(Part : 17B) {Sidnaaz} Love Story


“Everybody Listen to Musu, she wants to tell something.” Muskan shouted when everybody were eating desert. She caught everybody’s attention with her words. Everyone were looking at Muskan and they were waiting to know what she wanted to tell.

“You know what Muskan did today ? Muskan forced Chachi to kiss Chachu on his cheek.” She told everyone about that kiss. Sidnaaz eyes’s popped up, listening to her words. As everybody moved their eyes at Sidnaaz, they both instantly looked down shyly. Muskan was laughing loudly. Everybody also bursted into laughter. Sid looked at them, but Sana was still looking down. She wasn’t understanding that how to face everybody.

“It’s okay Sana. You don’t need to feel shy. It’s a modern world. These cheeks kisses are normal in this house. Jay and Mahi every time, they kiss each other. And near future, you both also will do this.” Neyonika said casually being a modern mother. Sana chuckled, looking at her. Then she looked at smiling Sid, having smile on her face.

“Mumma..” Mahi nodded her head in disbelief, looking at Neyonika.

“May god give a mother like this to everyone.” Cabir said in fun tone and made everybody laugh.

“Your mother and my wife is best.” Raj praised her wife in front of everybody, holding Neyonika’s hand. Then he kissed her knuckles. Neyonika blushed moving her eyes down.

“See this type of kisses are normal here, Shehnaaz. I told you.” Neyonika said and Sana was just smiling, seeing her.

Her heart was happy, seeing the lovely family. She was more happy because she was going to be the part of this lovely family very soon. Same was with her father. He was very happy for his daughter that she would get loving family after the marriage where family members love each other more than anything else.


Mahi was helping maids in putting the dishes back in the kitchen after completing of dinner. Just few minutes ago only, Sana and Ram had left the house. After that everybody left to their respective rooms. Muskan was with Sid. Mahi was waiting for her husband to come home. After completing of work, she asked all maids to go and sleep. A maid was washing dishes, she asked her also to go. She herself started washing the dishes to pass her time. From starting she was from a rich family and very down to earth. For her no work was small or big. Every work was equal for her.

At that time only, Jay came back from the Pune. He directly went to check her in the kitchen. He stopped at the door only as he saw his wife in the blue sexy saree. After admiring her, he went near her. From behind he wrapped his hand around her bare stomach under her Saree pallu. Mahi closed her eyes to feel his touch and leaned her head on him. After putting her all hair on one side, he touched her bare back with his cold hand. A shiver ran down her spine and she shut her eyes more tighter. She felt so good when his lips touched her bare back. Her hold on the utensil became more tighter. His hands started moving upward , kissing her back. Mahi moaned his name when his teeth bit her back and his hands pressed her boobs.

“Jay we need to stop, we are in the kitchen.” Mahi whispered, asking him to stop. Jay left her, realising that they were not in their room. She turned toward him, having smile on her face. He was also looking at her having smile on his face.

“You are irresistible, Jaan. Seeing you , I lost my control on my mind. Now I just can’t wait to rip off this sexy saree.” He said huskily, yanking her closer to himself by grasping her waist. She flushed, moving her eyes down.

“Can I eat you in the dinner instead of food? Because my favourite food is you.” He asked and she nodded her head at him, blushing because she also wanted to eat him in her dinner. She shouted when suddenly he her picked her in his arms. He started taking her to their room.

“Jay put me down, Someone would see us.” She said. He kept walking toward his room, ignoring her words.


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