(Part : 25) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess


The Story is going to be hot from this part. Read at your own risk.

He kissed me again, passionately this time. He’s sucking up my lips as if they’re his favourite lollipop. He pulled my head back by grasping my hair and slid his other hand inside my dress from the slit of my dress. I froze for a second as his hand rubbed against my bare thigh. He took his hand up, caressing my thigh. I’m trembling with his touch, it is arousing my inner desire. He grabbed my bare waist from inside my dress and yanked me closer to himself. Our bodies are pressing against each other and we are kissing each other deeply and crazily, forgetting about the whole world, my hands are in his silky jet black hair. I felt a tingle between my thighs. I’m aroused utterly. My soul needs him, and each and every part of my body needs him badly.

I mechanically rubbed my groin against his. Oh fuck, what I’m doing? My body is responding to him automatically.

He abruptly broke the kiss and gave me salacious smile. “I’m loving the way your body is responding to my touch, Princess.” As he whispered, tucking my hair behind my ear, I smiled timidly, moving my eyelashes down. “This is arousing my desire even more.” He added, I flushed, glancing up at him through my eyelashes. The tickling in my stomach is increasing with the excitement.

“I want you to love me in such a way that I’ll never be able to forget it.” I whispered back, gazing in his black eyes deeply. I want him to make me forget the whole world with his love.

“I’ll adorn my touch on your body in such a way that even rain can’t wash it away. I’ll love you with my all heart and soul, Princess.” He paused and gave me a sexy smile. He’s so hot. Even his sexy smile is arousing my desire, I’m surprised. This man is making me meet a complete new Shehnaaz. I’ve never felt like this before.

“Under the sky full of stars, I’ll make you mine forever and ever, and I’ll keep you awake whole night and make you scream my name to the loudest.” As he whispered, I flushed and turned around, facing my back to him. My heart is beating so fast that I’m feeling like it will get explode, this brought goosebumps all over my body. He’s turning me on without even touching me, through his looks and his words only. I’m surprised. This man is driving me crazy.

As he snaked his arm around my waist from behind, I shivered. He yanked me closer to himself, his front body pressed against my back. He nuzzled my hair and neck before placing my hair gently over one side of my shoulder. “The scent of your exquisite body is intoxicating me, Princess.” As he murmured softly against my neck, his warm breath caressed my skin. I closed my eyes and exhaled deeply. My whole body is on fire. He’s burning my body with his touch.

He is now kissing my back of the neck and my whole back like he’s writing something there with his kisses. Oh god, oh god this feels so good. The touch of his soft lips on my skin is heavenly amazing. He’s melting my body with his magical kisses and touching my soul. He kissed my shoulder. “I love you, Princess.” He whispered in my ear and rubbed his stubble against my cheek. I’m loving his touch. I’m feeling terrifically good.

He turned me around and clasped my face. He’s deeply looking in my eyes, his eyes filled with immense love and sparkling with the happiness. “Thank you for changing my life and thank you for accepting my love. Thank you for everything.” He leaned down and place a kiss on my forehead, thanking me. I closed my eyes and smiled blissfully.

“Thank you for making me feel beautiful and special.” I whispered and we beamed ear to ear.

“I just can’t wait more, turn around.” As he commanded, I complied by turning around slowly. He snaked his one hand above my chest and started sliding down the zipper of my dress with his other hand slowly, slowly.

“I just can’t wait to see the beautiful body of my Princess.” He uttered huskily, tracing my spine after opening the zip completely which is till my waist. As he pulled the off shoulder sleeves out my hands, my dress slipped down from my body instantly. I was wearing no bra under my dress because my dress was padded, so now I’m standing just in my undies, facing my back to him. I’m feeling shy, nervous and excited. My heart is racing. I’m shivering.

“You’re looking so sexy from behind, Princess. Please, turn around, I want to see you from front.” He requested, his voice is filled with anticipation. I turned around slowly, clutching my hands and my eyes closed. I’m feeling so shy because this is the first time I’m standing naked like this in front of anybody.

“Your body is divinely beautiful and perfect. I’m just speechless. You’re prepossessing. I’m captivated by your exquisite body.” As he complimented me and made me feel so beautiful, I slowly opened my eyes. I found him, staring at my body fondly, his eyes are filled with desire. I’m flushing.

He moved his eyes up to my face from my body. “I won’t lie to you, I’ve slept with so many girls before.” I felt a bit hurt after listening to his words. It’s okay if I couldn’t be his first, but now I want to be his last. “But for the first time, I’m seeing such a perfect and beautiful body. I’m mesmerised.” My lips drawn up into a blissful smile after listening to his words. Oh god, I’ve never felt so beautiful until tonight.

He held my face between his hands and stroke my cheeks with his thumbs, gazing in my eyes intensely. “You have such a beautiful body, beautiful face, beautiful eyes, beautiful heart, beautiful thinking, beautiful soul, you’re utterly beautiful girl, Princess and I’m so blessed because this beautiful girl is mine now.” He leaned down, his hand sliding down from my face to my neck. As he placed a soft kiss over my cheek after grasping my neck erotically, I breathed deeply, closing my eyes. I never thought that a cheek kiss could also be so sensuous. I’m feeling a ache between my thighs like I’m craving to feel the touch of him there, my chest rising up and falling down, and my nipples are hardening. Each and every part of my body is aching to feel the touch of his soft lips. I want him badly.

He lifted my naked body into his arms gently and laid me down on the bed. He removed his blazer and held the hem of his t-shirt to remove it, gazing at me intensely, his lips are drawn up in a sexy smile, I flushed at him. He pulled his t-shirt over his head, his gazed is fixed at me. I bit my lower lip as I see his hot muscular body, he has kept himself fit. He has four packs abs. I’m dead. He has tempting and so-so sexy body. I just can’t wait more to feel his naked body against mine. I’m utterly aroused. He takes my sexual desire at peak.

I shyly smiled at him, moving my eyes up from his attractive body to his handsome face. He crawled on the bed and came over me, straddling me. We gazed into each other passionately, smiling at each other, our eyes are filled with immense love and desires.

He entwined his hands with mine against the bed and whispered softly against my lips, gazing at me. “I love you, Princess from your beautiful heart to your beautiful body. I love you completely. I’m really so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for giving your this night to me and trusting my love.”

“I love you too. I want you to complete me, Sidharth and my all nights are yours from now.“ I breathed, gazing in his bewitching dark eyes. He kissed every inch of my face, whispering I love you after every kiss. This feels so damn good. I’m so in love with this man. I closed my eyes instantly as our lips met for the third times. We started sucking each other lips passionately, pouring our love. The feeling is heavenly beautiful. Our naked chest pressed against each other and I felt extremely good. My whole body is on fire with his touch. I just can’t describe this feeling in words.

After kissing my lips, he glanced at me before burying his face in my neck. I arched my back and threw my head to give him complete access to my neck. I don’t want him to leave even a single place of my body. I want to feel his soft lips on my whole body. This is so magical. As he left my hands, they went in his hair and clenched them. I moaned in pleasure as he bit me on the neck, claiming me his. I’m feeling extremely good whatever he’s doing to me. This is so pleasurable. I’m loving his touch more and more. I moaned as he suddenly started sucking one of my twins and cupped the other one. Oh my god, this is the first time somebody has touched my this part. I’m feeling so so good. I don’t want him to stop. He’s nibbling and sucking my nipple, and squeezing and kneading my other twin with his hand. I just can’t describe this feeling in words. This is extremely mind blowing experience. I’m feeling out of the world.

He glanced up at me erotically, pinching my nipple and my other nipple is in his mouth. My heart skipped beating for a second as he slid his hand into my undies. I mechanically widened my leg. I’m not doing anything today, my body is responding to him automatically. He stroked his hand there up and down, arousing me. “You’re so wet for me, Princess. I like it. This is turning me on more.” He whispered, glancing up at me and smiling sexily against my chest. I just smiled shyly at him.

He started rubbing the most sensitive part of my body with his thumb slowly, gazing at me. This new sensation is driving me crazy. This is extremely pleasurable. “Are you liking it, Princess?” He asked in seductive voice, coming close to my face and his hand still doing his work down there.

“J-just d-don’t stop.” I shuttered because of the pleasure he’s giving to me. He smirked at me and started rubbing round and round, and up and down vigorously with his thumb. I’m breathing heavily and now my eyes are closed. I’m loving it thoroughly. Something started forming in my stomach.

As he suddenly stopped and took his hand out my undies, I snapped open my eyes in shock. He gave me a erotic smile. Why did he stop? “Have some patience, sweetheart. The night is too long. You’ll get what you want very soon. The more it delays, the more pleasurable it will be.” He said huskily against my lips and kissed my lips softly and lovingly before going down. He held the waistband of my undies and started sliding it down my legs slowly, gazing at me sexily. I closed my eyes shyly. Thank god that I shaved my genital area few days back only.

He pulled the undies out my legs. I opened my eyes and widened my eyes in amazement after finding him inhaling the scent of me from my undies, sitting in between my legs and his eyes are closed. This is so erotic and sexy. He’s looking so hot.

“Your scent is exquisite, Princess.” He whispered in seductive voice after opening his eyes. He kept my undies beside me and leaned down between my legs, placing his hands over my thighs. I took a deep breath as his warm breath caressed my inner thigh. He placed a soft kiss there. This is divine.

“I just can’t wait to be inside you, Princess.” As he whispered, my eyes sparkled with anticipation. Even I just can’t wait to feel him inside me. I want to feel complete.

“I’m eagerly waiting.” I breathed.

“For what, Princess.” He smirked at me, caressing my thighs. His touch drives me crazy.

“I want to feel you inside me. I’m aroused.” I told him. He placed a lingering kiss over my lips. After pulling away from me, he stood up in front of me. He’s so damn hot and tempting. He’s hypnotising and captivating with his hotness.

He unbuttoned his jeans and slid down the zip. He told me, pulling down his jeans. “Let me tell you one thing that I’m not gentleman type person on the bed, but this is your first time, Princess, that’s why I’m gentle and I’ll try to be gentle further too.” Oh fuck, his words aroused me even more. I fucking want to see every side of him.

As he pulled down his boxer, his junior sprung out. I raised my eyebrows in amazement and shock because he’s so huge. How he will be fitted inside me? I’m little nervous now, but extremely anticipated.

“Don’t worry, Princess. You gonna love it.” As he reassured me, I moved my eyes up to his face from his junior.

“I’m extremely excited.” I smiled sheepishly at him. He smiled back at me before picking up his jeans from floor and taking out the packet of condom from pocket. He wore the condom, gazing at me passionately. I just can’t believe that I’m lying naked in front of him and he’s standing naked in front him. I’m not ashamed to lie naked in front of love of my life because he has complete right on my body. I’m his Shehnaaz now and he’s my Sidharth. The way he looks at me, I feel like I’m the most beautiful girl on the earth for him.

He crawled over me. His hardness is pressing against my belly and arousing me more. “Are you really ready for it, Princess?” He asked, looking deeply in my eyes.

“I’m utterly ready, my hottie Professor.” I winked at him, he chuckled and kissed my lips softly.

“I really love you, Princess.” He whispered against my lips and kissed my forehead. I just smiled blissfully.

He stroked my inner thigh with his junior, arousing me even more, looking in my eyes. He’s teasing me, I pouted innocently. I flexed my hips, grinding myself against him mechanically. “My desperate, Princess.” I smiled at him shyly after listening to his words. I don’t know anything, my body is responding to him automatically and I’m shocked.

“I’m gonna make you forget the whole world tonight, you will only remember my name tomorrow morning.” He whispered, gazing at me passionately before positioning himself at my entrance. He pinned my hands over the mattress and started easing into me slowly, looking into my eyes intensely. Oh god, I became numb for a second and my mind stopped working. I’m going to lose my virginity in few seconds. I’m happy that my first will be with the person whom I love so much and who loves me too equally. I’m blessed.

“Open your eyes, Princess.” As I closed my eyes, he commanded. I complied by opening my eyes instantly. “I want you to look in my eyes when I’ll make you mine forever.” He added, easing into me deeper, breaking my all the walls. I pursed my lips and dug my nails into his hands. He’s stretching me, making me full. I’m feeling pain, but more than this I’m feeling contented and gratified. I screamed, throwing my head back as he shoved into me deeper, stretching me completely.

“Take it easy baby, just relax yourself.” He reassured me. He’s not moving now, giving me time to adjust his size.

I opened my eyes and a lone tear trickled down my eyes of happiness. I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of utter contentment because I’m feeling so complete to feel him inside me. The pain is nothing in front of my happiness of becoming complete. I feel like our souls united with each other forever. I smiled at him delightedly. He smiled back at me before sucking the tear from my cheek.

“I love you, Princess.” He kissed my forehead before looking into my eyes, his eyes are filled with immense love and desires. He eased out and slammed into me again, I shrieked in pain. He repeated this process, groaning and his gaze is fixed at me. I didn’t come to know when the pain turned to pleasure and when he increased his speed. He’s thrusting into me hard and fast now, I’m moaning with the extreme pleasure, encircling my legs around his torso and hands around his neck. I’m scratching his back. This fucking feels so damn good. It’s divine and mesmerising. I can never forget this night in my whole life. He’s taking me to the heaven with the extreme pleasure. I can’t even describe this feeling in words. I’m out of the words. This is not just the sex between the two bodies, this is purely a love making of two souls. Again something started building in my stomach and we both exploded together after few minutes, I screamed and he groaned with immense pleasure. I hugged him tightly, taking him deep inside me. Finally we completed each other and become two body, one soul forever and ever. This is the feeling of complete satisfaction which can’t be described in words.


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