(Part: 36) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


After The Holi Party

Muskan slept getting tired in the afternoon after the holi party. She was sleeping peacefully hugging the teddy while her parents were cleaning each other body in the bathroom. They were having a shower together. They never left any chance to spend romantic time with each other because their daughter was the biggest villain of their romance. More than half of the time she used to disturb them.

Jay and Mahi were standing under the shower in their inner wears. The cold water was cascading on them from the shower but they were making the temperature warm with their hotness. Jay was standing behind Mahi. His one hand was massaging her one boob and his other was rubbing her inner thigh over the fabric. His hands were doing some kind of magic on her body. She used to feel like she is in heaven when his hands used to touch her body. Jay tweaked her nipple and his other hand rubbed her inner thigh vigorously.

“Jay.. I need..” Mahi moaned loudly in pleasure and held the tap tightly to stand straight. She was asking for the orgasm.

“Not before this.” Within a second, he turned her toward himself and said before capturing her lips. He raised up her one leg holding her thigh and put it on his waist while kissing her. Mahi hands were moving in his jet black hair. They were kissing each other like they were hungry from ages.

On the other side, Muskan woke after a few minutes of sleep only to disturb their parents’ romance.

“Mumma.” She called her mumma sitting up on the bed and her tiny hands were rubbing her eyes. She jumped out of the bed and her eyes were searching her mumma in the whole room.

“Mumma ka aap andal ho ?” She asked knocking the door with her tiny hands. Jay and Mahi broke the kiss immediately as they heard their daughter voice.

“Here comes again the villain of our romance.” Jay said in a sad tone. Mahi also made a sad pout. She wanted the orgasmic release but now for them, their daughter was more important.

“Musu.. wait a minute.” She said while wearing the bathrobe. Jay came toward her and pulled her toward himself holding the belt of robe. He started tying the belt looking into her eyes.

“Pending Work will be completed at night.” He pecked her lips. Mahi blushed and went to open the door. Jay went behind her.

“Mumma daddy aap dono ek sath ka kal lahai thai andal ?” Mahi opened the door and Muskan asked, looking at them confusingly. Mahi and Jay looked at each other blankly first then again looked toward her.

“ka aap dono bhi ek dushle ko nahla lhai jese mumma musu ko nahlati hai ?” She asked and giggled covering her mouth with her both hands cutely. Jay looked down rubbing his forehead having no answer of her question and Mahi was finding an answer.

“Musu voh shower kharab hogya tha.. that’s why I called your daddy inside.” She said and Jay nodded his head instantly agreeing to her words. Muskan still looking at them suspiciously like something was going in her head.

“Toh daddy ne kape (cloth) ku ni pehne hue.” Muskan asked making Jay and Mahi surprised with her smartness. They were staring at her with wide-opened eyes.

“Muskan You ask lots of questions. You tell me, how do you wake up so early ?” Mahi picked Muskan in her arms and tried to change the topic. Then Muskan started talking to Mahi and Jay sighed relief. Sometimes it’s really get impossible for them to answer her questions.


Sana came outside from the bathroom after taking the bath. Her wet hair was making her look more beautiful. The pretty smile was not leaving her face because she was just thinking about the romantic time which she had spent with him at the holi party. Her face was really glowing with the colour of Sid’s love. She stood in front of the mirror and started combing her hair lost in the thoughts of him.

“I am feeling so good to be the old Sana and this is only happening because of Sidharth. He is giving me space and doing so much for me. Just want to give the last chance to my life for him.” Talking to herself she picked up the phone which was kept on the table and called him without thinking anything.

Sid caught a cold because of playing holi. He was a very sensitive person. He was sitting in the blanket with the support of bedpost. He was upset about something. He was twiddling his thumb staring straight.

His phone rang up which was kept on the side table of bed. He picked up the phone from the table and only after seeing her name, a big smile spread across his face and his sadness vanished away in the air. This called the magic of love. He sniffed accepting her call. He put the phone on his ear smiling broadly.

“Missing me ?” He asked and she blushed walking toward the Sofa. His voice gave peace to her heart.

“Common sense Sidharth. Yes, I was missing you that’s why I called you.” She sat on the sofa and said making him shocked with her answer. Like She really accepted that she was missing him.

“I was missing you too. Just want to meet you.” He sniffed and replied. She immediately got to know that he caught a cold.

“Sidharth Did you catch a cold ?” She asked worriedly and her voice was filled with concerns.

“I am sorry. You played holi because of me and caught a cold.” She said in a guilty tone getting up from the sofa worriedly.

“Shehnaaz relax and it’s not your fault. I played holi because I wanted to play. You didn’t force me. And believe me, this is one of my best day of life. From now I will play holi with you every year happily.” He tried to explain her in the best way. She smiled slightly listening to his words but she was still feeling guilty.

“And catch a cold every year.” She said and both chuckled.  They blushed and laughed talking to each other for some time. Then they hang up the call having a broad smile on their face. But Sid again became sad thinking about something.


“Mumma Musu ko aaj bhut maza aya.. musu ne sabko colal ladaya. Sid chachu wali chachi ko bhi ladaya. Mumma.. holi  musu ka favoulate festival hai.” Muskan was telling to Mahi when Mahi was making her eat the food. Jay was also sitting with them at the dining table. Muskan was sitting in the middle of her parents. Jay and Mahi were just laughing and smiling listening to her words.

“Muskan Who told you that we were in the outhouse?” Jay asked looking at her because he really wanted to know. This question was eating his mind.

“Jay leave it.” Mahi asked him to leave this. Jay glared at her.

“Cabir chachu ne batya. Cabil chachu kite achai hai. He helped me. Meine chachu ko thank you bi ni bola.” His anger rose up listening that Cabir did this. Mahi was looking at him with pleading eyes asking him to leave this.

“Muskan don’t worry. I will say thank you to your chachu properly because your Chachu is a very nice person.” Jay said sarcastically caressing Muskan’s hair. Then he got up from the chair to take the revenge from his brother. He went from there and Mahi shook her in disbelief.


Jay walked inside Cabir’s room and found Sid was already beating Cabir black and blue. Cabir was groaning in pain. Jay came toward them and joined Sid.

“Why are you beating him, Sid.” Jay asked after punching his face.

“Because He told Sana that I hate holi.” Sid said angrily and punched on the other side of his face.

“Why are you are beating him?” Sid asked from Jay giving Cabir another punch.

“Mahi and I, we both were spending time together in the outhouse and he sent Muskan there to disturb us intentionally.” Jay said looking toward Cabir angrily. He was standing now joining his hand in front of them.

“Cabir.. sudhar ja.” Both said together looking at him angrily.

“Bhaiya Agar mein sudhar gya toh aap dono ki life se fun and adventure chala jaega aur aap dono bilkul boring hojaoge. In brief, I want to say that I will not get change. Chahai yeh jameen aur asmaam ek hojae par apka bhai kabhi nhi badlega.” He said wrapping his hands around their shoulder and chuckled rising their anger more.

“I have a small gift for my sweet brother for making my life entertaining.” Jay said sarcastically and made him sit on the bed. Sid was looking at him confusingly. Cabir smiled happily.

“Sid let’s bring his gift,” Jay said looking at Sid gesturing him to come outside with him and then he winked. Sid understood that something was going in his mind. Then they both walked out of the room. Sid was just about to ask from Jay that what was going in his mind but before that he found Jay closing the door. Jay smirked looking toward Sid and he smiled back. They gave high five to each other and chuckled.


Sid was sniffing and putting the clothes in the luggage which was kept on the bed. His nose became red because of the cold. He went to open the door as somebody knocked on the door of his room. He grinned happily, seeing Sana who was standing outside of his room. She gave him a big smile and he welcomed him with the sneeze.

“God bless you, Sid.” She said forwarding her hankie in front of him. He took it and sniffed wiping his nose. Sana was looking at him worriedly.

“I have brought Kadha for you. You will get  immediately well after drinking it.” She said showing him the bottle. Sid smiled knowing that she specially came here to give this to him.

“Thank you so much for this. I really needed this.” He said happily taking the bottle from her hand. Sana was shocked to see his reaction because she had never seen anybody getting so much happy like this after getting the Kadha.

“What happened?” He asked when he found her staring him.

“Actually I am shocked seeing that you didn’t say no for the Kadha.” She said in a disbelief tone pointing her index finger toward the bottle.  Sid just smiled slightly in response. She wasn’t aware that he hated Kadha. His babhi and mom used to make it for him and he never drank it. He was happy because she had brought for him.

“If you know bring poison for me with so much love, I will also drink it  happily.” He said coming close to her. Sana was looking at him with wide-opened eyes.

“So chessy Sid..” she said pushing him away putting a hand on his chest. He chuckled. She was not aware that he was damn serious. He could really drink poison for her happiness. He just wanted her happiness. He loved her as nobody has loved anyone before.

“Come inside soon to be Mrs Shukla.” He welcomed her inside moving aside giving her the way to walk inside. She smiled and walked inside. Closing the door he walked behind her. He kept the bottle on the table.

“Are you going somewhere?” Her eyes fell on the luggage which was kept on the bed as she walked inside. She asked pointing his hand toward the luggage. Then she looked toward him for an answer. Sid rubbed his forehead looking down.

“Yes, I am going to Dubai.” He said looking at her after taking a deep breath. This was the only thing which was making him upset. He didn’t want to go but he has to go.

“Why? When you will come back?” She asked immediately.  She became shocked because after one week their marriage function would be get started and he was going to Dubai two weeks before their marriage.

“It’s a five days tour. I have to complete the shooting of one of my pending song. I want to spend time with you before marriage also but more than that I want to spend time with you after marriage. I will take a two-month break after marriage. That’s why before marriage I want to complete this pending song. Hope you’re understanding me.” He said walking toward her and she was looking toward him sadly because she wanted to spend time with him. She wanted to go shopping with him.

“I am sorry. I know you have just started to move on with me and I am going away. It just that it is important. If you want.. I can cancel the shoot. This song is nothing in front of your happiness for me.” He said holding her both the hand. She gave him a small smile in response. Her smile gave him relief.

“Then don’t go.” She said in serious tone making him shocked with her answer because he wasn’t accepting this answer from her. Her words made him change the decision. Now if she also ask him to go then even he would not go.

” I am just kidding Sid.” She said and chuckled. But she was damn serious before.

“I know it is important that’s why you are going. Work is important.” She said and smiled forcefully because she was sad from inside.

“C’mon let’s pack your bags.” She said walking toward the bed. She started putting the clothes in the bag properly after sitting on the bed beside the bag. Sid went there and instead of putting the clothes in the bag, he started taking out the clothes from the bag. Sana stared at him shockingly.

“What are you doing Sidharth ?” She asked and stopped him by holding his hand.

“I am not going anywhere now because you asked me to don’t go.” He said in serious tone looking at her.

“Now I am saying you to go. I was just kidding Sidharth.” She tried to explain him. She really didn’t want that he should cancel his shooting because of her.

“I won’t go.” He said taking out his shirt from the bag.

“You will go.” She said stubbornly putting that shirt in the bag again. Like this, they started fighting like small kids. They were repeating this process again and again. She was putting the shirt in the bag and he was taking out and their fight continued.

“I am not going.” Sid said loudly throwing the shirt in the corner of the room. Sana gave him angry glares.

“Sidharth, why are you behaving like a kid? You should go, work is important. I really don’t want you to cancel your shooting because of me. For me please go.” She requested looking at him with pleading eyes. Inside her heart didn’t want him to go. She wanted to spend time with him. But she was forcing him to go because she knew, work is also important.

“Sana I know your heart doesn’t want me to go and I have decided that I won’t go. I am listening to your heart and my decision won’t be changed.” He said stubbornly while she was looking at him unbelievably thinking that every time how he came to know what her heart wants.

“Okay fine, but this is the first and last time. I am letting you cancel your shooting because of me.” She said strictly showing her index finger to him like a mother. Sid nodded his head like an innocent and obedient kid, but she didn’t know that he would always think about her before work. Her happiness was his first priority.

“Well don’t you think we were just fighting like typical husband and wife a few minutes ago?” He asked raising his eyebrows and sniffed because of cold. Sana laughed on his words and he also laughed with her.


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