(Part : 21 A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


“Sid.” Sana exclaimed. She was surprised to see Sid on the doorstep of Art gallery again. He walked to her, smiling gleefully.

“Hi, Shehnaaz.” He greeted her cheerfully, waving his hand and smiled showing his teeth. She smiled back, waving her hand. She was happy to see him, but confused also that why he again came back.

“Actually Shehnaaz, when I left you here. After sometime Mom called me up. She want to take us for the jewellery shopping.” He told her the reason of coming back. She opened her mouth, making 0 shape.

But the truth was something else. He lied to her.

Flashback (Few Minutes Ago)

Sid was going back home after dropping Shehnaaz at Art gallery. He already started to miss her. He wanted to spend more time with her. He smiled happily when he got an idea to spend more time with her.

He called up her mom. “Mom. I am free. So why not we shall go for jewellery shopping today?” He suggested because he wanted to meet Shehnaaz.

“That’s great. What about Shehnaaz ? Is she free?” Neyonika asked about Sana.

“Don’t worry about her. I will pick her up.” He disconnected the call, having bright smile on his face. For the first time, Sidharth was making such childish plan.

Flashback Over

Sidnaaz were on the way to jewellery shop. Sid heart was not happy after lying to her. It was a small lie, but still he was not happy. She was there with him, but he was still not happy. He suddenly stopped the car. She looked at him confusingly, narrowing her eyebrows.

“Shehnaaz, I lied to you.” He uttered in low voice, looking at her.

“About what ?” Sana asked shockingly.

“Mom didn’t call me for shopping. I called mom and asked her to come for shopping because I wanted to spend more time with you and I find only this way to meet you. I am sorry.” Innocently he told her everything and also apologised. Sana was looking at him in utter disbelief because he was feeling guilty like he did a big crime.

Next moment, she started laughing loudly. Sid looked at her confusingly, but her laugh made him happy.

“You are so cute.” She complimented him. Sid was still confused that why she was laughing and saying him cute.

“I just can’t believe. The Rockstar Sidharth Shukla made a childish plan and after that like a innocent child, he told the truth also. So cute.” She chuckled, pulling his both the cheeks. He smiled cutely, listening to her words. He was happy to see that she was getting frank with him. He was also happy because she was laughing.

“You’re taking out every hidden quality of me. First I beat someone for the first time for you . Now I made a childish plan for the first time just for you. What are you doing to me, Shehnaaz?” He asked, coming little closer to her. She silently gazed at him. He deeply got lost in her most bewitching black eyes.

“I think we shall go. Your Mom would be waiting for us.” She changed the topic and looked on the other side. Sid moved away after coming on the earth back. He started the Car engine. He looked at her and found her looking outside of the window. He turned his face at the road because he knew that he would get lost in her angelic beauty again. He was captivated by her beauty.


Sidnaaz strolled into the jewellery shop and found Neyonika, Mahi and Muskan, they were already sitting there. They walked at them. Sana greeted them by saying ‘hello’. Muskan was smiling happily, seeing them. She made Sana sit beside her. She was sitting in the middle of her mom and Chachi. Neyonika was sitting on the other side of Mahi and Sid was sitting on the other side of Sana.

“Show some beautiful and Unique design of rings for our daughter in law.” Neyonika asked the salesman . He started showing them the design. Sana was passing the smile to everyone after every few minutes. Sid was more busy in looking her than the seeing the rings.

“Mumma, Musu lit this for helself.” Muskan said, pointing her finger at a ring.

“Musu, these rings are for big girls like your Chachi and your mommy.” Mahi explained Muskan. She made a sad pout because she also wanted the ring.

“Shehnaaz, do you like any ring ?”Mahi asked politely, looking at her. She nodded her head positively, looking at her. She pointed her finger toward the ring. Everybody looked at the ring. It was the most simple ring. It was having just one small diamond. Sid was happy again. He knew if there was other girl on Sana’s place, she would have chosen the most expensive ring for herself, but his Sana was different. For her, money didn’t matter. He was happy to find a perfect girl for himself. He didn’t want to lose her.

“I know, it’s really simple, but I like light and simple things more.” She said hesitatingly, looking at Mahi first, then moved her eyes to Neyonika nervously. She was nervous that they would like her choice or not.

“It’s beautiful. It is perfect.” Sid spoke before anybody could say something. Sana looked at him. She smiled lightly and he smiled back in response.

“Yeh, it is beautiful. Your and mine choices are same, Shehnaaz. I also like simple and light jewellery.” Mahi chuckled. Sana gave her smile. She was happy and relieved after knowing that everyone liked her choice.

Then the salesman started showing them Necklaces. Neyonika asked Mahi to choose a necklace for herself also. Muskan was sitting silently, folding her arms around her chest angrily. She was upset because her Mother didn’t make her buy the ring.

“Sana, I like this for you.” Sid pointed his fingers at the necklace. Sana also liked that one. She smiled, looking at the necklace.

“I also like this.” She said, looking at Neyonika . Like ring, that Necklace was also simple and very light weight. Neyonika smiled, nodding her head. She smiled warmly back in response.

“It would be more better if you try it, Shehnaaz.” Mahi adviced, taking out the necklace. Then She handed over the necklace to Sana. Sana was struggling with her long hair while trying the necklace. Mahi noticed this and asked Sid to help her. Sid got up and stood behind her to help her. He started putting her all hair over one side of her shoulder. Sana felt like a shiver ran down her spine when his cold hands rubbed against her back. She tried to sit normally. He was locking the necklace. Sana was trying to be not get lost in his touch and close her eyes. His touch was making her crazy and arousing her inner desire like always. The desire to feel his hands all over her body. His only one touch had the power to make her every cell of body alive. She sighed when he removed his hands, but felt unhappy also because she wanted to feel his touch more.

“It’s amazing.” Neyonika and Mahi exclaimed together. They both laughed looking at each other. Sana smiled, seeing them. ‘The bond of every girl with their mother in law should be like this only.’ She thought, looking at them.

“Your beauty is increasing the beauty of this necklace even more. Like this is made for you only.” Sid whispered, standing behind her. Sana flushed, looking down after listening to his compliment.

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