(Part : 23B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


“Sana see, this will look pretty on you.” Mahi showed her one design on the laptop. She looked to the design. Then they heard Muskan’s voice.

“Mumma, uhmm..” she was coming to them, rubbing her eyes with her one hand and in other hand, she was holding the doll. She was wailing.

She passed by Sana and her doll pushed Sana’s hand. Sana was sitting, holding the glass of juice in her hand and the juice fell over her.She put the glass on table and then stood up, cleaning her Kurti with her handkerchief.

“I am sorry on the behalf of Muskan, Sana.” Mahi apologised, looking at Sana. Muskan was now lying in Mahi’s lap. Her eyes were closed, she was in half sleep.

“It’s Okay, bhabhi. You don’t need to apologise. I just come after cleaning this.” Sana said politely and then went to clean her dress with the water.

“Mumma, Musu ne bad wala dleam dekha. Mule bhut dar laga  tha. Musu ne dekha ki aap aur daddy musu ko todh kar chalegye and mein bhut roya. Aur fil-fil jab mein abhi utha toh mein bhut dal gya, aap nhi thai na isliye.” Muskan cutely told Mahi about her bad dream. The dream made her really scared.

“Oh mela baby.” Mahi kissed her face for thousand time.

“That was only a dream. In real, daddy and mumma will never go leaving our Musu alone.” Mahi clasped her face and kissed her forehead gently.

“Mumma, plomise kalo musu ko.” She asked Mahi to do a promise.

“Pinky Promise, my Musu.” As Mahi promised her, entangling her smallest finger with her smallest finger, finally her lips drawn up into a smile. Then Mahi hid her little doll in her arms.


Sana strolled into the Sid’s room and her eyes grew bigger in a shock when she found Sid half naked. He was only in towel. He just came out from the bathroom after taking shower. He smirked, looking at her. He was looking damn hot, the water was dripping down from his sexy muscular body. His wet hair were making him more hot.

Sana looked at him for few seconds and then she instantly turned around, covering her eyes with her palms.

“Please, wear something fast Sid.” She shrieked and Sid was just smiling, looking at her. She was behaving like she saw him fully naked, but he found her very cute.

“Relax, Shehnaaz. You are over reacting. You know my fans die to see me like this and you are lucky one.” He strolled to his cupboard.

“But I am not your fan.” She uttered.

“No problem. After our marriage, you will become my biggest fan.” He said confidently, taking out his clothes from the cupboard.

“How ?” She asked, he started wearing his shirt.

“Are voh toh tumhai pata na kyuki tum meri fan banogi.” He bursted into laughter.

“Haha. Oh my god, Sidharth shukla is very funny.” She acted to laugh. Her words made him laugh louder.

“Madam, few seconds ago, even my cuteness was making you laugh.” He spoke, wearing his jeans.

“But let me tell you that you are very bad at joking.” She stated and he sauntered to her.

“Now, can i turn ?” She asked and he just hummed, standing behind her. She turned around and he was smiling at her. The water was still dropping down from his Zet black hair. Like always her breath became heavy and her heartbeat accelerated because he was standing so close to her. She didn’t look in his eyes because she knew if she does, she would get lost in his eyes.

“I need to clean my dress.” She rushed to washroom, passing smile to him. Like always Sid was smiling like an idiot, standing on the doorstep of his room. The more time he was spending with her, the more she was making his heart and mind crazy. He forgot everything when he talked to her. Even when he saw her face, he forgot about the whole world. He felt like there was some connection between them. She was captivating him with her beautiful soul.


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