(Part : 21B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Then they purchased the bangles and rest of the jewelleries. Mahi purchased bangles for Muskan when Neyonika and Sid insisted her. Muskan was super happy to get the bangles. Then they left for home. Sid was going to drop Sana at Art gallery again. It started raining again. Sid felt happy, listening the voice of rain. He opened the window, he felt so good when the cool breeze caressed his skin. He loved the atmosphere.

He turned to look at Sana and seeing her , his smile faded away. She was not looking fine because she was sweating in the cool weather and her breathing became uneven. He concentrated on the road and recalled that in the morning she had told him that she hate Rain. ‘May be this is happening because of the rain ?’ He thought and few lines appeared on his forehead which was sign of tension.

“Are you okay, Shehnaaz ?” He asked concernedly, looking at her. She wiped the sweat from her shaky hand and looked at him. Her condition mad him crazy.

“Ju-just take-take me home.” Her voice was trembling. Her shivering voice made him more worried.

“Don’t worry, I’m with you.” He reassured her by clasping her hand which was shaking. He squeezed her hand to assure that he was with her. She felt little better when his hand held her hand firmly. Her hands stopped shaking. She looked at him with sorrowful eyes. He tried to look into her eyes that what she had stored in them.

He left her hand to drive the car faster. As his hand left her hand, her hands again started trembling. She started breathing heavily, holding her head. It was the Anxiety attack. He looked at her and felt pain in his heart, seeing her condition which was becoming worst. There was the massive traffic on the road because of the rain. Sid was regretting and blaming himself for all this because he was the only one who had planned to go for shopping with her.

“I need to do something now.” He thought because it would take more than an hour to reach back home. That’s why he decided to do something that time only. He couldn’t see her in this condition more. The more her condition was becoming worst, the more his heart was breaking.

He stopped the car. “Shehnaaz, relax.” He turned his face at her side. He was about to touch her hand, but before he could, she jerked away his hand. Sid became shocked. He was looking at her shockingly.

“Don’t touch me. I hate you.” She shrieked, moving away from him. She wasn’t looking at him. He again tried to hold her hand and she again jerked his hands.

“I said.. don’t touch me.” She shouted loudly and tried to unlock the door of car. Sidharth became hell shocked, seeing her condition. He was not understanding that what he should do. He had never handled anybody in this type of condition. He became worried. He wanted to calm her down.

“I hate you, leave me..” Sana screamed loudly when Sid held her arms tightly and pulled her toward himself. She was still not looking at him. He took her his arms. She was screaming to leave her and trying to push him away. But he was holding her more and more tighter in his arms.

“It’s me.. Sidharth, Shehnaaz. Relax, calm down. Everything is fine. No one will hurt you. You are safe. I am with you.” He whispered, his one hand was constantly rubbing her back and his other hand was constantly caressing her hair. He was trying to calm her down with his soothing words. He did what, his heart asked him to do at that time. With in few minutes, she stopped pushing him away. She felt peace and safe in his arms. Only these few words, she needed to listen at that moment. She needed assurance that somebody was there with her. He pulled closer to himself, holding her tighter when he felt her hands wrapped around him. He felt happy to get successful in calming down his angel. His hands never stopped caressing her head and back. Sana was getting better and better in his arms. Earlier Whenever she used to get anxiety attack, nobody was there to assure her that they are their for her. She even never felt so safe in anybody’s arms before. She just wanted to remain in his arms forever and ever. His arms were giving her peace to her soul, the peace which she was trying to find from so years.

Sid was happy to control her anxiety attacks. But a questions was still eating his mind that why she scared of rain so much.

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