(Part : 19) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


“I am not virgin.” She said in broken voice after taking a deep breath, looking at him. Sid in a shock left her hands. When he left her hand, she thought that he didn’t want her anymore because she was not a virgin.

“Now you will not marry me after knowing that I am not virgin because every man wants to marry a girl who is virgin. You know somewhere I was thinking that you are different. You don’t care if i am virgin or not, but you proved me wrong.” She said in disappointment, looking at him. He was still looking at her shockingly.

“You were thinking right, Shehnaaz. It’s really doesn’t matter to me that with whom you were in past. Who was your boyfriend. It was your past. Now I am your present. I won’t lie that I didn’t want to be your first, I wanted to be your first. But it’s completely fine.” Shehnaaz was happy and relieved after listening to his words. Few tears trickled down her cheeks, they were the tears of happiness.

“Really?” She asked in utter disbelief, looking at him.

“In fact, I’m happy that you shared this with me. I am sure that person would be a big idiot who left the girl like you, but I’m lucky that he left you other How would I’ve got you.” He grinned, placing his hand over her hand which was kept on table. She first looked down at their hands and then moved her eyes up at him.

“He was a biggest mistake of my life. I wish, I would’ve never met him.” She uttered sadly, looking at him. Few more tears fell down from her eyes and landed on his hands. He looked at his hand and then at her. He squeezed her hand to assure her that he is with her now.

With this, he came to know that Shehnaaz sometimes behaved weird because of that person only. He was sure now that he had only hurt his angel. He wanted to kill him for hurting his angel. How could anyone hurt his angel.

“Sometime it’s good to share your inside pain with someone. It gives you relief and you feel better.” He tried to convince her to share her pain with him.

“I know and I want to.” She paused. “But it’s not easy for me. I just can’t trust anybody so easily.” She looked at him with sorrowful eyes. He was also looking at her sadly. He was sad because his angel was sad.

“I understand. Now enough of these sad talks. Are you free?” He asked and she nodded her head positively. He smiled broadly.

“Let’s spend some time. Where do you want to go with your would be hubby.” He asked excitedly and winked at her. He wanted to change the atmosphere and her mood that’s why he was showing himself over excited to her.

“Where ever you want to take your would be wife.” She smiled saying ‘would be wife’ and he chuckled as she was talking like him. He was happy that at least she smiled. Her smile like always made his day. He was more happy because he was the reason of her precious smile.

“So let’s go for a romantic drive.” He suggested, standing up. She was looking at him confusingly.

“I have heard of romantic date. What’s this Romantic drive?” She asked confusingly, looking at him.

“You will come to know, Shehnaaz.” He said , tapping her nose. She rubbed her nose, looking at him, having smile on her face. He was grinning at her.


“Mumma, daddy ko bulao. Musu toh jana abhi. Apne hi kha tha ki musu , aap aur daddy. Hum sabh bahal jaege fol blekfast” Muskan said stubbornly. Mahi lied about breakfast and she was regretting for that because her stubborn daughter was not eating breakfast.

“Musu, Daddy went to attend a urgent meeting. He can’t come. We will go for lunch today.” Mahi tried to convince Muskan.

“No, You call daddy otherwise I won’t eat anything.” She rushed out of the room, saying this. Mahi was standing tensed. She called Jay because she was having no other option.

“Jay, could you come back home ? It’s an emergency.” She said as he picked up the call.

“What kind of emergency. Is everything fine ?” Jay asked worriedly. Then Mahi told him about her lie. Jay bursted into laughter loudly when he heard the story.

“Jay , stop laughing. And tell me, are you coming?”she asked in strict tone.

“Off course. I am always at your service madam.” Jay said and she smiled.

“Then come fast.” Saying this she hung up the call.


They both were enjoying listening to the romantic song in the car. Sid was driving the car in average speed. They were hardly talking to each other because they were lost, listening to the song. They were catching each other glances after every few minutes. Sometimes their eyes met and sometimes not.

Suddenly the car screeched to halt.

“What happened?” Sana asked confusingly, looking at him.

“Let me check. You sit inside only.” Saying this, he climbed out of the car. He knocked on the window after checking the problem. She rolled down the glass.

“Tier puncher. I am changing the tier. You don’t come outside. It’s really hot.” He asked her to be inside strictly because he had already started sweating and he didn’t want she should start sweating too like him. After the rain the sun was burning the skin.

She nodded her head positively. He took out the extra tier from the dickey. He knelt down and started changing the front tier of Sana’s side. He was sweating badly. Sana was shocked seeing his act. Nobody could say that the person who was changing the tier himself while sweating badly that he is from the top ten richest family and he himself was a famous singer. He could have called a another car and It would have arrived in few minutes. She came to know that he was so down to the earth. Every second, he was proving her wrong. She had never met a person like Sidharth before. He was a dream of every girl. With his goodness, he was breaking the wall gradually which she had formed around her heart.

She came out of the car to help him because she couldn’t able to see him working alone in the hot. She sat beside him and started removing the sweat from his forehead with her scarf. Sidharth looked at her surprisingly. She smiled wholeheartedly. She was immensely happy. Sidharth was making her happy. She was falling in love with him. They looked into each other eyes intensely for a moment. Then he again started doing his work. Like his wife, she was cleaning his sweat and helping him in changing of the tier.

Sid’s heart was also happy, seeing her helping him because she was different from others girl. In this situation, any other girl would have never came outside, she would have remained inside the car, worrying about their heavy makeup, but his angel was different, she’s special. She came outside to help him without caring about anything. All his life, he had wished for a life partner like Shehnaaz only and when he got her, he didn’t want to lose her at any cost.

“It’s done.” Sidharth said and turned his face to look at her, but she was not there. He stood up confusingly, resting his hand on his waist. He widened his in shock to find her running to opposite side of the road. He called her loudly, but she didn’t listen. He didn’t understand that what suddenly happened to her.

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