(Part : 24 B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


“Musu” Sid shouted from behind when she was just about to tell Cabir everything. Muskan and Cabir, they both looked at Sid. Muskan started laughing, seeing her chahu, remembering about the kiss.

“Cabir, Mom is calling you.” He just lied so that he would get time to convince her from not telling anybody about the kiss. Cabir was looking at Sid suspiciously.

“Cabil Chachu, phele musu ti bat shuno.” As Muskan said, Cabir moved his eyes to her. Sid scratched his forehead.

“Cabir go. Muskan, you come with me. I have so many chocolates for you.” Sid again shouted, stopping Muskan from telling the truth. This made Cabir more suspicious.

“What’s cooking Bhai ?” Cabir asked, raising his eyebrows and Sid made faces.

“Musu batati hai, Sid Chachu “Muskan started telling  and Manik closed his eyes disappointedly.

“Cabir..”before Muskan could speak something, Neyonika came there. Sid opened his eyes and found them, looking at Neyonika. He took the advantage and rushed from there  after picking Muskan in his arms. He came into his room and made her stand on his bed.

“Chachu vely bad. Ko batne ni diya musu ko? pata hai mele tummy mein ue.. ho jati hai, agal mein koe bat chipati hoon. Musu ko sabko batane ka bhut bhut man tha.” Muskan uttered sadly, moving her hand on her tummy. Her cute antics made him smile.

“My Pyali Musu, I can understand your problem. But Chachi doesn’t want that anybody should come to know about this.” Sid explained her while she was standing, making a sad pout. Sid noticed her sadness and an idea came into his mind.

“Chachu will bring new dress, lots of chocolates and toys for Musu if she doesn’t tell anybody. So do you like the deal, Miss Muskan Shukla?”Sid asked, raising his eyebrows. She became super happy only thinking about toys and chocolates.

“Chocolates, yummy.” She licked her lower lip.

“Chachu, deal.” She held out her small hand in front of his chachu to final their deal. Sid chuckled, shaking his hand with her.


Sid walked into Muskan’s room where he had left Sana. He found her sitting on the bed nervously. She was playing with her fingers and her eyes were looking at only one place. She was lost in deep thoughts. He touched his lips, thinking about the kiss and a bright smile spread across his face. Then he strolled to her.

“Shehnaaz..” He called her, standing in front of her. She raised her head to look at him and instantly stood up because she was waiting for him only.

“Relax, I convinced Muskan. She won’t tell anybody.” He answered her question which was going in her mind before she could even ask. She sighed with relief, closing her eyes.

“Thank you so much , Sidharth.” She smiled at him. He smiled back in response.

“And don’t think too much about that..” he paused for a second then continued speaking.

“Accidental kiss.” As uttered, she shyly moved her eyelashes down, thinking about the kiss. He was noticing her each and every action. He loved the way  her eyelashes moved down.

“She looks more beautiful when she shy.” He murmured to himself, having smile on his face.

“Did you say something ?” She asked, looking at him, moving up her eyelashes as she heard his whisper. He shook his head in response.

“So, did you choose the engagement dress ?” He asked.

“Not yet. I am so confused. All the designs are so pretty. Would you help me to choose?” She asked politely for his help.

“Off course, why not ?” He instantly agreed to help her in choosing of engagement dress.

“Well, I want to say that whatever you wear, you will look beautiful. In fact your beauty will increase the glow of that dress which you wear it.” He complimented her beauty. She smiled, looking at him.

“You never leave any chance to praise me.” She chuckled. He smiled in response.

“What  I can do ? God has made you so beautiful from inside and outside too. Toh Tarif karna toh batna hi na..” She chuckled again.

“You are unbelievable, Sidharth.” She shook her head.

As she strolled to the door, he came in front of her. She was taken aback. “Unbelievable means? Whatever I said, It’s true, Shehnaaz.” He asked.

“I think, you’re not in a habit to listen the compliments. One thing I want to tell.” He whispered, coming closer to her. Her heart again started beating fast and her breath started becoming heavy.

“From now get use to it, because i am not going to leave any chance to praise my angel.” He whispered in her ear. Her heart skipped beating for a moment as his warm breath caressed her cold skin. His words made her feel so special and she loved the way, he called her my angel. Automatically her lips curved into a blissful smile. He was developing her dead feelings, the feelings from which she had been running away since so long. She had built high walls around her heart because she didn’t want to let anybody enter in her heart because she was afraid to trust.


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