(Part : 22) The Professor And His Princess


“Hey, my Princess.” My heart stopped beating for a second as I heard his pleasant voice from behind. I’ve heard his voice somewhere, it is familiar to somebody. I instantly turned over my heel to end my suspense. I gaped and took two steps backward in shock as see him. I can’t breath. I can’t be possible. I’m stunned.


My eyes snapped open, mouth wide open and I felt like the floor slipped down underneath me after seeing the person who is standing in front of me. I became completely blank at that moment, I froze there.

Mr.stranger is Professor Manik.

He is grinning at me. He is wearing black trouser and black blazer with white t-shirt. I just can’t believe on my eyes. I know that life is unpredictable, but life can be so unpredictable, I never thought that. I mean, Professor Manik is Mr. stranger whom I love. How can be this possible? Oh god, what is happening in my life? Is this a dream?

I’m staring at him in utter disbelief. He’s strolling towards me and my heartbeat is accelerating.

“I’m your Mr. Stranger, Princess.” He whispered after reaching in front of me.

I just can’t believe this. That’s why I was so much attracted to him because our hearts have been connected since starting. I’m just staring at him without blinking my eyes.

“I know, you’re shocked, Nandini. Please, sit down first. I can explain to you.” He pulled out the chair for me. I’m just gawking at him incredulously.

“Nandini, please sit down.” He requested, placing his hands over my shoulder, I shivered as his cold touched me. My gaze is fixed at him.

I sat down, still staring at him in disbelief. Really, my mind has stopped working, I’m utterly blank because this is unexpected that Mr. stranger is Professor Manik.

“Why-why did you keep your identity hidden from me?” I gathered myself and asked, staring at him as he settled down in front of me after opening the buttons of his blazer.

He sighed, gazing at me. “Because I was a fool.” He’s calling himself fool, but the truth is that I was an big idiot because I couldn’t understand.

“I was thinking that you would not accept me because I’m your professor, but today what you said to me in the morning about love, I became utterly sure that you won’t reject me. Since the day I’ve seen you, I’ve only thought about you, from morning to night. In starting I didn’t understand what it was. I had no other option, I was getting restless, that’s why I started chatting with you. You’ve changed me, Princess. You’ve given me my peace back. I was someone else entirely before, you’re the one who has made me shine and enhanced me. You’ve made me meet a complete different version of myself which was inside me, but I didn’t know this. You’ve taught me how to live. You’re a really a beautiful person, Nandini, really. Your heart is so pure and beautiful. You know, my heartbeat become restless when I don’t think about you. Your voice give peace to my soul and heart, Princess. My days and nights are beautiful, all this because of you. I was just spending my life before meeting you. You taught me to live to the fullest. I’m so blessed to find you. I want to spend rest of my life with you. I really love you, Nandini. I’ve loved you since the day one and I will love you till my last breath and if there’s a life after this, I will love you there too. I can’t stop loving you. I feel like my soul is connected to your soul and I don’t only love you, I adore you. You’re peace of my life which I had been finding since so long.” He’s gazing at me intensely, his eyes are filled with immense love for me.

He touched my soul with his true and genuine confession of love. I’m speechless and amazed. He loves me too the way I love him, but I’m not convinced that he kept his identity hidden because he’s my professor. I feel like there is something more which he’s still hiding from me.

He implored. “Please, say something. I know, you’re shocked, but your silence is killing me.” A shiver ran down my spine as he placed his cold hand over my hand.

“I-I need time, to-to digest the truth.” I stammered, gazing at him. I’m really not understanding what to say, I’m still in a shock. I really need some time to gather myself back and face the truth.

“It’s okay. I can understand, take your time.” He slightly squeezed my hand and blinked his eyes. “But just remember that I really love you.” He added.

He clasped my hand, took near to his lips and stroke my knuckles before placing a gently kiss, gazing at me all the time. My lips curved into blissful smile mechanically as his lips rubbed against my hand. I felt so good to feel his touch on my skin. It is a new feeling and I’m loving it.

“Your smile is so breathtaking beautiful, Princess. I promise you that I’ll never let this smile fade away and I can do anything just to see your one smile. I’m captivated by your smile and you’ve been hypnotising me with your black sparkling eyes since the day one.”

And he’s hypnotising me with his words which are directly touching my soul. I never thought that one day somebody would love me like this. I’m feeling so special. Special is a small word in front of what he’s making me feel at this moment.

“First, I want to ask that what should I call you, Mr. stranger or Professor Manik.” Suddenly this question come into my mind and I just asked.

“It doesn’t matter. You can call me with any name.” He smiled at me gleefully. He looks more attractive and tempting when he smiles.

“I just can’t believe that you and Mr. stranger is the same person.” I shook my head in disbelief. “Are you really Mr. stranger?” I asked to confirm.

He chuckled. “Yes, Princess, I’m your Mr. stranger. I told you earlier too, but you didn’t believe me.”

“But how can be this possible, you’re completely different. You never talked to me politely. In the library, you behaved so weird.” I’m saying whatever is going in my mind because I want to clear my doubt.

“I became crazy to go out of the library that day because you’re irresistible, Princess. When you slept in the library, I automatically started coming close to you to kiss you. It was getting so difficult for me to control my inner desire that day, that’s why I behaved like a psycho. That what you do to me, Princess. Believe me, what I feel for you, I never felt like this for anybody before. My soul, my heart and each and every cells of my body are yearning for you. I’m craving for your love, princess.”

Oh my god, I never thought that I would be the reason of his weird behaviour. If he’s my Mr. stranger, I don’t have any problem. After all he’s my first crush and he’s damn hot.

He’s gazing in my eyes like he’s directly gazing at my soul. His black eyes are filled with love and only love. He really loves me. His words, his eyes, his each and every gesture is showing me that he loves me truly like I love him.

He added. “You look so beautiful while sleeping. I can look at you all day while you sleep.” I just smiled mechanically, listening to his words.

Now he’s driving me crazy with his compliments.

“Now just stop buttering me okay, Mr. Stranger. You made me fool, you deserve punishment.” I said in attitude, straightening my back and crossing my arms around me.

He hid such a big truth from me, I won’t forgive him so easily for this. He has to work hard to pacify me.

“I’m ready for your any punishment, Princess, but before that I want something from you.” As he said, I narrowed my eyebrows bemusedly at him.

“What?” I raised my eyebrows.

“I want a hug from you.” He asked for a hug so genuinely that I couldn’t able to deny him.

“Even I want to hug him.” I confessed, smiling at him. He broadly smiled back at me and his eyes glinted with excitement. His smile is engaging and attractive. After that library incident also I was attracted to him, but I wasn’t accepting it. Really our souls have been connected to each other since starting.

“By the way, I forget to tell you that you’re looking more beautiful in this dress than my imagination.” He complained me, I blushed mechanically.

He’s driving me crazy. I never felt so beautiful before. His compliments are making me feel so special and beautiful. I’m madly and deeply in love with him. It doesn’t matter if he’s my professor, it doesn’t matter that he kept his identity hidden, it doesn’t matter if he’s still hiding something from me, the only thing which matters to me is that he is with me in this moment and he loves me, I can vividly see in his bewitching black eyes. I don’t care what happened in past and what would happen in future. I just want to enjoy the moment of our togetherness. I just want to enjoy the moment with love of my life, my hot princess charming. Finally I got the face to my imagination. Mr. stranger is my hottie professor, it is shocking but I’m immensely happy because he loves me too and want to spend rest of his life with me.

We stood up in front of each other to hug each other, beaming ear to ear. I’m wondering, his single touch sends chill down my spine, what would happen when his whole body came in contact to my body. I just can’t wait to know what would happen. I never thought that one day I would be so much excited to hug somebody and one day I would be so much in love with somebody.

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