(Part : 18A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


Next Morning

Sid woke up, stretching his arms. He picked up his phone from the side table. A smile spread all over his face as he saw the notification of her messages on Instagram. He immediately opened her messages. Seeing her messages, he completely forgot that he was angry from her because she hadn’t messaged him before sleeping last night.

“Last night dad came and I couldn’t able to message you.”

“I am sorry.” These two messages gave him relief that there was a reason that’s why she hadn’t messaged him. He didn’t feel like that she was giving excuse.

“It’s okay. ”

“I won’t lie that I wasn’t angry. I was angry yesterday, but now knowing your genuine reason. I am okay with it.” He send the messages. He saw that  the messages were seen by Sana instantly.

“Thank you for being so understanding always.” He smiled after reading her reply.

“Can we meet somewhere for the breakfast ? I just want to spend time with you.” He sent the message, hoping her answer to be yes.

“I have no problem. Just tell me the place and time. I will reach.” He smiled broadly getting her answer yes. He messaged her the venue and the time. He joyfully jumped out from his bed to take shower. He couldn’t wait to meet her. He had met her yesterday only but he was getting excited like he was going to meet her after a long time.


Jay was getting ready for office. He was setting his hair with his hands, standing in front of mirror. Mahi hugged him from behind , encircling her arms around him. Yesterday when their make out was disturbed by their daughter, they completed their make out in washroom like always. Jay turned toward her and both looked at each other with a smile. She set his tie properly. Their front collided with each other when he pulled her closer to himself, grasping her waist.

“Jay stop it, Muskan is sleeping in this room. If she wakes up.” Mahi tried to push him away by placing her both the hands on his chest as he moved closer to kiss her lips.

“If she not then.” He asked coming more closer to her. She moved her face away from him and tried to push him.

“Musu uthi hi hue hai, mumma daddy.” Next moment, they both heard cheerful voice of their naughty daughter. She giggled after saying this, lying in the blanket. Jay and mahi moved apart from each other instantly. They were so embarrassed because they had been caught by their little daughter while romancing. Jay walked out from the room without saying anything and Mahi started setting the bed without even looking at Muskan. Muskan was just laughing.


Sid was driving the car cheerily because he was going to meet her. The clouds turned dark and it started raining outside making the atmosphere beautiful. He loved rain since childhood. He liked to be get drenched in rain. He even liked to dance in the rain. Rain made him more happy. He smiled brightly, thinking about her. He was imagining himself with Sana. Walking in the rain, looking into each other eyes deeply and holding each other hands.


Sid was sitting tensed in the restaurant alone because Sana didn’t even come after one hour of their decided time. He called her so many times but she was not even answering his calls. He wasn’t angry, he was worried for her. He was sure that there was something wrong that’s why she didn’t come and not even picking up his calls. He decided to wait for her fifteen minutes more.

Fifteen minutes passed away..

But she didn’t come.

He stood up and rushed out of the restaurant worriedly.


As Ram opened the door of his house, he raised his eyebrows in surprise to see Sid on the door. Yes, he reached Sana house to check her.

Sid was worried for her, but he tried to hide it from Ram through his smile. He didn’t want to make him tensed that’s why.

“Hello Uncle.” He greeted him with the smile.

“Hello beta, come inside.” Ram took him inside. They settled down in the drawing room.

“Uncle where is Sana?” He asked about Sana next moment because he was hell worried for her, that’s why he just couldn’t able to stop himself from asking about her because he knew that something was wrong.

“Inside.” Ram told him, getting up. Sid nodded his head at him. He was confused that why she didn’t come if she was at home only.

“Uncle, Could I just go inside to see her ?” He took permission like a true gentleman from Ram.

“Yeh sure. She is all yours.” Ram smiled at him. Sid smiled back, standing up. He walked to her room. Ram was smiling, seeing him.

Room door was closed, but was not locked. He knocked thrice but didn’t get answer. This made him more worried. He stepped into the room after opening the door immediately. His eyes

were scanning her in the whole room. He found her sitting on the floor, resting her head against the bed in the middle. She was sitting holding her knees tightly. Her eyes were staring straight as like she was in some kind of shock. He walked close to her, taking slow step. He was shocked to see her like this. He was not getting that why she was sitting like this.

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