(Part: 44) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


“Sid, I was crazy. Why I couldn’t able to see that the person whom I loved, he had never loved me. He broke me, broke me from everywhere. He snatched everything from me. It’s been three years and now also I am crying because of him. Sid, you, you will not go leaving me alone…, right?” She stammered and asked Sid. Her doubtful eyes were looking in his eyes which were filled with love and concern. She wanted assurance that Sid would not leave him in future as Arjun had left her.

“Angel, at this moment, my no word can assure you that I will never leave you. But still, I want to say that I will be there with you till my last breath.” He reassured her, holding her face. Sana was looking into his eyes and trying to believe in his words, but her fear was stopping her from believing him.

“Now stop crying, angel. It’s really hurting me. The person for whom you are crying, he is not worthy for your tears.” He explained while his thumb was wiping her tears constantly. She cried more, closing her eyes in agony. His heart was aching badly, seeing her in extreme pain. He wanted to kill that Arjun for breaking his angel.

“I am not crying for him. I am crying because I am not able to trust you. I really want to trust you, forgetting about everything. I want to move on. You are doing so much for me and what I am doing? I am questioning you, again and again, blaming you, hurting you, I am giving you nothing except pain. I really want to be happy and want to trust you, forgetting about everything. But nothing is helping me out. Mein trust, trust kar hi nhi paa rhi hoon..” she said while crying badly. Sid pressed his lips together to control his emotions but tears automatically rolled down from his eyes, seeing her pain.

Next moment he just took her fragile body in his protective arms. He knew that no word could erase her pain at that moment except the hug. She cried silently, burying her face in his chest. His arms were giving her relief. She felt better and solace in his arms. He was hugging her more and more tightly like he wanted to fit all her broken pieces together. Sometimes the hug is more worth than the thousands of words.

They broke the hug after a few minutes. Sana was feeling better now. She eventually stopped crying in his arms. They were just looking at each other silently. Their eyes were talking.

“You know what my favourite place is your arms. Like magic, your arms always takes away my all pain.” She told him breaking the silence, having a small smile on her face. His heart felt better, seeing her smile. He smiled back in response automatically. Her smile was his everything.

“I don’t want anything from you except one thing. I just want that you keep smiling like this always. When I see tears in your eyes, it’s hurt a lot here..” he said, pointing his forefinger toward his heart.

“And when I see your smile, it just made my day and make me smile too. I am serious, angel. Your happiness is everything for me now.” He confessed, putting a hand on her face. She was looking into his eyes unbelievably.

Knock on the door startled them. Sid took a deep breath and went to open the door. Sana also got up and walked behind him.

“Hww, before marriage only, you both are sharing the same room.” As Sid opened the door, Cabir said to tease them. Sana looked down shyly while Sid was glaring at Cabir.

“Beta agar jada bolega na tere aur sanaya ka room alag karwa dunga mein. Fir rote hue mere pass mat aeo. Bhai please..” Sid made his mouth shut with his words. Sana controlled her laugh, pressing her lips together and covering her mouth. Cabir’s face was worth watching at that moment.

“Relax bhaiya, I just come here to call you both for the breakfast. I think I shall leave now..” saying this he got disappeared from there within a second. Sid chuckled and Sana was smiling.

“He is nautanki.” Sid said, turning toward Sana.  She just smiled.

“I think we should go for breakfast. I am starving.” Sid said putting a hand on his belly. Sana smiled broadly. She found his act adorable. Then they left for breakfast.


In the evening everyone was getting ready for Sidnaaz’s sangeet. Mahi was struggling to tie the dori of her blouse. Jay walked inside the room in red sherwani matching with Mahi’s red lengha. He got mesmerised, seeing his beautiful wife who was looking hot in red backless lengha. He locked the door immediately, having a smirk on his face. Luckily their romance breaker, Muskan was with her grandparents. Jay didn’t want to leave this golden opportunity at any cost. Mahi looked at him through the mirror. He was approaching toward her, taking slow steps and Mahi’s heart was beating rapidly. He stood behind her and holding the dori , he pulled her toward himself. Her back collided with his front. Mahi closed her eyes in response. He smiled, looking at her through the mirror.

Mahi’s Outfit

“Are you planning to kill me Mrs Mahi Jay Shukla ?” Jay asked, coming close to her ear. Mahi opened her eyes, listening to his words. Both looked into each other eyes through the mirror.

“I mean how can anybody look so beautiful and hot at the same time. You gonna surely kill me one day with your hotness.” He nuzzled his face in her hair. Mahi blushed, looking down.

“Jay.. now stop it and tie my dori. Don’t start again at the wrong time. You know how much it is difficult for me to control afterwards. You did in-plane also like this.” She was complaining cutely and Jay was just smiling, looking at her through the mirror. She was peace of his heart.

“My cute bacha,” Jay said after kissing her cheeks from behind. Mahi passed a cute smile to him, looking at him through the mirror. Jay moved behind to tie her dori. He touched her bareback and she closed her eyes in response. Jay leaned down and started kissing her back, making her turned on. He pulled down the sleeve of her blouse and started kissing her shoulder. She was not in a condition to stop him, he was kissing her, his hands were roaming on her bare belly. He was making her crazy.

After sometime Mahi’s blouse was lying down on the floor. Instead of tying the dori, her naughty husband removed her blouse. They both were kissing each other lips hungrily. Jay’s hand were pressing her twins and Mahi was moaning in his mouth. They could never resist each other. They were together from seven years, but the intensity of their love was still same. Their love didn’t fade away with the time rather it grew more and became stronger.


Another side Sana was sitting in front of the mirror. She was looking ethereally beautiful in pink lehenga. Her hair was tied up in a bun. She bent down to wear her anklet and that time only Sid walked into the room. He walked toward her, taking long steps and kneeled down in front of her. Sana looked at him and their eyes met. For a few seconds like always, they got lost in each other eyes.

Sana’s Outfit

“It’s Okay Sid, I will do this myself.” Sana said, stopping him from touching her foot by holding his hand.

“This is not the first time, angel. Please let me do this.” He requested and she automatically left his hand, looking at him. As his hands touched her foot, she closed her eyes. His touch was something which she couldn’t resist. His touch made her each and every dead cell of her body alive. He leaned down and kissed her foot. She took a deep breath when his soft lips touched her milky foot. His touch was making her crazy. She wanted his touch and kiss every inch of her body.

He placed her foot on his lap and looked toward her. He smiled, seeing her condition. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed.

“Give me the anklet, Angel.” His words brought her back on the earth. She looked at him blankly after opening her eyes. He moved his eyes at the anklet which she was holding in her hand. She gave it to him and both passed a smile to each other.

“I am very lucky that I get a chance to touch your beautiful feet. They are soft and fragile like your heart.” He said while making her wear the anklet. She smiled shyly looking at him. He smiled back. His words always made her speechless and happy.

He carefully put her foot back on the floor and got up. He stared at his beautiful angel in the pink light lehenga. She shyly looked down. Her hands were kept on her lap and she was playing with her fingers. Sid loved his shy Sana. He was thinking that how could anybody hurt the angel like her. She looked at him and found him still admiring her. She cleared her throat to bring him back on the earth. Her beautiful soul was his weakness and his touch was her weakness.

“You are looking.. ” she got up and shushed him, putting her forefinger on his lips before he could complete his words. He looked at him confusingly.

“You have already praised me a lot. Now I can’t take it more. Actually, I am not used to it.” She said, looking at him.

“Agar adat nhi hai toh adat dal lo , Angel. (If you are not used to it then get used to it.) Because I am not gonna leave any single chance to praise the beauty of my angel. Every moment, I want to praise your beauty. I am not talking about outer beauty. I am talking about your inner beauty.. about your pure soul. I don’t want to lose the beautiful you at any cost.” He placed a hand on her face. She shivered as his hands touched her face. He again made her speechless with his words. She was staring at him unbelievably.


Finally, after their quick make-out session, Jay was tying the dori of Mahi’s blouse, standing behind her. Her face was glowing after their intense and passionate make out. Luckily their don daughter didn’t disturb them and let their parents complete their unfinished task peacefully.

“Do you remember our sangeet function ?” Mahi turned around. She asked, encircling her arms around Jay’s neck. Both looked into each other eyes, having a smile on their face. The flashes of their sangeet were coming in their mind. Those memories were precious for both of them. Every moment which they were spending with each other was special and precious for them.

” How could I forget? That day we kissed each other for the first time. I got a chance to feel these tasty lips for the first time. And from that day they became my favourite meal. The meal which I want to take in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night and I will never get bored with it.” Jay whispered seductively, brushing her lower lip with his thumb. Mahi was just looking in his eyes. His dark eyes and his words were hypnotising her.

“Jay you again started. I was talking about our sangeet and you started talking about my lips. Do you see anything other than my lips or not ?” She asked, looking at him unbelievably.

“Off course I see everything. I see your long, silky black hair” he said, moving his hand in her hair.

“and I see your big black  beautiful eyes, whenever they look at me, they take  my heart away from me.” His words made Mahi again hypnotised.

“And I see this cute and small nose of yours.” He said rubbing his nose with her nose and they both chuckled.

“And I see your cute smile.. hayee.. yeh to jaan hi le le leti hai.. (it kills me.)” he said dramatically, putting his hand on his heart. She again chuckled.

“You know, you are crazy.” She said and he nodded his head, agreeing with her words.

“Crazy in your love. But that’s the truth, I can’t look beyond my beautiful wife.” He said and his hands held her face. She smiled, moving her eyelashes down. She looked back at him and he was admiring her.


“This is happening because of you only. Today my daughter is happy and moving on in her life because of you. Thank you.” Ram was talking on the phone with someone, standing in his room. He cut the phone, having a small smile on his face, but his eyes were having some kind of pain.

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