(Part : 27A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Next Morning (One day before engagement)

Sana was in her Art gallery. She was trying to refresh her mind by making painting but couldn’t. The work which gave her peace was not doing anything now because she found peace in him now.

“In two days before our engagement, I will make you realise that you have feelings for me. That’s my promise to you, Angel” His words were again and again ringing in her mind. She was wondering that what he would do. She was even upset because of not getting his morning message. In few days only, she became habitual of reading his morning message. Starting her day with reading his message, it brought huge smile on her face and after that their never ending conversation. Because of that conversation only, she stayed happy whole day.

Everything was going good until Sid showed her the reality that she had feeling for him. She was ready for the marriage, In fact she was happy with him, but she was afraid of falling in love. She was afraid to give her heart again to someone else. Before the reality check, she was having no clue that she was falling for him, but after this she started running away from the reality and started running from her own feelings because she didn’t want to be broken again. She was afraid of going through the same pain. After his betrayal, she never  blamed him, she blamed herself for loving him truly. She called herself fool for seeing true love in his eyes and for giving her heart and soul to him. She devoted herself to him. Now she had fear of doing the same mistake again because her first love was also true for her. This was the only reason, she was running from the reality. She didn’t want to repeat the same mistake.


“Mumma mein jab daddy aul aap jesa bala hojaunga na tabh mein doctor banuga. Aur fil jab aapko khi ue hogi na toh mele pass ana. Thikhai mumma.” Muskan was sitting on the bed and telling her mother about her future plans. She was playing with Doctor set, wearing the stethoscope and hearing the heartbeat of her teddy bear which was kept on her lap. The teddy bear was her patient.

Mahi smiled, listening to her words. “For that you have to study a lot.” She was sitting behind her and combing her hair.

“Daddy..” She squealed happily, rushing to the door as she saw her father, strolling into the room. He picked his princess in his arms.

“Daddy, do you know ? Mein bala hokal doctor banuga.” She told him too while he was tucking her messed up hair properly behind her ears. Mahi walked to them.

“Really, Now you want to become doctor. Last week you want to become a business man like your father. Last to last week you want to become singer like your chachu.” Jay laughed saying this and Muskan was giggling cutely, covering her mouth with her hands.

“Daddy, Mujhe sabh bana bai. Doctor bhi , singal bhi aur jo aap ho voh bhi.” Mahi and Jay shrieked into laughter as she pronounced singer as singal.

“Musu, It’s singer, not singal.” Mahi tried to correct her.

“Ale Vohe toh bola meine singal.” She pronounced it still wrong. This made Mahi and Jay laugh more louder.


Sid was sitting on floor, leaning against the bed. He was tuning the guitar and the low pitch melodies sound was coming out. There was sadness on his face. He wanted to talk with her, but couldn’t because he decided to ignore her to make her realise her feelings. He was sure that when she would miss him then only she would realise his importance in her life.

The moments which he had spent with her were coming in front of his eyes like a movie was playing in front of his eyes. His face was clearly showing that how much sad he was feeling to ignore her. Spending One day without talking to her was like spending a one year without her. In few days only, she became a important part of his life. Now he couldn’t even imagine his life without her. He needed her in his life badly. His life was perfect for him until he met her, but after meeting her, he came to know that something was missing in his life and that something was love. Till few days back, they were strangers walking on the path and now she resided in his heart and soul.

“Chachu, Chachu..” Muskan strolled into Sid’s room happily. He came on the earth back, listening to her sweet voice. A smile spread across his face, seeing her. He placed the guitar on bed and made her sit on his lap.

“Tomolow aapki en, musu toh bhul hi gye ki kal apki kya hai.” She said cutely, playing with her fingers. Her words made her chachu smile broadly. She was lightening up his mood.

“Tomorrow is my engagement Musu.” He told her and kissed her cheek, wrapping the little Musu in his strong arms.

“End, ende, oh.. ho.. yeh word toh kitu difficult hai.” Muskan said, slapping her forehead slightly.

“Aap sabh log isse ita easily kese bol lete ho?”She asked from him , turning her face to him. She was finding difficult in pronouncing the word engagement. 

“It is en, gage, ment.” Sid tried to make her pronounce the word.

“Endagement..” She became extremely happy when she say the full word. She clapped her hands, jumping on his lap. She pronounced it wrong, but still it was a big achievement for a small girl like Muskan.

“Very good Musu..” Sid praised her and again kissed her cheek.

“Vese mujhe aapse yeh puchna tha ki endagement pal hota kya hai ?” She asked confusingly, looking at Sid. She was having no idea about the word engagement.

“In this, the couple who are going to get married, those couple exchange the rings with each other. Tomorrow Chachi will slide the ring in my finger and Chachu will slide the ring in your chachi’s finger.” Sid tried to explain in the most easiest way it was possible. Muskan opened her mouth in O shape.

“Chachu toh meli endagement kab hogi. Musu ko bhi ling exchange kalni hai. Chachu meli bhi endagement kalwa do na kal, please.” She requested him innocently. Sid was looking at her, widening his eyes. He couldn’t fulfil her this wish at this time.

“Musu, you are a small kid. When you grow up then Chachu will fulfil your this wish. For now enjoy chachu’s engagement.” Sid said and she nodded her head sadly, saying ‘Okay’. She became a bit upset because she also wanted to do engagement. Sid gave her chocolates and with in few seconds , she became happy. Kids are like this only.


In evening, Sana came to Shukla’s Mansion to try her engagement dress. Inside her heart was happy that she got a chance to meet Sid. She was drinking the juice, sitting with Neyonika and Mukti in the hall. Her eyes were only searching him in every corner of the house.

“Where are everyone ? I mean Muskan,  Mahi babhi and Cabir ?” She asked from Mukti and Neyonika. She wanted to ask about Sid, but she was feeling shy to ask about Sid directly.

“They went out for shopping and Sid is in his room.” Mukti told her about Sid also understanding  that she needed to know about Sid only. Cabir came there and they both greeted each other. Neyonika asked Cabir to call Sid. After that Cabir went to call Sid and Sana became happy.


Sid was setting his hair, standing in front of mirror when Cabir walked into his room.

“Bhaiya bahar koe aaya hai.” As Cabir told him, he turned around and stared him bemusedly. Cabir was smiling like a fool standing in front of him.

“Aisa kon aagya  bahi , jo tere face se yeh smile hi nhi ja rhi hai ?” Sid asked, pointing his index finger at his smiling lips.

“Sana Bhabhi has come.” As Cabir told him, a smile spread across his face, but with in a second, that smile faded away because he was ignoring him and he couldn’t even go to meet  her.

“You go, I am coming.” Sid said casually, turning around and he again started setting his hair. Cabir was shocked to see his  so boring reaction. He thought that his brother would start jumping in happiness. He left from there last time looking at Sid suspiciously.

“I won’t meet her because if I meet her then my plan will be not get successful.” Sid murmured to himself as Cabir left. Then he stepped outside after picking up his jacket from the bed.

He looked at Sana from upstairs. Sana started looking around because she could feel that his eyes were gazing at her. She could feel his presence. On the other side , he wanted to go and talk to her but couldn’t.

“I need to control myself and I will not look at her” Sid mumbled to himself. He sighed deeply and started going downstairs and he was trying hard to not look at her. Before anybody could see and stop him, he rushed out of the mansion, but Sana’s eyes caught him. She felt hurt when he walked out like she was not even presented there. Her eyes became moist, but she controlled her tears from falling down.

Sid was peeping inside from the door, standing outside of the house. He was looking at Sana.

“I know it hurts a lot when a someone ignores you, but I have to do this. You need to realise your feelings. I am sorry Angel for hurting you.” He apologised from her as he saw her eyes getting moist. He left from there after last time peeping inside. The way he was peeping inside like a small kid , he was looking adorable.


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