(Part : 29A)The Professor And His Princess


“I want to spend some private time with my student.” He’s sauntering to me, gazing at me, having desires in his bewitching black eyes. My heart started racing only with the thoughts of what he’ll do to me. I’m excited to spend some time with my Hottie Professor in the classroom. This is making me excited. I’m looking at him in anticipation.

“But your favourite student is still angry from you.” I turned my face on other side as he reached in front of me.

“Then her professor have his own to pacify his favourite student.” He cooed, holding my chin with his thumb and finger. As he turned my face to him, I pouted angrily.

“Oh, really ? So what are those ways ?” I sassed, removing his hand from my chin.

As he abruptly grasped my bare waist, I shivered because of his touch. He lifted me up from the floor and made me sit on the desk. We gazed into eachother eyes passionately in utter silence, the only sound we could hear is our heartbeats. He started coming close to my lips, gazing in my eyes fondly. His warm breath caressing my face.

I placed my hand between our lips before they touch. “First tell me why were you late and why you were not answering to my calls and messages?” I asked sternly, putting my hand down.

“I’m sorry, Princess. I had early morning meeting.” As he held his ears and cutely apologized from me, I smiled broadly. I love him a lot. “I missed you a lot, Princess.” He said like a cute baby. He’s so adorable.

“It’s okay, but next time inform me before meeting.” I said sternly, pointing my index finger at him. He innocently nodded his head like a adorable baby. “I got worried for my professor.” I added.

“I’m really sorry, Princess. I won’t repeat my mistake.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead, my lips curved into a blissful smile.

“Nobody could think that their professor Manik is so adorable.” I pulled his cheeks, he chuckled.

“I’m adorable for my princess only. My this soft side is for you only.” He stated, caressing my cheek with his thumb.

I smiled broadly. “Really?” I asked, raising my eyebrows in amazement. I’m extremely happy.

“Yes really, Princess.” He nodded his head. We beamed at each other.

“By the way, you have your own construction company, you’re so rich, then why are you teaching here?” I asked, looking at him bemusedly.

“For you.” He answered me instantly.

“For me?” I asked, narrowing my brows in confusion.

“Just kidding, actually the head of this college is my dad’s friend. He requested me to teach here for few months and I agreed.” I opened my mouth in O shape. “I’m glad that I joined the college because I found you here. If I hadn’t joined this college, I wouldn’t have find you.” He added.

We smiled at each other happily, gazing in each other eyes adoringly and thanking god for making us meet. I’m really blessed to have him. I’ve never been so happier before. I’m now realising that my life was empty before meeting me. He has completed me and brought happiness into my life.

He clasped my face and asked. “Do you want to ask something else, Princess?”

“No.” I nodded my head. “Now I just only need you.” I grasped his t-shirt and yanked him to myself. He gave me salacious smile before taking my lips in his warm mouth. I love it a lot. He sucked them softly and then slightly bit my lower lip. He sucked my lower lip, I sucked his upper lips. We started kissing each softly, pouring our love. I didn’t come to know when the kiss turned passionate and when I encircled my legs around his hips. We’re now kissing each other hungrily and crazily like we were craving from so many years. His hands are inside my crop top and stroking my back, driving me crazy with his magical touch. We’re exploring every corner of each other mouth through our tongues, forgetting about the whole world. I’m loving this passionate kiss.

As he held the hem of my crop top and lifted up my top, I broke the kiss. He narrowed his eyebrows in confusion and frustration, we’re panting. “We’re in class, Manik.” I whispered, staring at him after catching my breath back.

“So what Princess, we’re alone here and don’t worry about the camera, it is not working.” He answered me causally.

“But next class is just going to be started.” I pushed him away and jumped down from the desk. I widened my eyes in shock as I realised my bra is open. I looked at him, his lips are drawn up in a smirk.

When did he just do this? I was so lost in the kiss that I didn’t even realise it. Oh god, he’s crazy and making me crazy too.

“Manik..” I glared at him, moving my hands inside my top to hook it back.

“Let me do it, Princess.” He stood in front of me and took out my hands from the top, gazing at me passionately. I want to spend more time with him. He suddenly grasped my bare waist and pulled me to himself. “I’ll hook it back the way I unhooked it.” He whispered and started taking his other hand inside my top. He’s caressing my back, I closed my eyes and got lost in his touch. I’m shivering with his touch and feeling so good.

I snapped open my eyes as the bell rang. “Manik, do it fast.” I asked him to hurry up because student will start coming back in the class. He’s just smiling at me naughtily, I’m shocked. Suddenly he brought his hand in front and squeezed one of my twin from inside the top, smirking at me. I moaned, raising my brows in surprise.

He is now coming close to my face, stroking my twin. He’s driving me crazy, my whole body is burning with desire now. “I was late today and I made my favourite student wait for me. So it is my duty to give her extra time.” He whispered in my ear, taking my breath away from me with his husky voice and he’s still playing with my twin. I’m aroused.

He moved back his face and looked at me smilingly. “And don’t worry, the next class is also in the lab. So nobody is going to come in the class. We have one more hour to spend with each other.” As he told me, my eyes shimmered with the happiness and my lips curved into a broad smile.

I’m extremely happy because I really want to spend some more time with him. I don’t get satisfied from him, I crave for more and more. Thats what love is.

I moaned loudly as suddenly he pinched my nipple to bring me on the earth back. “Princess, control your moans, let me remind you that this is not a sound proof room. Do you want anybody to listen your moans and screams?” He asked, raising his brows.

I flushed and hid my face in his chest. “You’re naughty, Manik.”

He chuckled and embraced me, I snuggled in his arms. “I’m your naughty professor.” He murmured.

I broke the hug. “And I love my naughty professor a lot.” I stood on my toes, raising my heels and placed a kiss on his cheek, I held his shirt to balance myself.

I narrowed my brows bemusedly as he uttered. “But now my favourite student deserves punishment.” He’s smirking at me.

I’m sure that something naughty is going in his mind.

“Why?” I asked, raising my brows.

“Because-” He tucked my hair behind my ear, gazing at me, smiling naughtily. “You forcefully break our kiss and then pushed your professor away from yourself.”

“That time, I didn’t know that next lecture is also in the lab. That’s not fair, you can’t punish me like this.” I complained and pouted angrily.

“No, baby girl, I’m your professor and I can punish you whenever I want.” He uttered, trailing the tip of his forefinger over my cheek sexily. I’m becoming breathless, he’s taking away my breath from me with his husky voice only. I’m surprised.

“I’m ready for my punishment.” These words mechanically escaped out of my mouth, he raised his brows in shock. I’m too shocked that I’m obeying to him.

“Great.” He smiled at me. “After this punishment you’ll think hundred times before breaking our kiss forcefully and before pushing me away.” His voice held dominance.

I stared at him, wondering about what type of punishment he’s talking about, but I’m loving his dominating side too. This is increasing my excitement and arousing me more. I really love him, I love his every side. I want to experience every type of love with him and he’s fulfilling my this wish. Now I’m excited and a bit nervous that what punishment he’ll give me, but I’m sure that it will only take my desire to the peak. I’m so so excited.

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update….
    The update was mixture of both cuteness and hotness the way manik apologised to nandu was so cute and there romance was damn hot as usual…
    Manik bhot he bada naughty professor hai he just cant control himself when he is around nandini thats why he turned there sweet and cute kiss into passionate and hot kiss and by moving his hands all over her body he was making her hot along with him…
    But now nandu ko punishment milege for pushing her professor away from her and for breaking the kiss…
    But manik usko punishment dega kya whatever it will be it is gonna be damn hot…

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