(Part : 17C) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


“Hey, reached home ?” Sid sent the message to Sana. Muskan and Sid were sitting in the blanket. Muskan was playing game in her tab.

“Just now.”

“Today’s dinner was amazing with your family. Everyone are so sweet in your family. ” His lips curved up into a smile as he read her reply. She just stepped into her room when she received his message. She started chatting with him, standing at the door only.

“It’s great that you’re liking my family.”

“I forgot to tell you that the prathas were amazing.” He sent the messages to her. Now She smiled after reading his message.

“Thank you.” She sent the message with the smiley emoji.

“Sidharth, can we talk after few minutes? I have to change my clothes and ready my bed.” He made a sad pout as he read her message because he wanted to talk to her.

“Okay, but don’t forget to message me before sleeping or else I would get angry.” She chuckled after reading his message. She sent the laughing emoji. Then she put the phone on table and dashed to washroom to change herself in night dress.


Mahi was only in petticoat and blouse. Her saree was lying on the floor which had been removed by her husband few seconds ago. Jay was kissing her lips, pinning her hands on the wall above her head. He started kissing her neck.

“Jay please..” Mahi pleaded. She was going crazy, she wanted to touch him. But he was enjoying. Her moans was turning him on. Looking at her , he left her hands. And as soon as left her, she started kissing him wildly, grabbing his face.

“I love you my wild cat.” He confessed as they just broke the kiss. She bit his upper lip in response. He chuckled. With this they again started eating each other lips. His hands started pulling down her petticoat and her hands started opening his jeans button. He entered his hand inside her panty and she entered her hand inside his boxer after , pulling down his jeans upto his knees. Both started giving each other immense pleasure. Their are hands were doing their job and their lips were doing their job. They were moaning in each other mouth.

“We should do it fast before Muskan comes.” Jay said, breaking the kiss. Mahi nodded her head. With this they immediately pulled down each other inner wear. He didn’t wait for a single second and shoved into her in one go. She moaned loudly. Luckily their room was sound proof. Both went in another world. They were just about to orgasm but before they could, somebody knocked the door. They looked at each other, opening their eyes widely.

“Shit, shit” Both said together. Stopping their make out session at this time was difficult, but they had no other option. They knew that Muskan was on the door and if they would open the door late, they had to face Muskan’s unlimited questions.

“You go to washroom, I’ll open the door.” Jay said after coming out of her. She nodded her head. Muskan was constantly knocking the door. Jay pulled up his jeans and Mahi rushed to washroom, picking up her saree. This happens many times with the couples after becoming parents.

Jay opened the door after taking a deep breath. He looked down and see Muskan. She was standing, holding the teddy with her one hand and she was rubbing her eyes with her other hand.

“Daddy Musu is feeling sleepy.” She spoke cutely looking at him. Jay smiled, listening to his daughter cute voice. He picked her in his arms and kissed her soft cheeks. He laid her down on the bed and himself laid down beside her. He started caressing her forehead.

“Whel is mumma, daddy.” She asked, looking at him.

“Your mumma is in washroom.” He told her, stroking her forehead. She closed her eyes and he saw her, falling asleep.


It was more than a hour passed and Sid was waiting for her message, holding the phone in his hand. He was upset because he was thinking that she slept without messaging him.

On the other side Sana was sitting blankly on the floor as like she was lost in deep thoughts. She was sitting, hugging her knees close to her chest. Her phone was kept beside her. Next moment, tears started falling down from her eyes.

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