoying his thrusts, sometimes they are slow and gentle, sometimes they are fast and hard. I’m loving it each one of them.

Few days passed away with the blink of my eyes. Everything is so perfect and beautiful. My life has become hundred times more beautiful after meeting him. The feeling of true love which I’m experiencing with him every day is so pure and incredible. I don’t leave any chance to tease him in the class and then I get his sweet punishment, he also doesn’t leave a single chance to tease me. We compete with each other in the teasing session that who will tease more. Haha, I know this is crazy, but I’m enjoying every bit of it. I’m falling in love with him a lot more every day. I’m loving his each and every shades.

Today, Sidharth hasn’t come to college because he had an important meeting. Earlier I was upset, but now I’m thanking God for this because today’s Vikas birthday and he has thrown a small party in the cafeteria. If Sidharth was here, he would have never let me attend the party. I’m avoiding Vikas for Sidharth, but he requested me a lot to attend his birthday party and I couldn’t deny him.

He cut the piece of the cake and approached to feed me. I lifted up my hand to take the piece of cake. “I’ll feed you, please.” He requested, I just nodded my head reluctantly. He placed his hand on my back, why did I wear backless top today? I cried inside, staring at his stupid grinning face. I don’t like it when he comes close to me and touches me. He fed me, I widened my eyes in shock as my eyes fell on the Sidharth, he is standing at the door, burning in anger. His jaw is clenched, his hands are fisted in the ball, his eyes are smouldering in fury and his deadly gaze is fixed at Vikas. Fuck! Why he had to come now only? I’m gone today. Nobody can save me and Vikas from his anger today.

As I jerked Vikas’s hand from my back, Sidharth’s blazing eyes moved from him to me. I gulped the lump down my throat. I can vividly see the disappointment in his eye. I stared at him guiltily. He stormed out of the canteen. I closed my eyes in frustration and disappointment. I shouldn’t have attended the party.

I rushed out of the canteen after excusing myself. As I took out the phone from my handbag, his message popped up on my phone screen, I instantly opened it.

My Hottie Professor: Meet me at the library in ten minutes.

Now I’ve to face his anger, my heartbeat is accelerating. I sighed deeply before dashing to the library.

Now, what is going to happen in the library?

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