(Part : 34) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Sana came back home with her father after the party. Her father didn’t talk about the incident which happened at the party because he didn’t want to make her upset. He just said that he is happy for her. After the short conversation, they both walked to their respective rooms. The smile was not leaving her face. The smile was proof of her happiness. She sat in front of the dressing table. She started taking out earrings from her ears, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She was lost in Sid’s thoughts. His blissful words were echoing in her ear and making her heart happy. She touched her lips remembering about his magical touch. She touched her cheek where he had kissed her.

“Again you are becoming a fool in love.” Her mind said to her suddenly and her smile vanished away from her face instantly.

“I am not becoming a fool. I am just trying to move on. I got tired of fighting alone. It’s better to try than doing nothing. I have decided that I will only think positive from now and will not listen to my mind. Sidharth is doing so much for me, so it’s my duty to do something for him too. He just wants one thing from me that I should try to move on. It’s time to say bye-bye to negative thoughts and say hi to positive thoughts.” She said to herself, having a smile on her face. She stood up from the stool taking a deep breath.


Mahi was making Muskan sleep. She was caressing her forehead. Muskan fell asleep within a few minutes. Mahi got up after kissing her forehead. She went to take out her nightdress from the cupboard. Jay walked out from the washroom wearing vest and lower. He walked toward her and hugged her tightly from behind wrapping his hands around her chest and started trailing kisses down her bareback. Mahi clutched her nightdress tightly and closed her eyes in response. He turned her toward himself and captured her lips, cupping her face. They started kissing each other crazily. Her hands clutched his vest and his hands pulled her toward himself grabbing her hips. He pressed her hips and she moaned in his mouth.

“Jay we need to go outside.” When Jay attacked toward her neck, Mahi said after catching her breath back when her eyes fell on Muskan. Jay looked at her. He sucked her lips and picked her in his arms.

“You know that today I am going to make you scream a lot that’s why you suggested us to go outside, right?” He asked raising his eyebrows. She hid her face in his chest getting shy. Then he took her in their private swimming pool area which was attached to his room. They spent half of the night there only in each other arms.


“Raj, by the way, I forgot to ask you where you find Shehnaaz ?” Neyonika asked from her husband. He was lying on his front, putting his arm on his forehead. She was lying on her one side, facing him. As she asked, he turned his face at her after removing his arm.

“I saw her three times before understanding that she’s a perfect girl for our Sidharth.” Neyonika’s eyes glinted with excited to know the full story. “First I saw her on the red light, she was helping kids to cross the road and then she made them eat Ice cream. That time I didn’t understand god’s signal, ‘God bless her’ these words automatically escaped out of my mouth. Second time I saw her in the gurudwara, she was serving the langar and third time I saw her in the orphanage, there too she was spreading happiness. When I saw her for the third time, I understood god’s signal. I understood why he’s bringing her again and again in front of my eyes. I’m really so happy for Sidharth, Neyonika. Shehnaaz is really a nice girl, she will keep our son happy always.” They both smiled, they were happy to find a perfect girl for their son who had a beautiful heart with a beautiful face.

Next morning

A new beginning for Sana. From today, she would only think positive. She woke up stretching her arms and having a beautiful smile on her face. She was feeling fresh this morning. She got up yawning. She went outside. Her father was sitting in the drawing-room, holding a newspaper in his hand. She hugged him from behind wrapping her hands around his neck and wished him good morning. Her father also wished her kissing her temple. She sat down beside him. He showed her newspaper. On the front page, there was a collage of engagement pictures of Sidnaaz with the headline ‘The Royal engagement of Sidharth Malhotra’.  They were looking so beautiful together. Sana kept staring the newspaper for a few minutes. She wasn’t able to believe on her eyes because they were looking perfect together in those pictures. She clicked the image of the newspaper immediately and sent to Sid.

She came on the earth back listening to the doorbell. She kept the newspaper on the table and went to open the door.

“Wow, My friend is everywhere today,” Shefali said happily as Sana opened the door. Sana gave him confused looks.

“Newspaper, magazine, Facebook, Instagram.. everywhere.” She squealed joyfully and Sana opened her mouth in 0 shape, understanding her words.

“Did you see Sidharth’ s post on Instagram? It’s trending everywhere. Wait let me show you.” She took out the phone from her pocket. Sana also got excited to see photo after listening to Shefali’s words. She showed her that picture. Now she kept staring that photo. She wasn’t able to believe that how they were looking so beautiful together. Then she read the status and a broad smile spread across her face. “For the world, you will be one person but for me, you’re my world.

Sid was checking a few comments on his Instagram post, lying in the blanket after waking up. Then his phone rang up. He smiled broadly when he saw his angel name which was flashing on his screen. Only her name used to bring a smile on his face. He grinned picking up the call.

“Hello, Miss beautiful.” He greeted her sweetly, putting the phone on his ear and sat up on the bed. On the other side, she blushed listening to his compliment, sitting on the bed.

“Stop blushing and go to the balcony.” He said making her confused that Why he was asking her to go in the balcony.

“What happened Sidharth?” She asked confusingly getting up from the bed.

“First go.” He was not ready to tell her anything. She rushed to the balcony.

“Now tell me, I reached to the balcony.” She asked looking all around.

“Ek bari dekhna ki aaj suraj kha se nikala hai.,” Sid asked making Sana hell angry. Sid tried to control his laugh pressing his lips together.

“Sid, What happened to you? What are you saying?” She clutched the railing from her free hand and asked losing her temper because he was behaving so weird.

“Shehnaaz you called me up today yourself. I thought maybe today the sun rose in the west.” He laughed loudly covering his mouth with his hand. Sana became confused that she should laugh or she should shout on him for this joke.

His laugh brought a smile on her face.

“You are crazy Sid.” She shook her head in disbelief.

“Actually It made me happy. This shows that you are trying, trying to move on.” He said now becoming serious but the smile didn’t leave his face. She was trying to move on forgetting about her past, this was her first step towards him.

“You know Sidharth, I am feeling fresh today. It feels so good, good to be positive. After such a long time today, I am seriously happy and you are the reason for my happiness. Thank you..” She thanked him from her heart. Her words made his heart happy. He wanted to become the reason for her happiness and he became.

“I don’t want your thank you. I want a reward.” He said again teasingly. His words made her quiet.

“What reward ?” She bit her lower lip and asked tucking her hair behind her ear which was coming in her eyes again and again.

“You know that what type of reward I am talking about Shehnaaz.” He said and she again blushed and shut her eyes tightly.

“Haye, I wish I would be there with you to see your blushing face.” He said closing his eyes like he was imagining her face. She was shocked that every time how he came to know when she blushed.

“Sid tomorrow is Holi and I love holi. What’s your plan ?” She asked changing the topic smartly.

“She loves holi. How should I tell her now that I hate holi.” Sid thought while Sana got confused when he didn’t answer her. He never played Holi. He hated those chemical-filled colours. He hated the wastage of water.

“Every year Dad throws a party on holi. This year you are also invited. So will you come ?” He invited her to the party and didn’t tell her that he hated holi.

“If you love holi then this year I will also celebrate Holi. Mein is Holi par tumhai apne pyaar ke rang mein rang dunga Sana.” He thought, having a smile on his face. He even got ready to play holi for her. He could do anything for her because he loved her.

“That’s great. I will surely come, Sid, because I love holi.” Sana said like an excited kid. Sid just smiled. He was happy because she was happy. Her happiness, her positive attitude, her words and her excitement, all these things were giving peace to his heart.


Sid walked out of the bathroom getting ready after taking shower. Muskan shocked him.

“Happy Holi Sid Chachu.,” she shouted splashing the water on Sid from her water gun. Sid glared at her and she giggled cutely covering her mouth with her hand.

“Musu, today is not holi, Holi is tomorrow. You spoiled your Chachu’s clothes. He was going out for the important work.” Sid said in calm tone kneeling down in front of her.

“Now what Chachu will do ?” He asked raising his eyebrows and putting a hand on her face. Muskan was still grinning naughtily.

“Musu ko ka pata.” She said cutely and shrugged her shoulder.

“Aaj toh choti wali holi hai. Aul chachu bula na mano holi hai.” She said pulling her chachu’s cheek with her one hand and from another hand, she was holding the water gun. Sid was angry because he was getting late for the recording. But seeing her cuteness, his all anger vanished away.

“Chachu kal toh mein apko lang wali pichkari malunga. Voh kya khete hai..” she paused and tried to remember a word. Sid was confused that what she was thinking.

“Tailer.,” she yelled after a few seconds remembering the word. Sid became more confused with her word.

“Yeh toh silf tailer tha picul toh abhi baki hai.” She said and winked blinking her both the eyes cutely. Sid chuckled on her word tailer and on her cute wink.


Sid came out of his room after changing his clothes and now Cabir came with a bucket of water. He splashed the water on him shouting “Happy Holi” Sid glared at him angrily.

“Cabir..” He yelled angrily. His eyes were spitting fire. First Muskan then his brother. That was the only reason, he hated holi.

“Now don’t, don’t you dare to say that bura na mano holi hai. You know that I hate holi.” Cabir just opened his mouth to speak something but before him, Sid shouted angrily pointing his index finger at him. Cabir closed his mouth and put the finger on his lips. Sid stormed to the room and slammed the door angrily on his face. Cabir was laughing holding his stomach.

“Now it’s time to play holi with big brother Jay Shukla.” He left from there saying this. Cabir was funniest member of the family. He was like a kid.


This time before stepping out of his room, Sid was checking the danger properly. He opened the door slightly and he was peeping out cutely. Then his eyes fell on the angelic feminine figure who was approaching to his room. She was his angel Sana. He rubbed his both eyes because he thought he was dreaming with open eyes. He opened the door, having a smile on his face because she was in real. Sana also saw him and passed him a warm smile.

Then she reached to him.

“Happy Holi Sid.” She applied the red colour ‘the colour of love’ on his cheeks and Sid was looking at her shockingly. This danger was unexpected for him. She was laughing looking at him.

“So do you like my reward ?” She asked raising her eyebrows and laughed loudly. First, he was shocked, but then he got lost in her laugh. His heart was going crazy seeing her happy. He forgot about everything looking at her. He wanted the time to stop at this moment and he kept staring at her till infinity. It was so peaceful to see her like this for him.

“You took my heart away with your laugh.” He yanked her to himself, holding her both the arms. She stopped laughing and looked at him shockingly. His touch started making her weak like always. Her heart started beating rapidly and her breath became uneven. He started taking his hand up from her elbow to shoulder. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath. His touch was heaven for her. His touch burned his body. His touch took her into another world, the world where nobody was there except them. He was smirking seeing her reaction of his touch. He loved the way how his touch used to make her crazy.

Somebody coughed and they both pulled away from each other. Sana was looking down embarrassingly while Sid was looking at the person who was approaching toward them.

That person was this time Jay Shukla. Sid’s big brother.

“Itna openly toh Mahi aur mein bhi romance nhi karte mere bhai.. tu toh humshe bhi aage nikla.,” Jay said in fun tone and Chuckled. Sana was feeling so embarrassed. He was also looking at his brother shyly.

“Just chill guys. I was just kidding. For the first time, I have caught someone while romancing. Vese sabh mujhe aur Mahi ko pakadhte hai. I didn’t want to spoil, but I want to experience this.” Jay laughed saying this. Sidnaaz looked at him shockingly, opening their eyes wide.

“I am going. You continue..” Jay winked at Sid and left patting his shoulder.

“My family is little crazy.” Sid said looking at Sana.

“Bhut achi hai. Everyone are so fun-loving and nice. I admire everyone in your family. Especially that chota packet badha dhamal, Muskan. She is so adorable.” Sana said happily. Sid was feeling glad to get a girl like Sana who would love his family like her own family.

“Can we go inside? I need to go wash my hands.” She said showing her hands to him on which red colour was applied. Sid nodded his head. Then they both walked inside the room.


Sana was waiting for Sid sitting on the bed. He was changing his clothes for the third time inside the bathroom. He walked outside pulling the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbow. Sana got up looking at him. He passed her a smile and strolled to him. She smiled back.

“Sidharth, I shall go now. I am getting late.” She said when he reached to her. He became sad. Whenever she talked about going away from him, he used to become sad. He just nodded his head and didn’t stop her because the thing was that he was also getting late. Then they left the house together.


“Tomorrow is holi. Musu is super excited. Musu kal sabko colour lagaegi dher sara. Yippee..” Muskan was jumping on the bed, clapping her hands excitedly. She was super excited for the holi. Mahi and Jay were lying and admiring their daughter. She was jumping in between them.


“I will colour you in the colour of my love tomorrow” He sent the message to Sana before sleeping. For the first time the person who hated holi that person was excited like anything for holi. This was the effect of Sana’s love.

On the other side, Sana smiled reading his message. She was also lying inside the blanket and seeing the photo of them which Sid had posted on Instagram. She was not getting over that beautiful photo.

“Can’t wait for that. I really want you to colour me in your colours tomorrow. I want to forget everything tomorrow.” She replied him back and sent the message having a big smile on her face. Sid felt like to dance crazily after reading her reply. Her message increased his excitement.

Precap: Holi Special

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