(Part: 38) The Professor And His Princess


Mom and Dad didn’t let Manik go, they forced him to stay with them for a day. Now, dad has gone to bring mom’s favourite cake, Manik is busy with his conference call and I’m cooking dinner with my mom after so long, I’m on the cloud nine. I was craving for the moments which I’m spending with her now. I missed her a lot. I still can’t believe that she’s alright, and smiling with me like the old days. This is like a beautiful dream. If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up because I don’t want to lose her.

Mom is busy in chopping vegetables. I encircled my arms around her neck and kissed her cheek. “I love you.”

She placed her hand on my face. “Mumma loves you more, my doll.”

“Nandu, go and give some snacks to Manik, he must be hungry.” She gave me the tray of snacks. She takes care of everyone so perfectly. I smiled at her, taking the tray.

I strolled into my room, found him still talking on the phone.

As he glanced at me, I mouthed, showing him the tray. “Mom has sent snacks for you.” He smiled and asked to keep it on the table in gesture.

I kept the tray on the table and went to the washroom to get fresh after last time glancing at him.

I’m sitting in the bathroom. I stood up from the toilet seat instantly in shock as I heard mom’s scream from outside. I hastily pulled up my jeans and closed the button. I wash my hands and rushed outside to check what happened. I became anxious for her, my heartbeat accelerated.

I reached in the kitchen and found Manik massaging mom’s hand with the ice cubes. She burned her hand, she’s crying now. Shit! I shouldn’t have left her alone, she has just come out of trauma.

I strolled to them. “How this happened, Mumma?” As I asked, Mom looked at me.

“I, I got lost again, Nandu.” She shuttered. “I don’t, I don’t want to get lost again. I’m feeling like I’ve lost myself somewhere.” She cried badly. I pursed my lips dejectedly, seeing her like this.

I opened my mouth to explain her, but before I could say something, Manik uttered, placing his hand on her face. “Auntie, relax, you’ve just come out of the trauma after one year, It is completely fine if you’re feeling like this. It will take some time, but you’ll be completely fine soon. Nandini is with you, Uncle is with and I’m also with you now. You’ll be fine.” I’ve tears in my eyes, seeing the way he has consoled mom. I’m dumbfounded. He’s best, he’s perfect and I’m falling in love with him more now. Every time he makes me feel so lucky to have him in my life.

“Yes, mom, we won’t let you go again. Don’t worry, you’re my strong Mumma, right?” I wiped her tears, she smiled faintly at me.

She moved her eyes to him. “Yes, I will be fine soon because now I’ve my son too with me.” A blissful smile spread across his face.

They both smiled at each other broadly, he kissed her hand gently. “I’m always there for you, auntie.”

Mom knitted her eyebrows because he called her auntie. “Don’t call me Auntie, you’re my son now. If you call me auntie again, I’ll get angry.” She warned him, holding his ear.

“I’m sorry, Aun, aaa…” he yelled as mom tweaked his ear because he was again going to call her auntie. I’m laughing, seeing this.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” As he apologised, mom left his ear, glaring at him.

He clasped her face. “I’m so happy to get my mom back after so many years. Thank you for accepting me, mo, mom. I’m blessed.” A lone tear rolled down his cheek.

“I got my son back too.” She kissed his forehead, he smiled blissfully.

“Wow, mom, as soon as you got your son, you forget your daughter.” I interrupted them, they chuckled.

“Are you getting jealous of me, Princess?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“No, I so happy for you because you got your lost happiness.” I instantly answered him, he smiled at me, then moved his eyes from me to the mom who is smiling at us.

“Mom, how’s your hand. Is it still paining?” I asked concernedly, holding her hand which has become light red.

“Don’t worry, it is not paining now.” She blinked her eyes. “Call your dad and ask when he’ll come back because I’m craving for my favourite cake.” As she said adorably, rubbing her tummy, we both laughed at her cuteness.

“What, why you both are laughing? I’m not joking, I’m really craving.” We stopped laughing.

“Don’t tell about this to Samarth or else he would get worried.” Suddenly she uttered, we both glanced at each other and then moved our eyes back at her. I always adored the way mom and dad love each other and now I also have someone whom I love like this and who loves me like this. I’m so so happy and blessed to have so loving parents and a loving life partner.

“We won’t tell him, don’t worry.” He answered on my behalf too.

After that we made mom sit on the chair in the kitchen only and we made dinner while talking and laughing a lot.

Now we’re in the hall to cut the cake, standing in front of the table.

Mom, dad and I held the knife. As we bent down to cut the cake, Mom asked him to join us. “Manik, you’re the part of our family now. Come and cut the cake.” He smiled broadly and his eyes shone with happiness. He came and joined us.

We smiled at each other and cut the chocolate cake. “Welcome back mom.” We hoot loudly. “Our happiness,” I added and fed the cake to mom, smiling at her wholeheartedly.

We made each other eat the cake. I applied the cake on Manik’s face to add the fun in the party. He glared at me, and mom dad laughed loudly.

“Mom, he’s glaring at me,” I complained like a kid to mom.

She wiped the cake from his face with her hand. “So first you’ve spoiled my son’s face.” He winked at me because mom is taking his side. I curled up my lips and rolled my eyes.

“Mom, this is so unfair. I was just adding fun to the party.” As I uttered, dad suddenly applied cake on my cheeks from behind and we all burst into laughter.

After that Manik and I went to the bathroom to clean our faces. We’re happy because in this we get some alone time.

First, he’s cleaning his face with the water, standing in front of washbasin. He turned toward me, rubbing his face with a towel. “Princess, I can’t even tell you, I’m so happy today. I’ve never been so happier before. This is the best day of my life. After so many years I got my mom back.” He’s going crazy with the happiness. I’m just smiling broadly and wholeheartedly at him. I’m contented to see him so happy.

“I’m really so happy for you, Manik. This is the best day of my life too. Today everybody got their lost happiness. I’m so happy seeing the way mom and dad have accepted you.” I threw my hands around his neck and hugged him. He embraced me firmly in his protective arms, pulling me closer to him.

At night, I wanted to talk to mom whole night and wanted to sleep in her arms, but I know mom and dad, they also need some private time, that’s why I didn’t say anything. I gave them privacy like a mature daughter, but they didn’t let me sleep with Manik. He is in the guest room and I’m in my room. After being in the same house, we are talking on the phone, sitting in separate rooms. This is so unfair.

“Good night, Princess, you should sleep now.”

“I want to sleep in your arms. Please, come to my room.” I requested.

“Good night, Princess.” He disconnected the call. I cried, tossing my phone on the bed. I fell asleep within a few minutes, thinking about the best day of my life.

I smiled in half-sleep as I felt the touch of his soft lips on my cheek. Then I felt his warm arms around my body from behind, I’m lying on my one side. He pulled me closer me to himself from behind, I smiled blissfully. “I tried a lot, but can’t stop myself from coming to my princess. I don’t want to miss the chance of sleeping, cuddling my Princess.” He whispered in my ear and kissed my neck, making me completely aroused from sleep.

I turned to him. “I love you.” I sucked his lips softly.

“I love you more, Princess.” He clasped my face and whispered against my lips before kissing my lips softly and smoothly, pouring his all love. After that we slept peacefully in each other arms, smiling blissfully.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Nandu ke mom ke thik hone se ghar mai sabke happiness double hou gaye all are happiness as she knows how to keep everyone happy and take care of everyone…
    Manik and nandu ke mom ka scene was so sweet the way she accepted him was so heart touching and manik toh cloud nine par hai as he got accepted in the family and also got his mom back…
    Hehe nandu ke mom ne tou manik ko abhi se apne fav bana liye hehe thats why when she complained abt him to her she took manik’s side…
    Aww Hot Professor cant sleep without his princess in his arms thats so sweet…

    1. Lovely update and culd feel the happiness while reading ur update too. So nandhu is blessed to get manik and manik also deserve to get all d ♥️ 4m nandhini ‘s family. Hope dis happiness should stay 4 ever. And in between their 💑 romance. Very lively update too keep it up👏👍👌

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