(Part: 36) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


After college, we’re going back home and I’m convincing him for cancelling my punishment. He’s not even kissing me. He’s really torturing me. I’m feeling like to cry.

“I promise I won’t tease you next time in the class. Please, no more punishment.” I’m kissing his cheek and he’s driving the car.

“Princess, I warned you before only that you would regret. You deserve punishment for teasing me so much.” As he stated sternly, his eyes fixed at the road, I pouted angrily.

“You’ve already punished me in the canteen, It’s enough now.” I scowled at him.

“You look cute when you get angry.” As he moved his eyes from the road to me, I averted my eyes and curled up my lips to show my anger to him.

I again glanced at him, his lips are drawn up in a smile and his eyes are at the road. I got lost in his handsome face and sexy smile. His one look is enough to drive me crazy.

“Okay, punish me in the extra class tomorrow, but now you’re my boyfriend, not my professor, so keep the punishment on the side and kiss your girlfriend.” As I said, he applied the brakes and kissed my lips hungrily after clasping my face. My eyes are wide open and he’s not kissing my lips, he’s eating my lips like he was craving from ages.

After stealing my breath and making me breathless, he broke the kiss. He’s looking at me intensely. “You were really driving me crazy in the class, I was feeling like to kiss your delicious lips till infinity like this.” He breathed against my lips, I’m shivering with the touch of his hands, the touch of his warm breath and touch of his lips. He makes me feel alive with his touch.

“Never ever seduce your professor in the class.” He warned me before kissing my lips again, this time softly. I kissed him back with equal flavour, wrapping my hands around his neck.

“I love you a lot.” He kissed my forehead after the lips kiss.

“I love you more.” I hugged him.

“But be ready for the punishment in the extra class.” He reminded me, starting the car.

As he looked at me, I smiled. “Okay, but please don’t punish me too hard.” I requested cutely.

He smiled. “Okay.” He clasped my hand, took it near to his lips and kissed them gently, caressing my knuckles with his thumb. I love his each and every gesture. I really love him a lot.

We reached home. I was shocked when he agreed to meet my father, but asked me to introduce him as my friend only. Until my graduation, he wants to keep our relationship secret.

Dad opened the door and stared at Sidharth, narrowing his brows. Then he moved his eyes at me, asking me through his eyes who’s he. “Dad, he’s my friend, Sidharth Shukla.”

As I introduced him to dad, he greeted him instantly. “Hello, uncle.”

“Hello, come inside.” He invited him inside, moving on the side. We stepped into the house, smiling at each other.

“Dad, he has only told about Doctor Shelly whom we’re visiting today,” I told dad as we settled down in the drawing-room.

“Thank you much.” He thanked Sidharth.

He smiled at dad. “Don’t worry, uncle, auntie will be fine soon.” He assured him. I smiled at him happily.

After that, we took mom to the doctor. Dr Shelly is really a nice person, I’m feeling so positive after visiting her. She assured me that mom would be fine in a few days only. Now we’re going back home. Sidharth is driving the car and I’m sitting at the backseat with mom. She’s staring straight silently like always. I’m sitting holding her hand firmly.

“I’ll get you back soon, Mumma.” I murmured and kissed her wrinkled hand, gazing at her emotionless face.

We reached back home.

“Auntie, get well soon or else who will make me marry your daughter?” I widened my eyes in shock as he said to Mumma. He’s sitting in front of her on the bed, his legs are on the floor. I’m standing beside mom. He moved his eyes from mom to me and smiled.

He moved his eyes back to the mom. “We want your blessings on our wedding day.” I smiled and a lone tear trickled down my cheek automatically, I really want my Mumma back. I miss her a lot. Few more tears rolled down from my eyes, making my both cheeks wet.

He stood up instantly, seeing tears in my eyes. “Princess, she will be fine.” He reassured me and wiped my tears with his thumbs.

I sobbed, staring at him with teary eyes. “I want my mom back, Sidharth. I can’t see her like this anymore.” I shook my head, crying and rested my head on his chest. As he embraced me, I started crying louder, clutching his shirt. I couldn’t stop myself from crying aloud in his arms.

He broke the hug and asked, clasping my face. “Princess, you’re my strong girl, right?” He asked, I saw tears in his eyes too. He really loves me so much, he’s too crying, seeing me crying. My lips curved up into a smile, seeing his love.

“Your love makes me stronger.” As I whispered, he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes and smiled blissfully.

“I can’t see tears in my Princess’s eyes.” He held my hand. “When you cry, it hurts me here.” He placed my hand over his heart, gazing at me, his eyes are filled with immense love. He clasped my face and started sucking my all tears gently, taking away my all pain, he’s giving immense peace to my soul. My love for him is increasing every second.

After some time he left. My rest of the day went in missing him. At night I called him before sleeping.

We talked for an hour and he asked me to sleep. “Princess, you should sleep now.”

“No, please a few minutes more.” I denied it because I wanted to talk to him more.

“I want to fall asleep in your arms every night. I miss you a lot.” I uttered sadly.

“Don’t worry, that day will also come soon.” A smile spread across my face as I thought about our future life.

After few minutes, I fell asleep while talking to him. Next day, I didn’t tease him in the class, we were just stealing glances and passing smile to each other.

My Hottie Professor: Be ready for your real punishment in the extra class, Princess.

He messaged me after the class. I shook my head after reading his message. I really have no idea what will be his punishment.

Sana: I always remain ready for you.

My Hottie Professor: That’s good. See you after college, take care.

Finally, the bell of the last lecture rang. It was really getting so difficult for me to pass the time. I’m just wondering about his punishment. Hope he doesn’t leave me after turning me on like yesterday.

My Hottie Professor: Wait for me in the class only, I’m just reaching there. Excited for punishment?

I blushed, reading his message.

Sana: I’m going crazy to meet you.

My Hottie Professor: You’re getting so desperate to get the punishment.

He’s teasing me now.

Sana: I’m getting desperate to spend time with you.

“Sana, aren’t you going home today?” Anu asked me, raising her brows.

“No, I have an extra class with Professor Sidharth.” As I told her, she narrowed her brows suspiciously.

“What’s going on?”

“He’s torturing me with his punishments, Anu.” I instantly answered her back. I didn’t lie to her, he’s really punishing me.

She laughed. “Good luck, I’m going.” She stood up and left after hugging me.

I smiled broadly and my eyes glinted up with the happiness as my eyes fell on him. He smiled back at me before locking the door.

He strolled to the table and leaned against it, smirking at me. I’m blushing, butterflies are flying in my stomach with the excitement. My heart is racing.

“Now you’ll just follow my command.” I nodded my head, sitting on the desk, he smiled. I’m staring at him in anticipation.

“Professor wants his favourite student to stand up and come to me.” As he commanded, I stood up and sauntered to him. My heartbeat is accelerating with every step which I’m taking towards him. We’re gazing at each other fondly.

“Now remove your top for your professor, my favourite student.” I flushed, moving my eyelashes down after listening to his next command.

“Do it fast, Princess. I’m waiting.” As he spoke, I moved my eyes up at him shyly. He pointed his finger at my top. I held the hem of my green top and pulled it over my head, gazing at his handsome face sheepishly.

“Now give it to me.” I gave my top to him and he inhaled my scent from the top, closing his eyes. I smiled, seeing this.

“Your scent is exquisite, Princess.” He whispered after opening his eyes, I blushed.

He kept my top on the table. “Now this.” He pointed his finger at my bra. I blushed hard before taking my hands behind and unlocking it. This is really increasing my excitement.

As I removed it, he moved his eyes down at my twins and then up at me. “You’re really beautiful, Princess.” He compliments me.

He pulled out his hand and I gave my bra to him. Then like this, I pulled out my jeans and undies too and gave them to him. This is arousing my desires more.

He’s gazing at my body like he’s gazing at the stars. “I like you like this. You are so beautiful, Princess. For me, your body is perfect from every corner.” I smiled at him.

He stood behind my back and suddenly yanked me to him, grasping my bare waist. My back naked body rubbed against his front. I can feel his hardness at my back which is turning me on more. I need him badly. Each and every cell of my body is craving for him. He cupped my inner thighs with his one hand and cupped one of my twins with his other hand, taking my breath away from me. He started massaging my twin and started rubbing my most sensitive spot. I leaned against him and just get lost in the heavenly pleasure which he’s giving to me with his hands. He’s taking me to the place where I’ve never been there before.

“Sid-Sidharth.” I moaned loudly as he pinched my nipple and increased the speed of his hand between my thighs.

“Keep your voice down, Princess because anybody can hear you outside.” He whispered in my ear, rubbing my spot round and round vigorously, bringing me to the edges. He’s playing with my twins with his other hand, he’s squeezing them, kneading them and pinching them. I felt knots in my stomach and my legs started shaking. I’m in heaven, but suddenly he removed his hands, again he didn’t let me cum. I’m irritated now, I want release.

“Sidharth, this is not fair.” I glowered at him in anger, he smirked at me.

“Did you forget that this was your punishment, Princess. You won’t get what you want so easily after what you did with me yesterday during the class.” He answered back sternly while I pouted.

“You’re very bad.” I complained, he smiled at me. He kissed my lips softly before giving me my clothes.

“I need you, Sidharth.” I pleaded, thinking that maybe he would meltdown, but he is stubborn.

“This was my condition when you were seducing me in the classroom.” I pouted sadly, staring at him guiltily. Now I’m understanding his condition. I really deserve his punishment.


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