(Part : 18B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


“Shehnaaz..” he called, standing in front of her. Listening to his words, her eye balls moved and she looked up at him. For two seconds, she kept staring at him. Then she instantly stood up, taking support of bed. Sid was just looking at her confusingly.

“Sidharth, what, are you doing here ? We had planned to meet in restaurant right ?” She asked bemusedly, looking at him.

“Yes we had but you didn’t come. I waited for you for than one hour.” As he told her, she glanced at the time in her wrist watch and became shocked. She tensely rubbed her forehead, closing her eyes.

“When I entered in your room, you were completely lost. What happened? Is everything alright?” Sid asked worriedly, walking few steps close to her. She opened her eyes and looked at him dejectedly. He found extreme pain in her eyes.

“What happened? Tell me please.” He asked concernedly, holding her hand with his both hands. She felt better and good when his hands touched her hand.

“I hate rain, that’s why i didn’t come. I use to stay in my room when it’s rain outside.” He was shocked, listening to her answer. Her answer was completely unexpected for him. Few seconds ago, she didn’t even know that she was one hour late and now she was saying that she didn’t come because she hated rain. He was utterly puzzled.

“You could have told me. I was waiting for you. You were not even picking my calls. I know there is something wrong. Tell me, what happened?” He asked worriedly, looking at her. His hands were still holding her hand.

“I, can’t tell you. Sorry.” She moved her eyes down, taking her hand back. Sidharth was looking at her bemusedly and worriedly . He was not understanding that what was wrong with her. He just wanted her to share everything with him.

“Okay, fine, forget about everything. I just want to know that why you hate rain. I toh love rain.” He didn’t ask further that why she didn’t come because he didn’t want to force her for anything. He just wanted her to trust him. He wanted that she should share her problems with him herself. He was sure that one day she would.

“I just hate rain. I don’t even want to talk about rain.” She said, getting a bit angry. Her words were showing her hatred toward rain. Seeing her this reaction, he became more desperate to know the reason of her hatred toward rain.

“Calm down and sit here.” He made her sit on the bed, holding her both arms and he sat beside her himself. They remained silent for few minutes. In those few minutes, she was playing with her fingers. He was just noticing her each and every move and expressions. She was becoming a mystery for him. First time when she told him that she couldn’t trust him. He thought that she couldn’t trust him because he was a rich stranger for her, but seeing all this, he was feeling like there was something else. Something very big.

“I am sorry, Sidharth. I know that I’m sounding like a crazy person to you. I made you wait there for me and didn’t even inform you, but still you are being so nice to me and I’m shouting on you.” She said guiltily, looking at him. He smiled because he was happy that she was behaving normal again.

“Why are you smiling ?” She asked confusingly.

“Because few minutes ago, you were really behaving so different and now I’m glad that you are behaving normal now.” He answered her and she smiled slightly in response.

“Now can we go to eat breakfast. The rain has also stopped. Rats are jumping in my stomach.” Sidharth said getting up. He moved his hand on his stomach cutely like a small baby while saying last sentence. His act made Sana smiled broadly.


“Musu, stop making mumma’s cloth wet.” Mahi  scolded Muskan. Naughty Muskan was taking bath in bathtub. She was laughing and splashing water over her mumma. After Listening her to words also, she didn’t stop.

“Mumma please take bath with me.” She requested.

“Mumma can’t.”Mahi denied her request. She didn’t want to deny her, but she was had no other option because it was her first day of periods.

“Why Mumma ? Musu really wants to bath with her mumma.” She said stubbornly. Mahi was not understanding that how to explain her.

“Because today Musu, Mumma and daddy are planning to go out for the breakfast. If Mumma will take bath with you. She will get late.” She said giving her fake reason.

“What really ? Then mumma make me bath fast. Musu toh bhi late ni hona.” She squealed joyfully and Mahi smiled broadly seeing her happiness.


“Sidharth, I want to tell you something .” They completed their breakfast. After that Sana said, playing with her fingers nervously. They were sitting in the restaurant. She was looking at him nervously. He was sitting opposite to her. He looked at  her and noticed her hands moment. He instantly clasped her hands tightly to assure that he is with her.

“Go ahead. Tell me. I promise that I will understand you.” He reassured her, trying to make her feel better with his words, but she was still looking at him nervously.

“I am not virgin.” She told him in broken voice after taking a deep breath, looking at him. Sid left her hands in shock.


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