(Part : 27) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


I woke up next morning as I felt his soft lips caressing my forehead. My lips drawn up into a blissful smile automatically as he kissed my forehead. This is the best morning of my life, I want to wake up everyday in his arms like this. It feels so good. I’m lying above him on my front and our naked bodies are covered with the blanket. This is really a blissful morning.

I looked up at him, raising my head from his chest. Oh my god, the way he gazes at me, I fall in love with him more. Falling in love is more beautiful than my imagination. I’m feeling so lucky.

“Good morning, Princess.” He whispered, his hand stroking my bare back inside the blanket. I’m loving his touch.

“Good morning, my hottie Professor.” We beamed ear to ear.

He took out his hand from the blanket and clasped my face. “This is the best morning of my life. I want to wake up everyday by seeing your heavenly beautiful face and want to fall asleep every night before seeing this face. You’re peace of my life, Princess, I really-really love you.” He’s stroking my cheeks fondly with his thumbs, his fingers are below my ears, his eyes are like always filled with immense love for me and his lips are curved into captivating smile.

“You’re killing me with your love, Sidharth.”

“I’ve never been like this before. I never shared my feelings to anybody and expressing my feeling like this, it was not cup of my tea, but you changed me. I want to share everything with you and want to tell you every second that how much I love you and how much special you’re for me. I can’t see even a single tear in your eyes. You know that day when you cried over phone, I felt like my heart is crying with you. I really can’t see you in pain. I want to give you all the happiness of this world.” I’m just smiling contentedly, listening to his words.

“You know, I always wished to have a person like dad. I wanted someone to love me like he loves my mom and finally I found that person. You completely love me like my dad loves mumma. I’m extremely happy. I love you so much.” I rested my head on his chest and he encircled his arms around me.

I raised my head to look at him. “Sidharth, I want to make you meet my dad.” As I said, his eyebrows caressed and his lips drawn.

“Not now, please. Please, don’t tell anybody about our relationship for few days.” He requested.

“You want me to keep our relationship secret?” As I asked, he nodded his head, giving me serious look.

“But why?” I asked bemusedly.

“I can’t tell you.”

He’s still so secretive. Why?

“If you want to keep our relationship secret, I don’t have any problem with this, but at least you can tell me the reason.” I asked, having hope in my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Princess.” He closed his eye dejectedly. I can’t see him upset. My heart is aching seeing him in pain. There’s something very serious. I want to know, but I can’t see him like this because I love him a lot. I want to see him happy always.

“It’s okay. I can understand.” As I uttered, his eyes snapped open in surprise.

He stared at me incredulously. “I’m shocked. Aren’t you angry that I’m still hiding things from you?” He asked in disbelief.

“If you’re hiding something, there would be some big reason or else you would’ve told me until now. I’m sure, you’ll tell me one day. In the beginning you didn’t even want to meet me because of your that reason, but you met me for me, because I fell in love with you, in same way certainly you’ll tell me everything one day. I’m not forcing you for anything and I’ll never do that, but just remember whatever the reason is and no matter what I won’t leave you because I know, you love me a lot.” I reassured him, clasping his face. He’s still staring at me in utter disbelief.

“I just can’t believe, how can you trust me so much?” He shook his head in disbelief.

“Because I see immense love in your eyes for me. I’ve never seen this love in anybody’s eyes before. Nothing really matters to me except one thing that you love me. You know that I’m that type of girl who lives in present. I do what my heart says. In present you love me and you’re with me, I just want to enjoy these beautiful moments with you to the fullest without any worry. I don’t want to waste the time in thinking about our future which is unpredictable and about the thing which you’re hiding from me. Life is like this, problem will come in our ways, but we’ll handle it together. Maybe things gets change in future, maybe our paths diverge and maybe we gets separate, but I’ll still love you, always like this. True Love doesn’t mean living together for always, true love means loving that person in every situation. If that person love somebody else, you still love him and you’ll always keep him in your prayer until your last breath. I love you like this, Sidharth. Your happiness is most important to me and I can never stop my heart from loving you.” I told him whatever I understood about love until now after falling in love with him.

“I’m so blessed to have the girl like you. I’m your professor, but you’re teaching me so many things, before you taught me about life and now you’re teaching me about love. The more I’m knowing about you, the more I’m falling in love with you. You’re filled my life with positivity and you’re making me positive too. I forget about the whole world when you’re with me or when I talk you. I’m really lucky to have you, Princess.” He abruptly pulled me closer to his face after grasping my hair and kissed me deeply and passionately.

We broke the kiss and gazed at each other, our eyes are filled with affection and we’re panting. “You know, I don’t want you to fill my life with happiness because I’m extremely happy with my life. I just want you to fill my life with the love. I want to experience every type of love with you, the possessive love, the obsessive love, the crazy love, the romantic love and the wild love. I want to experience varieties of love with one person and that person is you.” As I said, he gave me a salacious smile.

I moaned softly as abruptly he squeezed my bare butts slightly inside the comforter and after that he stroke them, gazing in my eyes and smirking. His touch is sending chill down my spine.

“You haven’t seen my dominating side on the bed yet, Princess. Do you want to experience that too?” He asked, raising his eyebrows and still stroking and squeezing my butts. I’m loving his touch.

“I’ve already told you that I want to experience everything with you. I would love to see your dominating side too.” As I stated, he slightly hit my butts. I moaned and jumped over him.

“Do you like it, Princess?” He asked, caressing my butts fondly.

“I’m loving it. Your touch is driving me crazy.” I whispered.

Then suddenly he changed our position. Now he’s above me and I’m under him. He stroke his hard junior over my inner thigh. Oh god, I want him badly. I want to feel him inside me now badly.

“What do you want, Princess?” He asked still teasing me.

“You.” I breathed, gazing at him.

“I didn’t understand. Could you elaborate it, princess?” He’s teasing me like hell.

“I want to feel you inside- Sidharth..” before I could complete my words, I shrieked in extreme pleasure and scratched his shoulders as suddenly he shoved deep into me in one go. I hugged him tightly and took him more deeper inside me by wrapping my legs around his hips. He is stretching me and fulling me. We kept lying like this, hugging each other and he deep inside me. He didn’t move for few minutes. I’m loving this fullness and completeness.

After our morning love making session, we had breakfast. Now we’re sitting on the soft sand, the waves of cold water is touching our feet and going back. I’m sitting, wearing his T-shirt only and he is in his boxer only. His one hand is wrapped above my chest and he’s lovingly caressing my cheek with his other hand. I’m sitting between his legs, leaning against him, holding his arms. He’s caressing his stubble against my cheek. I’m loving it. I’m extremely loving each and every moment which I’m spending with him.

“Sidharth, I forgot to ask you that why this beach is deserted?” I asked suddenly from him, narrowing my brows.

“I own this beach.” As he answered, I raised my brows in surprise.

Did he just say that he owns this beach? Really?

“You own this beach?” I asked in utter disbelief, looking at him.

“Yes, Princess, and you know I’m thinking to build our beautiful house here for our future. Do you like this place?” He asked and I’m still looking at him incredulously. I just can’t believe that he owns such a huge property.

“Say something. Didn’t you like this place?” As he asked, I instantly shook my head.

“I love this place, it’s so beautiful. It just that I can’t believe that you own this.” As I told him, he passed a bright smile to me.

“Princess, your Mr. stranger is not only a Professor, he is the owner of big construction company. I own many more beautiful places. I’ll take you to every places, then you decide where you want to build up our future house.” He’s so rich. I just can’t believe it.

“Best idea, but my dream was to buy my own house one day.” I told him.

“What’s mine is yours too, Princess.” He placed a tender kiss on my cheek, He is sliding his one hand inside the t-shirt, fondling my thigh and sliding his other hand inside the t-shirt from above. He’s driving me crazy with his touch and arousing my desires again. I closed my eyes and started moaning when he started rubbing my clit vigorously with his thumb, and he’s kneading and massaging one of my twins from his other hand. As he took my lips in his warm mouth, he rammed his finger into me and pinched my nipple. I screamed in his mouth, digging my nail in his arms. He eased out his finger and hastily eased back into me, kissing my lips passionately. He started ramming it in and out. He accelerated the speed of his finger and added one more finger. He squeezing my twins and pinching my nipples. Oh god, I’m dead. I’m loving the pleasure he’s giving to me. He’s taking me to the heaven with his hands. My legs started shaking and I exploded on his finger. It was a intense orgasm.

I’m panting, placing my head on his shoulder and my eyes are closed. “Do you like it baby?” As he asked, I opened my eyes.

“I love-loved it.” I whispered softly, still panting. I widened my eyes in surprise as he erotically sucked his both fingers, my juice is dripping down from them and he’s gazing at me passionately.

“You taste so delicious like honey, Princess. You wanna taste yourself?” As he asked, I instantly nodded my head, biting my lower lip. He again captured my lips to make me taste myself. We’re kissing each other softly, pouring our love and I’m tasting my juice, it is sweet and a bit sour. Oh god, he’s driving me insane. Whatever he’s doing to me, I’m loving every bit of it thoroughly, but I’m not getting satisfied, I’m craving for more and more. What is this? What he’s doing to me? He’s hypnotising me and becoming my intoxication. He’s becoming like my drug, the more you consume it, the more you yearn for it.

I’m enjoying a lot to write this story, are you too enjoying it?


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